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Even today we had
enough profits. The sales have been fast. Like this we should work
hard and buy this market. What? You have said you will
make my marriage with it, know? Ya, after your education, your marriage
is grand enough from hanuman
junction to guduru. ls it ok? What Boys? From the last four days you
are doing the business well. Who are you guys? His name is Krishna. His name is Dasu. Are you both brothers? We are friends. l am Devi.. 3rd class..b section. She is our sister. Your sister? Whose sister is she? She is sister to both of us. Nice..friends should be like that. ln this junction, if you do the
business with sincerity…everything
turns gold. We will work hard and earn crores… We will start a shop
in the market.. Do you know the
name of the shop? K D and company. K D and company? What? K for krishna brother… D for dasu brother.. What about your name? There is.. l am company know… Oh! God,the business of these
little fellows whose investment
is their hardwork.. Should run well with
your blessings.. You should prosper with profits
doing the business safely. You will definitely come.. You bless these kids. See you later.. Nice.. You! How can you
eat all that scum? You go.. Let’s go.. Don’t worry..Krishna.. Everyone has to bear what
this Devudayya does? He has holded this junction
with his hands by force.. He is not human..
he is pitiless animal.. ls she his daughter? Ya.. But not his own daughter.. What is this
orange sweet daily? Love? We gave devudayya the
money and had this shop. This is injustice. Whatever he does
is justice. Brother…please no…no.. Bro..this is hardearned.
please don’t throw it. We will catch your feet. Brother…please no…no.. Brother Our shop is on fire… lt is getting into
ashes..please stop.. Take this
No No problem..take this.. You swear on me. Where is the
jewellary from? From known people. Who are they? That Devuddayya’s wife.. You went to his house:
begged his wife for this? l didn’t do any wrong.. How did you get this alm..? Please don’t quarrel brothers.. How did you get?
lf you two fight, i’ll die. lt is better to die
than living with this.. Please listen to me.
Shut your mouth. He made us to
come on this road. He…that Devudayya. We are alive
to destroy him. You get lost and
live as dog with him. l and sister won’t
be with you. Dasu..listen to me. l don’t have
anger on you. l always like you. No, my das doesn’t
like all this. l don’t like whatever
he doesn’t like. Let it be anything. lf anyone in this Hanuman junction
wants to live, he should win. The winner tells and
the looser listens. Go and beat him who
made you like this. Come on.. Beat that idiot.. Enough..leave him. Enough..leave him. Beat that idiot.. Krishna, Dasu..stop..
it’s enough.. Krishna, Dasu..stop.. Atleast..stop now.. Krishna..stop it.. This is the last kick.. Dasu, atleast
you stop.. Market know..
last touch.. His glamour is O K This guy.. Black outside..but
reddish inside.. What about his glamour? Give him one..blow.. l’ll leave…
stop He is out of glamour.. See him now.. ls it O K now…otherwise
i’ll increase his glamour.. Your glamour..noise
is enough…cut it off Stop..
You have said to win beating. We are winning
and beating. From the past 15 years
you have been beating. Then you were orphans. So, i said to beat. But in these 15 years you got 30 shops,
40 lorrys and 4 factories. You have owned
this hanuman junction. Now, you needed not
raise your hand Just blink the eye the
junction will be tension. O K see you.. What is this again? Should we beat?
Let us give a build up. You Devudayya. Giving 75 lakhs as a signal… Slngle…single.. we have hold the junction
from your hands. We know how to safeguard the
hard-earned money from
bandiqotes like you. Why did you send these
waste fellows to beat us? We are bored of beating
the same always. You need brave
fellows to beat us. You need to spend money for it.
Ask us if you need some. What do you say?
Yes. Don’t be proud for a
little gain of money. Here itself rituals were
conducted for people like you. You should be alive for it. Don’t dream even to
win us in this junction. You will fly…O K l have given enough money
and brought them from Kadapa. Let me see your guts. lt may take more time. lt may take till morning. Then night show… Let us see that tomorrow…
Now let’s kick them..come. You didn’t forget this
orange sweet from years. Not just orange sweet. Sister, what is this laughter? Make it fast, the bridegroom
is waiting for you. You sit, if you are so eager. What, if he likes me? You marry him. He will die to buy me chocolates. His father thinks you can treat
him as slave instead
of son in law. So, it’s ox coming
to our house. So, we have selected
him for my daughter. Who is the bridegroom? See that monkey
eating the banana.. After marriage he
should be in my house. Oh! my shyness. Shyless life.. Why are you making
the coffee in the glass? Son in law is posh.. So, this glass.. What happened? The OX might have
been biten with fly. He is making me
laugh with jokes. He is a big joker.. l am not joker,
i am shekar.. Oh! you cut jokes too.. Let them speak..
