haven't been in the streams for a while, going through a rough patch in life, still watching the videos though

I'm scared to look at news nowadays, seems like there's always something bad going down. Just gotta stay positive though I guess. Good video 🙂👍

It's so true… to think of how far our Society has come yet we struggle to get along… why? Because of how we look… honestly that's some bull. I agree with yasherif….

I have your back brother.  I used to support that guy.  Being around him gets you effected.  Thanks for always being positive and trying to send a good message to all of us the Subs on this BEAST channel.

Hey #yasherif i enter the give away long time bro i have beeen giving full support…. One question do i have to be active on the other youtubers????????? channel because…. I only stay active on your channel

I love your content bro but I have to disagree with you on the the racist guy topic just because you find a certain voice annoying doesn't make you racist. I find squeaker annoying doesn't mean I hate all kids. I love your content but I do think that was a big statement if he was saying stuff like all foreigners out then I can understand. But I think this day in age people are too loose with the word racist. Love your content always here for your vids have a great day.

My only response to the clickbaiting allegation is this: If I've subbed to a youtuber, then they are not clickbaiting me, I've chosen to Watch what they post. If I don't like the content I can unsub and never look back. I don't think 50k views in several hours are a lot at all when the youtuber has well over a million subscribers. Love ya YaSherif. (For now, Lol)

Levelling up a new character is tough.
The grind is real and driving cars with limited upgrades is tough when your a diehard racer 🏁
You have done a great job to get to Level 44 so quickly brother.

It doesn't matter how one sounds or talks. it is what is in the heart of the person. people will judge you on the most trivial things but at the end of the day they will be judged by the one!

Thufferin thuckatash. What about the aircraft carrier and gun running? Instead i got a diatribe of what's wrong with the world. Waste of damn time. I subscribed for game info.

The fuck is this fool babbling about with clutures and shit? No one cares. Just talk about what is supposedly coming in gta.

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