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everyone, I don't know if this will work for you but set your status to offline and try the race again. It worked for me I hope this helps you all.

is it possible for us to party up with 7 new players before the race, like invite thru xbox live (i.e: join session in progress) or psn so it can load the session prolly more smoothly ? Just trying to throw some ideas out there. another is if people who have a character and did race already can create new characters share tag names and fill up rooms so more people can do the race tutorial then delete when ready or repeat process for anyone they know who's stuck at the race part, hope it helps.

LOL me and 3 other folks have been standing in the parking lot with it saying "Launching Session" for about 3 hrs now. People keep appearing then walking off screen.

Yall just give rockstar time they workin hard but they did to much they could work on it'll be up and runnin soon. Everyone has a right to be disappointed though

I get hung up after I get my car. I won't let me even get to the screen to see other players? Does anyone know why that's happening?

i only was able to play once… only because someone ran into me as my guy was stuck waiting for other people for the first race. i got killed and respawned so then this guy and i kept killing eachother lol

Try going to the select character option from the online tab in story mode and creating a character in the second slot. It worked for me, Let me know if it helped or not πŸ™‚

Its easy all you have to do is just select the selection wheel what how you feel like characters you gotta go to the bottom of the character and then I gotta wait a few minutes to the campaign you will not get how to do this if you have an xbox you have to hold down on the d-pad and then hold it and then you go over on your stick go to the bottom with character and then click on that and that should bring you YouTube its not u 2 the character selection with your

Im trying my fucking hardest to find the name of the song when Lamar and you are riding in his car on your way to the first race

can i just tell people that everything about the intro is glitched so any world records aren't world records, it doesn't change the leader boards and it freezes constantly but just keep trying and it will work eventually

hey bro how do you go faster in a race, theirs been situations where someone came from last place to first place and won. RAAAAGE X o

I live in LA and i dont know what your talking about dude i mean litterally i know there is some places in gta5 that has things in la but that alley is not in LA! BTW loved the video thx…

How did you peoples get into GTA 5 online? Can anyone help me? Where do I get to the Tutorial? Help me as soon as possible.

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