let us leave the place.. Cut the jokes little, the next
door kids might be scared.. Have you listened K D and co.. They have beaten me even.. One of them is L now..
in future he is my H L means lover, H means husband. Then you are my S. S means sister.. lt’s common. Father, let’s disappear. Why are they running so? Someone might have told
the truth aboudt you. How many relations
will you spoil? Until she is married to that
orange sweet her daily
serial is the same. See those beards, all
are love failures like you. You also go and pray..your
love might be successful. Vinayaka, let everything
happen good. Everyone break one coconut
and wish for hundred But i am breaking one
coconut and wishing one . i will give you yamaha. You
can leave that Mooshika. Sorry.. No problem, That paru has
hit this Devadas here. You hit me here. Hit me
where ever you want. lt’s upto you. Yes, that is right. Oh! my god You have born to hit. Not only
my love but my life has failed. l have bought it with ten ruppees.
Let me break it with peace. Please move.. Jai Ganapathi.. The world is throwing bombs as
coconuts, but you broke that
as a bomb. l want everything to make
simple, it turns big and bigger. Like this. Oh! my god blood. lnjury makes blood not
rasam and sambar., You are a little bit arrogant. l will give you a horse
power medicine. What is this grass? Anything should disappear for this. You are making scared
with DTS sound. This is K D and co’s cart? Cart, horse, geen, and
myself are k d’s. We are K D and company
people. Who are you? l am the new manager for K D
and co from hyderabad. You might have
forgotten the address. l swear on your horse, i had
the appointment order also. l am prasing
for your courage. Come, i’ll carry you. Tanga for managers? lf you are lucky, this will be
your ambulance and maruthi Place your
right leg and sit. Wait, i’ll bring the luggage. The beginning is with blood,
don’t know where it will finish? Why did you
take my bag? To open the zip we have
to open the bag right. To open the cover, we have
to open the zip, right? You have opened the zip too. To cut the cover we
have to open it, right? That’s the oppointment order
for K D and company. Where is it? lt has gone there,
it will come soon. Pity, don’t make him cry. My sister has taken the cover for
pooja so that good will be
done to you. O K. i thought everyone in the
hanuman junction are like
that fellow. But i came to know that there
will be good fellows like you. You will know how good
we are in future. Hello, pooja is finished. Thanks. l should thank you. Give the cover to Krishna directly,
your work will be finished. For the help to this stranger, i am
really great, greater and greatest. What’s your good name? Meenakshi Ask my name. Tell me. My name is Shatruvu. There should not be
enemies for us. lf so he should not be alive.. Sir, i am not that
kind of Shatruvu. My name is shatruvu sir. l said to speak meticulously. Who is he? He has come newly
to take beatings. He has come to manager post. Don’t be scared.Both are same. My name is Allikala Ajathasatruvu. lt means friend to everyone. People refused to call
long and said Shatruvu. That made ajatha in dark and
shatruvu is caught in your hands. This is my appointment
order sir. Firing from job is my work. To take into work
is krishna’s job. Go inside. ls this the office? lt’s
so dark…powercut? No bulb is lost. Tell to
muncipality they will do it. What is this beating? lf he is drunk, he
will beat like this. lf not drunk.. Not drunk then double to it.. How is the second boss? You agreed to touch dung.
Why do you ask its details? Speak in telugu. Telugu, second boss…that boss.. Oh! second boss might
be a comedian. You are Trishna..? Are you Mr. Krishna? No, he is inside. l’ll go inside. l’ll kill him if
he comes inside. Come after delivering
the goods. Otherwise you will have
delivery. Keep the phone. Hey! who is that? l am not.. l came in to ask.
