I'm so happy that I backed this game last year, I can't wait for the expansions! Thanks for your thoughts on the expansion modules.

I wish I had 125 spare bucks to back this :/ I love Chinese themed games but If I can find a used copy of Gugong for 25-30$ I can't justify 125. THey announced a retail version of the expansion will be released later [the kickstarter is only for the deluxe version]

I honestly don't see how this is a 50$ expansion. The modules seem nice but not necessary at all and why would you even need an insert for an expansion. I will wait for the retail and get it for much much cheaper as I did with base game (Paid 30$).

Thanks for the rundown!

With the take that cards – couldn't you just leave those in the box and add the rest of that module? Or would that mess with game balance somehow?

One concern I have with the peasants' revolt is that it sounds like may sometimes not have a decision to make at all (if you only have one card discarded and no +2/-2 token). Did that not bother you? Also, in the KS page it says you reveal the peasants' strength first and then choose cards, but you say the opposite order. Which is it?

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