what’s up you guys and welcome to this solo money unlimited glitch right here on your share of you guys I am I’m on fire with the glitch it’s making me a ton of money but before we get into it I want you each and every gamer right here watching this glitch right now drop a like on this video it is extremely important that you do you have to show your support okay recently we had one of the GTA 5 youtubers freight train lose his account because Rockstar targeted him when we do stuff like this and try to share it with you guys we put ourselves on the line here on YouTube and with Rockstar so we need you guys to show support and we’ve been on top of it like crazy right now so this morning this is what happens yoke’s drop that like man be legit and drop a like this morning free train what the fudge sends me a message on Twitter saying the solo money glitch in our patch so he’s the one who alerted me to it okay he finds out off of the world’s finest gamer from his channel I guess he was tinkering around and he found out that this glitch is working and we get off our asses and we make these videos for you guys now you guys it’s up to you to show so forth we’re always going to keep hooking you up with good videos okay and if we reach 500 likes on this video and the top comment in here is going to get them the donation that hyper fuse aka wow donated to the channel and that’s a $10 gift card for the iTunes it’s ready to go so you represent I’m going to represent and look at this there’s good people that represent right here on the channel let’s get into the solo money glitch that’s a little bit complicated only in the beginning and it’s not that complicated it’s very easy okay get a retro allergy put it in spot number six and we’re going to get into more details after this but let’s start with a single car here once you put that allergy in spot number six you need to pull up the phone and hover over the blue globe pull down the gas and press the Y or the triangle button to sit in the car there is a sweet spot here once your character reaches for the ignition there is a sweet spot and it’s kind of tight alright you have to press the AVA and right on the blue globe and you’re going to get the Xbox Live Store I’m avail book or the PlayStation Network okay don’t get frustrated you got to get driven out you’re not going to get it you might not hit it on the third fifth time but guys this is working as of right now and it’s still active so if you don’t get it on the first time don’t start doubting and sticking to yourself okay it got patched or something like that so with me I tried multiple times and I’m going to slow it down for you to try and show you the sweet spot every characters different remember lobbies have different connection so don’t always copy me but this is the point of it once they hit the ignition you got to click on the blue globe end up in them in the phone it opens up the internet and it prevents you from leaving the garage at that point press Start button to make sure if it works or not now if this works you need to press Start if it works and you get the Xbox Live Store unavailable you need to press Start and why or triangles to exit out of this vehicle as fast as possible once you do now you’re on your way to duplicate more than one car if you are ready for it if you can keep track of what’s happening I’m going to give you a super easy way to do it here’s the deal if you get too greedy and this happened to me the first time if you replace every other car in the same level like a1 or a2 or a3 every car the cars will disappear don’t make that mistake okay you need to leave one car untouched one card that has to be left alone don’t touch it so in my case I replaced six was five and four with three and I left the other two alone I did not mess around with them because that floor has got an even number the other two floors have bigger numbers so I also switched it okay and then I wrote it down so I don’t lose any any track of it so I wrote it down I had number 4 number 6 9 11 13 15 17 and 19 that’s after you do all the switches right you got to go to the blue circle and you’re going to switch all those cars now that you know which cars you have to replace pull up the phone and replace all those cards that we had written down your keys could be different than mine remember that okay don’t you don’t get mixed up so my keys it was 4 6 6 17:19 nine eleven and thirteen so I had those written down I replaced all of them now you have to wait for all the cars to get delivered this is a little bit annoying but don’t get mixed up and maybe go into that custom shop can your building before these cars get delivered or this glitch is not going to work so I waited all the cars got delivered and from that point walk into your custom shop that you have in your CEO building with the xbox live players watch that black screen that sucks you out if your party starts to jump you don’t want to get messed up it will mess up your whole glitch PlayStation guys you know what it’s a blessing that you guys are not dealing with less creep after you get into the custom shop just walk right back into the same garage that you are in and now you have to take every car that’s visibly have a retro allergy but it’s written in the blue circle as an Rh 8a normal allergy into the custom shop and switch the place I took all the cars so how many cars was that one two three four five six seven eight I did eight cars in one time I duplicated all of them I am rolling in money it is a killer glitch you have to put in the time okay you have to put in the time if you want to be ready for the next VLC and honestly I don’t know if Rockstar is going to patch this or not by nighttime I need to step out a little bit here but you know what god bless everybody I just want to say that on Friday please stay safe the weather is amazing I hear motorcycles outside people are going crazy stay safe enjoy your time and always drop me a comment you know I’m reading all of them have a good weekend everybody please baby


Nothing beats a solo money glitch, if ur having problems with this glitch make sure to watch this other method

It's working for me. Duplicated 2 already. The writing the cars down method is nice YaSherif 👍🏼👍🏼

I am gutted, I sold 3 cars to make space to try do the glitch. Tried for about an hour and could not hit the sweet spot and failed, I thought if I change lobby it might work. It's said urgent update, guess what, I hit the sweet spot 1st time and the circle vanished 😩I sold 3 nice cars for half what I paid for them to end up with 3 lame ass street cars.

A lot of people are saying its patched. If so that is why you want to hit that like button, subscribe and turn on your notifications for this channel. That way as soon as this comes out you will get notified to get in before the patch.

I can get it to work with the PlayStation not available but when I get out of the car blue circles gone

@Yasherif Da Gamer it has already been patched, its confirmed me and my friend got booted offline and had a small download

I see a lot of comments people are saying it's already got patched. you guys regardless I did my part trying to bring you the best glitches once they hit make sure your part of the notification squad and I'll see on the next video

Thanks for the video, gave it a try on the Xbox One. Followed all the steps, after I get to the part when I get out of the car, the blue circle is gone. It is there before, but then gone after Xbox store no connection. Still like your vids! Not blaming ya.. just trying to provide feedback in a hopefully helpful manner. I find it more helpful than simply saying "patched". Fellow Canadian here!

no way that works, I could of been the founder because i did it a long time ago when the solo money glitch patched but the blue circle wasn't there when I did it a long time ago, and now it works wtfff

Once you check to see if the Xbox store is unavailable. you get out of the car the blue circle is gone

🔴no solo dupe for me. I must have been dupe detected. 🚗🚗When I glitch out the car my blue circle disappears☹️

Whyyyyyyyyy do u always upload when most of ur viewers are at school or work upload at 4:30 pm or something

👑YaSherif, thanks for bringing this glitch to our attention.

🔴Gamer🔴🔥Subscribe and turn on notifications🔥 Find out about active glitches early.

🤜YaSquadForLife 🤛

He calls other glitcher YouTube channels fake, but how come they don't post glitches that are already fucking patched and you do?

Are there any working money glitches that I don't need a CEO garage for? All the glitches seem to require a CEO garage

YaSherif can I dupe my retro if it already has custom plates on it? Or do I need to have numbers(stock) plates that originally came with the car??

Anyone on ps4 who has the garage but needs friend to do the glitch m ready to help so that i can find out if its working or not and buy the grage then
add me: shanedsilva04

Dude I got to the xbox unavailable part then once I get out the car my blue circle disappears but I still proceed with the glitch so I go onto the elevator and as soon as I get into the elevator my player stays stuck in there unable to move but when I look on the mini map everything around me still seems to be working. I can even hear music if the background,Ive tried this glitch twice and the same thing happened. Someone please help!!!

Every GTA youtuber – "Guys before we get started smash that like button"
Every viewer- "Bitch why would I like something before I even know what it is"

Us giving you support makes your channel bigger which means since your account gets bigger you become a target with a larger increase of being deactivated

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