May i come in? Appointment order. You are the one sending eight
letters for week without
stamps? Ya.. l done so that you
will get it directly. My last wish to work in K D and co. No, it’s my everlasting wish. l have been listening
about you and Dasu sir. Oh! my dear Krishna. l am nothing without my life. lf you come like sunlight i’ll walk
without chappals, i’ll wet if
you come like rain. Your’s awaiting..love bird. Where are you from sir? Hyderabad sir. C/O mental hospital? No..no.. What is this? Oh! my dear krishna. Sir! i didn’t write this. Whoelse? Your grandmother? Ya.. Cheater.. l have been waiting
from years. l’ll cut you if
you do it again. Be careful. We were close in childhood.
l bought you orange sweet. Because you liked it. l don’t like it. Because
you bought it i liked it. Cut it..i have said it
then. have you forgot? How dare you write love letter
in K D and co appoinment order? What? lf i come as rain you
will wet without umberalla. l’ll fall as lightning, you will die. Have you got it? Love bird.. Please drop me in the junction. l am scared to go alone. Please stop here. Venkayya, sweet.. ln the junction even wood
choppers fall for cadbury. You are the one who buys
this orange sweet. Give there. Do you have change? l don’t have change. May
i give the sweets? Give it to your father. He just smokes, he
doesn’t eat sweets. l have come for this krishna. This sweet is as sweet
as your heart. i swear… So, i do things
which irritate you. l can listen to you
even if you scold. l can see you even
if you beat me. May i tell you a truth? l am spoiling all the
matches my father brings. One day he will compell
me to marry somebody. That day the tree
we spoke will be there. This shop will be there. This orange sweet
also will be there. You will also be there. But i won’t be there. O K, i’ll see you. Please drop me
at that place. My car is there. l’ll go by walk. O K, i’ll see you. Now, i’ll leave you. Dear brothers and sister. ln our Hanuman junction K D and
co for the first time without
donations, They are conductining
Hanuman’s birthday grandly. So, we invite everyone
cordially to make it successful. Just keep rocking.. This is the first function
done in my organization. lt shouold be the best function. What are you doing? What am i doing? l have laid the chairs, carpets
and benches on stage. l have put the
microphone near. Have you drunk
before all that? Ya.. On the sound. We didn’t put
the mic even. Seriousness in
work, later comedy. Keep more. Stop it. What is this? No need keep
it like that. This program will
start in few minutes. Raise the curtain. Speed song orchestra
in a few minutes. From the nakka bokkala band. Will he start before
the boss comes? Go and stop him. This is janaganamana
jagadish, program organiser. Evening you all have it. This program will start
in few minutes. Not minutes its hours. There is more time for
bosses to come. You get down. That’s it..lt should be like
that until my boss comes. Who is your boss? Prakash
raj or raghu varan. What do you think of
Janaganamana Jagadish? Not only these, there
will be these also. This is Janaganamana. Janaganamana Alternative for
] vandemataram srinivas. Let us sit after the program. You raise the curtain. There is no permission
to raise the curtain. This is not cabire
to raise the cloth. This is musical night.
That is called screen. Oh! my dear orchestra brother
in law, we say it cloth. Oh1 my dear village brother
in law, let it be cloth or shit.. You raise the cloth. What am i telling…? You get out.. You raise the curtain first. Not only curtain but
throat cannot be raised. That’s it.. Tell in mic that it will take
more time to start. You tell it…come on.. You keep it. This is echo
in your village. What is the late? You said the program
is at 4. 30 clock. lt is not 4. 30 at. Oh! my dear..it has
been 4: 30 long back. 4:30 in your watch
is not enough. When my boss comes
then it is 4:30 Then only you have
to start the program. l have said it is 4:30 l cannot wait. Think how idiot these bosses are
when these are this foolish. l have waited 1 hour,
i cannot wait more. l have to go to town, sorry. Raise the curtain half,
we will start lightly. Do you know K D company? Do you know avakaya company?
That happens this happens. lf you start the program before
bosses come you will be broken. What are you threatening? Time alloted to you is finished. We cannot wait for
K D’s and rowdys. Program is cancelled. Let us go. What am i telling you is? Raise, lick, scratch, Pluck.. What am i telling…?
Shut your mouth. What am i telling…?
K D’s will come an say. So, i said this program will stop. l know it before, no
one is listening. What am i telling…? See..see those dances. lf beggars get money their
work will be like this. We had the same feeling before
when you did the functions. Orange sweet. Orange sweet. Decent Dasu.. Bosses are coming. That music
party has gone. How to manage? Manager post is to manage..
you have said it. Manage. Thia is my resignation badge. Jai hind to my job and function. lf you are alive tomorrow, i’ll
meet you day after tomorrow. Chakram.. No wheel and no
spoke get lost.. Hello.. The slap because of
you is still itching.. Sorry.. lf you give this Krishna’s
anger will be managed. He will be totally happy. What is this?
