what’s up boys and welcome to the
segment right here I’m your boy your Sheriff you guys we just got a brand new
car that just came out today 2×21 this thing looks like a beast did I even get
the name right I honestly I’m not sure but I’m here to tell you this car is
something else it is something that you need to have in your inventory let me
rephrase that this baby is called the xa21 let’s give it the respect it
deserves there is ups and downs with the scar so
why don’t you sit with me right here we’re going to put it through its paces
and I’ll tell you the final verdict if you should have it in your garage or not
let’s do this baby so as you guys know today marks the day that Rockstar
usually gives us brand-new DLC in the game we are always looking for a Tuesday
in order to get brand-new DLC and today we got this brand-new car it is an
amazing looking car I love it I already have it in my inventory but there is
more to be said about it than just saying this car is going to be the king
of the class it’s being dubbed as the king of the class that you need to know
everything about this car before you put your money into it or feel like you’re
being hurt without it definitely the car is amazing you can see the model of the
car looks really nice Rockstar did an amazing job on it you have a back
spoiler that comes up as you pick up speed it assembles exactly the t20 and
the Nero before you make it into a custom mural it’s an amazing looking car
I really really like it I put the crew color on it and I went to represent from
there so we’re going to start off from the beginning and I’m not going to take
you into the whole customization this car does have customization but I’m sure
you guys can see it right here in front of you the car has secondary and primary
colors so you can play around with that in order to mix and match it has a
beautiful line that makes it really really stand out between the super class
which we have a lot of cars and if you look at the body type I think this car
would be probably very close to the tyrus in the lengths of the car and also
to the 811 it’s one of those cars that’s like lengthy it’s not like a t20 where
it’s very tiny on the track or the Italia as well which is a very
small car in that class this car definitely has its presence when you’re
on the track with other cars you’re not going to get pushed around but let’s
take this car on taking off and you guys know how we do this
we always go for three laps with no contact whatsoever and this way you have
no catching up ability and you don’t have the ability to push other players
and get them out of the way now I want to say this in the beginning of this
race thank you to everybody that answers the call when I send out these
invitations you guys definitely help us test these cars and you let us see what
the short comes of a car what the outcome of the race is going to be when
we all take different varieties now as you can see in taking off this car is
really tight on handling I must say this car must be even better in handling than
the Niro itself the new is a well-balanced car
top speed handling it’s a heavy car on the track that I really really like a
lot of people always ask which is the best car you like when it comes to super
races and I always say that custom Nero it’s something else I love it but I
gotta say something about this car even though I lost in this race to a Waggoner
this car still brings us in the corner and I really felt it in that final
corner I was taking it almost wide open in the second lap as I was getting a
little bit more comfortable with this car I was able to reel in the first and
second place and almost semi-fast them but not good enough to go there because
once you go back on the street away it doesn’t have the top speed and I was
kind of wondering about that I’m like do I have the top speed or am I missing
like maybe I’m messing something up when I’m coming out of that final turn so
from that point I wanted to take it on a normal track and see how this car is
going to represent so we ended up voting for Canyon crossings once we hit Canyon
crossing this car handled like a dream I left the pack in the dust so if you are
playing spot races and you do want to have a good car under your hand this car
is definitely worth your time you should check this car out you should maybe buy
it if you have the money remember there is an active money glitch I’ll have it
linked in the description for you guys in the
comment section for you to make a lot of money in order to get the start almost
for next to nothing so the price is there I understand but if you have the
money and you’re a car collector like myself you’re definitely going to grab
this car and it’s going to get some time on the track it will not G be just
collecting dust in your garage the car is really really nice but I wanted to
take this car on one final spin and I wanted to bring in some killer people so
I sent out the invitation and people answered the call
thank you very coming in Thank You shadow for coming in and everybody else
that was with us on this race this race tells the entire story in a few seconds
this car has an amazing handling it does I mean there is no shying away from that
but once you take off here they’ve had two eight eleven and eight eleven is
still king of the street when it comes to drag racers that car went completely
out of sight and just left us in the dust
multiple cars pass me as we are going through the track and that was the
Wagner and also a Nero managed to pass as well remember one thing about these
tracks these guys are starting behind me so if we manage to pass me that’s
definitely more top speed the XM the xa21 that was with me on the track as
you can see in the final results stuck exactly in the same place where I was at
we couldn’t pass the Nero for the 8:11 whatsoever and also the Wagner so let’s
wrap it up at the end here is this car worth the price let me tell you this if
you have a mural or if you have a t20 you can probably win a lot of
fundraisers it’s not going to be a problem but if you have the money why
not get this car it’s a brand new addition to the game it handles like a
dream this thing handles like a dream do not make mistake about it like I’m
willing to say this thing handles a little bit better than the Niro in the
turns but the top speed is where this car kinda takes a little bit of chip in
the armor it will take you a little bit a notch down under the Nero and the
Wagner but then again the Wagner is very light on the track and some people were
complaining that its back happy around the turns so this car makes up for it
remember one thing gamer you’re not going to be able to get one
card that’s superior to everything else if Rockstar does something like that it
will put two other cars to shame and people will not be racing with them and
spawn tracks remember there’s always catching up there’s always the ability
to come back from making mistakes in the Sun tracks so having a car like this was
a little bit of a dip in speed is not really going to affect your performance
I say buy it it’s an amazing addition to the game and I’m hoping and I’m really
really hoping that we start getting some Sun traces double payouts double RP to
enjoy this car and everything has to offer remember if you have any fifth
trick or anything that you want to put in the comment section in order to help
us understand this car a little bit more do let us know we always read your
comment I’ll see you on the next segment peace gamer

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