GTA 5 RALLY CAR WORLD RECORD! GTA Online | GTA 5 Funny Moments (GTA 5 Online)

gta 5 gta 5 it’s a pleasure to be here in Los cent Fletcher to be out there looking down on
me thanks guys the No funny car racing points6 alright right in the heart it’s brand new we got going head to head around a point rice calls thing and I with one collapse we’ve already it before the told I think we should call the game
feel or on the driver following opposition know we can for our
timing had psychiatrist shepherd’s pie so wats landlord you are
bad as rally car i picking the car can you picture
doesn’t either you pick I Rd I’ll okay thanks for having a game or
via the wrong about Ron yeah I we r okay so basically guys
explain what we’re doing this is we just found out that DJ has
the Citaro and but it is basically images so I can
only drive but I can’t see oh yeah sheik have to tell me where to
turn so we put up a list I’ll retard rally
car racing I’m a professional only trousers rally girl rally car
reaching terms surgical be showing the house list in
front of us are link in the description down below for this I’m ready the or so I will show picture lot on I a mobile unit kit the hair like
that points Jake oh i cant so yeah got Howard
I heart strength heart rate parts tray alright I he got
his runners will be a little bumpy I do a great game abused or gray II i right right straight straight straight
no strike J okay here straight no I read break
through the day break break like the Kool Aid Man de
Mayo straight straight straight are a hard right into the ocean yeah straight are you okay everybody gonna
slow I captain Jake commands a left hand turn all right live well you gotta I didn’t
realize how much okay their lives my I never graduated pre-school yet that
know any cap are left know that that’s a that’s a place for you kill checking lap left left left left left left left
left left left left all I straight continue straight to get around that straight okay
breakthrough Kool Aid Man Kool Aid Man ayyash yeah okay laughed slight left tell me
when we get an extra quiet easy left 90 meters straight no no
that’s not straight there you go Iran I II ya right right over crest harder goal fast so I got okay I get a little up
you’re fucked that up bridal IIIA has strayed is Neil Patrick Harris go at fuckin straight up shot Parker
alright over crest straight over kress you your job right server crashed hard now I
we’re gonna throw a CEL I i’m respond so hopefully this should
switcher I’m ready I keep going straight cool a
minute the next three banks I night I backup okok Boulder Road 90 right now not like I right straight treated fucking your mom
that i won well I’ll you other I’m on disability trade or have cracked cringe like 10 read your answer thank you I I’ll I should be a little stuck back up
to white polyester already order a dirt road dirt road on the right altered in and
yet what okay right alright I A in the chicken coop got their jobs Toronto hugging crying iight straight la by left
left lot like that I it straight I next one I over big mountain take our I’m a slight decline your
sister Ryan go around checkpoint I little bit laps
more more like ’em like a lot left I hairpin rivers right 360 and Wii U turn not now that the
wrong way a server slapped her cherry popped up on
this page I get up this is OK not doing it on
purpose haha I Ste straight right strange straight only come in your room right now either
a little %uh there you go I and one for being an
asshole straight there ya go straight to the Catholic
prihodit yes right threats threats threats are right straight sure you like your
grandma just spank you hard and not how you’re feeling right now
iight shallow lap are like %uh tend to greet a bright
bright bright up up him yet good don’t get the wrong idea
pocket rocket om third-degree like I start okay okay good good good now
follows down no doubt they go like I think backup
okay not Kollywood I bad her iight arm now see that big jump here a little bit
you’re right that the left of right now yes it hard that hard Paul hard yeah you great 3 and Drake right now %ah blame yet door here rolling code exactly keep callin got it okay got the checkpoint alright straight no water your water think you
have a lawyer over almost there didn’t get advocate around Palm Beach Palm Beach I right
another you have big jump yeah part yeah higher placard clear knowledge our members yeah well go eleven thousand dollar home yeah well a goodnight Lola though wind blowing 11 out miss you to get some the other of GTA 5
stuff order chance goes as Jake arrive from Cupid me and we’ll see
yes next and take you spank me more or your I can trick talk to you many here


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