Orange sweet. Sweet? ls he a child to
lull him with sweet? Krishna likes this very much. Give this, you will
know it’s power. Really. Yes.. Thank you, i cannot forget your help in this millinium lf i forget, baby please
remember me. You cannot forget
it so fast. Chakram.. l am not here. You need not leave the job. What is this? Are the arrangements fine? Leave it..take this first. What is this? Orange sweet. Are you mad? Why do you beat him
for giving sweet? Ask him like that sir. You should beat him like that. You have got blady lucky. They know that the music program
is cancelled and gave you
two only. l didn’t tell it yet. Before telling this much! What if you tell? Chakram…chakram Dear brothers and sisters. You have seen miserable function
from donations of some people. Please enjoy this function we are
making from our own money. l’ll speak. Donkeys who wish this
function to be spoiled.. They are calling us. You also enjoy the orchestra…
have the dinner and go home. The orchestra is only a sample. ln future you will have many.. Raise the curtain.. Hey! people of the junction. Money is not enough
for such functions. We need caste, status,
prestige and many.. lf you disobey people like
us it will be like this only. Get lost…what are you watching? Get lost..this is a function. These are like them. They are the K D’s What is that cry? Thanks for recognizing
the talent. You have run for
the program. Now see, you cannot do another
program until the next ten day. Not ten, it’s 20. Right..shut your gob. Every morning..they think of
whom to beat and wake up. You gave cutting to
them. What happened now. lt has become cooker. You, please stop. They beat this janaganmana.
.gagagana Don’t feel that much. But our village
suseela has escaped. That in our women’s
reservation. Sir,, do you want more? You didn’t play where needed. So, we chased and played. K D and co reputation has
gone because of you. We always gain where we lost. You are responsible
for our bad name. So, this mobile stage. Our village people
won’t come near you. Whereevr they are, you
should go there and sing and dance Sangeetha, you have to sing for
no jaihind to this janaganaman. Please sing.. One little young deer.. ln the cage of lions. Got inside as noway. Becuase it got
no other way. Take sitar and play..sa re ga ma.. Take guitar and sing pa da ne .. One little young deer.. ln the cage of lions. Got inside as noway. Becuase it got
no other way. Tears in heart.. Life in throat.. The darkness has spread. even then smile on face. The little dear has sung. Though her song
has been cheap. Has sung with energy
even on a throny way. Take sitar and play..sa re ga ma.. Take guitar and sing pa da ne .. The Cockoo doesn’t change her
song even among the crows. Even the stones come between the
river doesn’t stop its flowing. Even the twister comes around, Does the smell of
jasmines change? Though the praisers
and painers watch, l am singing joyful
whatever is coming. One little young deer.. ln the cage of lions. Got inside as noway. Becuase it got
no other way. Take sitar and play..sa re ga ma.. Take guitar and sing pa da ne .. The star doesn’t stop twinkling
because of darkness. The lotus doesn’t stop bloosoming
being scared to the mud. Though it rains heavily, Does the peacock feathers
change the colour? Even though the beauties
come and create noise, Happily i am offering the music. One little young deer.. ln the cage of lions. Got inside as noway. Becuase it got
no other way. Tears in heart.. Life in throat.. The darkness has spread. even then smile on face. The little dear has sung. Though her song
has been cheap. Has sung with energy
even on a throny way. Take sitar and play..sa re ga ma.. Take guitar and sing pa da ne .. Take sitar and play..sa re ga ma.. Take guitar and sing pa da ne .. Devi is here. Not there , here. Then only, i told you. Why are you throwing
everything on me? You and idiot..
You are idiot and half Get lost,
not me..he is .. Please stop..please.. lnoocent young ones…see..how? What is all this? l am mad, just like those
demons sleeping there. Now, i am mad. Until now you were
never after girls. Now you have
started that also. l am feeling shame. l am living with fear
right from childhood. This is enough. Leave your anger, Forget
that and apolozige us. We won’t do it again. l swear on you. Ya, it just happened like that. We didn’t do it
intentionally. Swear on me even. Shut up. Because i won’t allow you, you
have send me far for education. Not like that. What not like that? You have made
fool of that girl. How much should
she have suffered? lf someone has
done me like that? We will kill him. l am always afraid
of this foolishness. l don’t know where
this will take you? ln future it won’t happen. Tell us what to do? May we apolozige her? We are ready for that,
What do you say? First stop that crying. We are living for
your happiness. We cannot take your crying. Your aunty is doubtful women. She will ask one lakh
questions if you are late. What will you
say if she asks? Only god can save you. Sangeetha is no more
for this janaganamana troop. Stop… Money is with me.. What ? You are giving
cutting to me. Oh! the singing
nightagle has come. Bring the dung water.
