what’s happening you guys and welcome to
this segment right here on you bully sheriff as always man I tell you guys
drop a notification on this channel always be part of the notification squad
and always make sure you’re subscribed we have a super glitch that’s still
active in the game stick with me and let’s do this like the king squad always
does all right you guys so yesterday it’s been a while but I managed to sit
down with you guys and do a livestream and boy was it worth it
first of all we had some amazing wins look for the races to hit the channel a
little bit later either today or tomorrow these are moments that I truly
value playing with the subscribers and also my friends on the channel so look
for it to be documented and held in the channel and maybe we’ll make a brand new
section for it that we call it just pure GTA racing I think I already have a
playlist at setup so I will be you know putting all these things under it now
hope you guys were part of the livestream yesterday and if you missed
it it’s not a problem I’m trying to get into the you know the groove of things
tried to livestream and the channel and play with you guys a little bit more I
do miss the the live streams and the fun we used to have before before I got this
busy okay I do want to document this glitch and yesterday we had PCB sniper I
want to say a huge shout out to him and really I’ve been I’ve been thinking
about this the whole day I was thinking about two things one I wanna give a gift
card to PCB okay so I’m just gonna get you a code and I’m gonna pass it to you
on Xbox give me some time in order to order that code and pass it to you and
the other thing is we hit 60,000 subscribers and I never get a chance to
celebrate it with you guys I need you guys to let me know what’s the best way
to celebrate this do you guys want to have a 6 player no 6 winner giveaway
what do you guys want to have man do you guys want to have $10 each I’ll spend
$60 on gift cards whether it’s Xbox Live or Playstation if you have a way for me
to buy short cards you guys want me to give you
like six char cards we can go for that I do want to show my appreciation and also
my excitement that this channel has reached 60,000 subscribers and even
though I’m busy with work and there’s a lot of stuff happening in real life I
still don’t take none of this for granted I enjoy every second of it and
you know I really value it I guess that’s what I’m trying to say let me
explain the glitch for you guys now okay and we did this on livestream yesterday
and I wanted to document it again big shout at the PCB sniper for giving me
that white retro allergy it is it looks like a boss and it’s gonna turn a lot of
heads and lobbies and in races when I get the win with it this is what you
need to do you need a friend in order to make this glitch very easy and also you
need a cargobob now if you don’t own your own cargobob you can always find it
at the airport if you don’t find it drive away come back and grab it okay so
you have the cargobob and you have a friend that’s willing to give you a
vehicle now if you’re going for maximum money you’re probably going to go for
the retro allergies if you’re going for something like these modded vehicles
then I advise you to put your name in the comment section and say which system
that you’re playing on in order to hook up with somebody that has these vehicles
once you go to your facility grab a street vehicle and go toward the yellow
circle you got to get that black screen that says you need to replace one of the
vehicles inside the facility because you got to make sure the facility is full my
advice to you is to fill it up with social club allergies and this way
they’re free they’re not gonna cost you anything once you’re on that black
screen tell your friend grab the cargobob and carry me away from the
facility there is a distance that once you are carried far away from the
facility the black screen is going to disappear all by itself you don’t have
to press anything then tell your friend okay drive me back to the yellow circle
please once he gets you near the yellow circle or even on top of the facility
all that you’re trying to do is get that black screen again one more time he’s
gonna release you from the car go Bob and you stay on that black screen he
exits the car go Bob he gets a car and he pushes you away from the yellow
circle or from the vicinity of the facility
and this way you can accept that alert once he accept that alert nothing’s
gonna happen just turn back around go toward the yellow circle you’re gonna
get sucked into your facility and you’re not gonna press anything once you are
downstairs and it gives you the option to replace one of your vehicles with the
street vehicle that you entered with just back out of that don’t accept it
and walk out of the facility by this time your friend should have that retro
allergy that he’s gonna give to you or the modded vehicle placed near the
yellow circle because you’re spamming the Y button and you’re trying to get
into this vehicle before you get the black screen again so once you spawn
outside you start walking toward it listen in the background you’ll hear the
door get open and then you start the engine you know you’re in the car accept
that alert back out and then drive toward the yellow circle again the car
is yours now the beauty of this glitch is you can keep doing this right now
you’re in a glitch state so every time you come out of your facility your
friend can have another car lined up for you outside and you can just click the Y
button or the triangle in order to get into it before the black screen appears
in my case I did it again and grabbed the slam van and I grabbed another one
of the lowriders that PCB had big thanks to him big thanks to everybody who
participated in the livestream I hope you guys enjoyed it jump on this glitch
the only way you’re going to be able to get these cars to be drivable in every
session is to shut down the game so you gotta click quit shut it down reload
again one more time into the game and now you can go back into your facility
and drive these cars out very easy glitch and Rockstar sleeping on it
during the weekend take advantage of it I’ll see you in the next segment I hope
you enjoyed it do drop a like if the video was helpful and I’ll see you guys
on the next segment let me know what you guys want to do is that giveaway later


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The stream was lit 🔥 buddy
I’ve been hanging out with PCB today, that dude is a strait BOSS 👊
There’s a buzz in the crew about the live stream and everyone I’ve talked to is excited for the next one. 🤞
🤜 YaSquadForLifeBaby 🤛

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