GTA Online Stealing and Selling Cars Quick Money Guide | Make Easy Cash by Filling Your Garage

Hello this is Trance1999 with a video on stealing
and selling cars in grand theft auto online. This is going to be a quick video with some
great tips for new players and a technique that might even be valuable for a seasoned
player – so let’s get to it… Cue the main title.. The game is called Grand Theft Audio – so
obviously you can steal cars from NPCs and sell them at a mod shop – but not just ANY
car. Some of the cooler looking cars. The Fast Cars. Those the mod shop guy will say are too hot
or that he doesn’t want. So I’ll show you which cars are the best
cars to steal for selling, and how to identify them, and also a super easy way to always
be able to find these cars. I’ll also show you how in only 15 minutes
– you can fill up your garage with high value cars – so they’re ready to sell. So as a new player one of your first semi-big
purchases is going to be a garage. You can buy a stand alone garage OR you can
get an apartment and it’ll come with a garage. What I like to do is to set my spawn location
to one of my garages. You do this in the interaction menu. Then I can start my session by quickly selling
a car and getting 8 or 9 grand – which helps cover the cost of other things I’m going
to do in the session. Either buying some ammo or to cover the cost
of running my bunker business for a day. I use the garage in my apartment for this
purpose. Since you can only sell a car every 45 minutes
I usually don’t bother doing it except at the start of a session. After that I get too busy with other grinding. When my garage gets low on these cars I’ll
spend a few minutes filling it up with high values cars like the Felon GT or the Baller. Just to help you identify these cars. The Felon has an almost square grill like
this with the logo in the center. There’s a coupe and a convertible. Get the convertible cause it’s worth more
– about 9400. The Baller is an SUV type and it has these
vents near the door. There are a couple slightly different styles
of this car. The ones I got here have 2 vents but sometimes
it’s 3 vents. The vents are sometimes silver. Just don’t get the one with the triangle
shaped vent cause that one is not a baller and is not worth near as much. The Baller is worth 8 grand. Anyway – It can be sometimes be hard to find
these vehicles. Before I figured out this trick I’d drive
around looking for one for 15 min or more and eventually I’d just give up – maybe
just sell a lower priced car. So here’s the thing. The game system sort of knows they’re high
value cars so it doesn’t spawn them very often often. So it can take a while to find one. But then when you finally do find one then
they’re all over the place. It’s like the game has to limit the 3d model
info or the texture info or something, and so that means it has to limit the variety
of cars to just a few at a time. So here’s my tip. We use this to our advantage and exploit it. What I do is to always keep one of these high
value cars in my garage. When my garage gets low and I need to fill
it back up I’ll take that one out, and then you’ll start seeing other ones drive by. And this happens all over the map. There are guides out there for where you can
find each type of car, different parts of the city. But using this method you can find the car
you’re looking for just about anywhere. So take the one car out. And park it in an intersection. Jump out and wait and another one will drive
up. Grab it and take it to your garage. Your first one will stay there because it’s
your primary vehicle now. What makes a car your primary is driving it
OUT of your garage, not driving a car INTO your garage. So walk out on foot (don’t drive out) and
get another… And another… And another… And repeat until your garage is full. Here I also had a car in there that wasn’t
worth very much – I wanted to put a Felon in there instead. Rather than driving this low value car out – and losing that first one – just walk out and find that last Felon to bring it in. When you do it’ll let you know that your
garage is full and then you can replace the low value car. So now my garage is full of good cars to sell
and it only took me 12 minutes. I’ve got 4 Ballers in here – and 4 Felon
Convertibles. That’s almost 70 grand worth of cars. If I worked just slightly harder, and didn’t
have any extra cars in my garage, I could have filled this garage with 94 grand worth of cars – by having 10 Felons. And check this out. You can buy a 10 car garage for a little more
than 100 grand. So in one 15 min session you can fill it up
with enough cars to almost pay for itself. Now let’s go sell one of these.. Boom 9400. Just one problem. Now that I’ve sold my car I no longer have
a primary vehicle. When I go to request personal vehicle it says
you don’t have one. Do you know how to reset this without going
all the way back to a garage? Well in my next video I’ll cover some tips
for gaining access all your vehicles in various situations and scenarios. Thanks for watching this video. Make sure to like and subscribe and all that
normal stuff. If you have any additional tips, or just want
to talk about your feelings – toss them in the comment section.


Hi Trance1999

First of all please note my period button isn't working on my MAC hence the weird punctuation

I'm playing on an XBox1

Of all the UT Vids I've watched this is the first one that has actually worked for me so thanks for that

I now have 6 Falon GT's however It took me 6hrs, I also have four bikes (I have bikes for Sightseeing mission and 'cause I like choppers

Your method does work but one thing I found was it would not only spawn in batches but if you use the soft-top it spawns lots of other soft-tops models as well

At one intersection I had my own hard-top Falon & three other hard-top Falons parked but then the cops came and chased me off possibly because I was blocking the intersection?

If its quick money you want then a CEO Sightseeing mission on a bike is better spent time for 
lots more money but obviously becoming a CEO takes more time but I was already a CEO when I finally found your vid

Again thanks

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