We shall celebrate her. Dung water greetings
is not enough. You went 4 days back and
you are coming now. Do you think we
are animals or humans? There are many …come inside. lf we keep her inside our name
in the Agraharam will be gone. Your queen of
dreams has come. Not only for me..
she is needed for all. Let us go inside. Why
all this in street? Nothing like that. Just because of distant
relative..gave her some shelter. She has been with somebody
for 4 days, if we keep her inside
our fame is gone. l’ll just come. What is this? l didn’t do any
mistake, uncle. Do you know what happened? l’ll tell you. l have all the list with
whom you have been in the town. Here only respected girls live here. People like you
cannot stay here. Venkatesam..speak properly. What respect? Wrong is with us, why
do you shout on him? Wrong people like her
cannot be in my house. Get lost, you idiot. Send her from here, otherwise you
will be sent away from here. Sangeetha, for sometime stay in
my friend’s house Ramanatham. l have troubled you
a lot untill now. You say that you won’t come for
the second show on Shivarathri. Madhava, excellent.. She posed for us….she became
a prostitute before all. Adjust for now atleast. We will see you equally putting you
in the choultary back to the temple. Babu, leave her. Oh! you are the people. Hey! go home. Who are you
to order here? He doesn’t know who we are. Let us tell. May i tell you in
detail or in short. Tell me in detail. ln detail. This is just sample. Come to Hanuman junction
if you want in detail. Every person alive says
about K D and co Get lost.. There is no mistake of hers. Please don’t make
it an issue. Tell us how much
money you need? You cannot buy the character
of a middle class man. This girl’s life has
been spoiled by her. For births you
will regret this. Get lost. Our route is different, if you
tell us your route we will drop you. We will drop you, tell
us where to drop you. Where will we take her? Take it. Go somewhere
and live happily. Take it. Only songs, no words. Singing songs is
wrong. You take it. O K, we are saved. Her life has
become hard. Send me a word if
you need money. That’s what we will send. Move the vehicle. lt’s moving. She is going to die. lt is going to wind us. Are you satisfied now? See your tears angel. We showed
a way to live and she wanted
to die. See, how is she watching. Just now she had jumped into the
river, again she may jump into
the well. After that i have to jump. We have to jump. Take her inside and know what
she wants and where she has to go. Come.. l have been watching you,
what are you peeping always? You have discovered it. Now you hide and i’ll find you.
{Hide and seek rhyme.} His madness has started growing. Namasthe madam, namasthe. This type is like me,
it is someother type. lf we type one,
someother will come. You are also
coming to goa. l have to go to
my place for holidays. 5 coffee. Not 5 coffee, 5 years. From 5 years i have
been after you. l would have been doctor
if i joined in medicine. lf L L B, i would
have been lawyer. lf i go to jail, i would
have been released. What do you want sir? l want marriage
with this girl. Will you do it? Go and see your work. What are you speaking?
Are you mad? Ye madness. Love is life. Love is everything. Love is livelihood. Love is the world. Oh! love…love..love Love is like mosquito. Let anything happen and
they say anything, i’ll keep loving. Oh! Love, love. Love is like mosquito. Let anything happen and
they say anything, i’ll keep loving. My life is zero, if you say no. lf you say yes, i’ll be hero. Without you everyday
is sorrow. please love me. Oh! love…love..love love is love.. Oh! love…love..love Love is love. Oh! love…love..love Love is like mosquito. Let anything happen and
they say anything, i’ll keep loving. There is no sugar,
fever, no heart attack. After seeing you,
i had love attack. Even snake bites or
scorpion bites it is sweet. As love bites, my heart
is painful. You should show
pity on me. You should relieve
me of pain. You should give me medicine. You are me Anarkali. Oh! love…love..love Love is like mosquito. Oh! love…love..love There is no break
for love. l forgot my name and myself. Your phone number and
your cell number is nice. Don’t know where
tiripathi and tirumala are. l know your bus and
address of your house. Every page of
my dairy is you. Every photo in my
album is you. Every poster in
bed room is you. Please distribute love. Oh! love…love..love There is no kama for love. Let anything happen and
they say anything, i’ll keep loving. My life is zero, if you say no. lf you say yes, i’ll be hero. Without you everyday
is sorrow. Please love me. l have two brothers. l have three brothers. l have invested 5
years for your love. You have to tell me if
you don’t have interest. Tell me if you are
not interested. No problem..tell me. l don’t like you. Please don’t say that. l love my brothers. They are everything for me. l’ll marry him who
they ask me to. i’ll marry him only. l won’t marry anyone else. No one else. l am happy that
you were not there. Why did you come again? You said you have all the marriage
copy rights with your brothers. So, i wanted to give
the attack straightly. Very soon i’ll make them call
me sweetly brother in law. You will injustfiable. For love we can take
any number of beatings. But my love won’t
take a beating. That’s my policy. There is no policies and
insurances before my brothers. Not that much. You are speaking
without matter. Your brothers are
in a type of grip. Now whatever i
say is the word. Coming sir. See, i have said and they
called me immediately. They want me for everything. This is called grip. They cannot leave
me for a minute. This is the truth. We didn’t do it..
May i beat it. Do you know
how to beat? l know only beating. ls this beating..
i thought typing. Everything was nice
before he came. He has come and everything
is chaotic. l told you know,
they love me a lot. They want me even
to beat . What a respect? Don’t know of what material
god made these two. Satruvu, listen to
me atleast now. Please go
away from here. l will go only when
you come from here. You don’t understand me. l know all your problems. l have come knowing all. Your brothers don’t change for
you leaving education or
sitting like this. They change only when
their noses are roped. We have to conduct
marriage for them. They should have
wives and children. Then only they will change. That won’t happen. i have tried many ways. Conducted rituals and pooja. But in vain. Tantra should be
used if not mantra. Not that then
only Kutantram. You want to get
settle here. Yesterday you said you
will leave to hostel Devi said not to go. Devi is a small girl, if
she says is it O K. No way, get lost. Don’t know what you
will say to Devi. You have to leave this evening. Tell how much
money you need. lf money is there,
can a girl live alone? We need a safe place. So, Sangeetha will
be with me. Devi, don’t interfere
in this matter. This is important issue so,
i have taken a decision. Sister what will the people think
when there is an unmarried girl
in our house. What will the people think? They won’t think anything. Won’t they think anything?
They won’t think anything. They won’t think
anything sir! This is also fine. Now you beat me..beat me
how much time you want. lf you send a orphan girl out
they will think bad of you. Even i’ll think
bad of you. First take out
that vessel. Withuot showing my face, i
want to tell you many things. Now, i’ll tell you. For Sangeetha music has
gone because of you.. Education also gone.. lf you ask her to get
out in this situation. This girl will go crying.. ln your sister’s opinion
you are gone… Come on beat me.. Any man dares..beat me.. Don’t beat me sir.. There might be many reasons
for beating this Satruvu.. But the villagers are not calm
if you send this girl.. People will think K for Cunning and
D for force…instead of Krishna
and Das. No need of anybody being bad. Sangeetha will be here and
sangeetha will study here. My brothers will see
the education expenses. lf you just say it
that’s not enough. You don’t want to
be here. right? l like to be here. Dasu.. See her. Wonderful..get away
brother..you come.. Ladies are ladies.. This is bad for
our health..run.. What? She will be here
and read with our money. What is that beauty? lt’s my duty to send away
from here with in a week. Catch it.. What are you escaping? We are staying in
one house know. We shall eat, live and
bath together. Don’t waste time. Come.. Why are you
pulling my leg? You don’t know about me. Where are you..
come out. Because you are a
girl..i am leaving you.. Don’t play with me. lf you dare come
face to face.. Come here i’ll
see your end. Tell to your friend,
i don’t like comedy. Everything is serious. Everybody fell
when we slip. A girl has defeated
you in the junction. That is the beauty. She pulled your leg. What is this? lt is like winning, even
if you are defeated. Then go and marry. lf she is nice, go tie a knot
and marry her. What do you speak? Meenakshi.. Who is this? l am satruvu here. You, Men should
not come here. So, i came as woman. How is it? lt’s bad.. Did you give that
orange sweet to krishna? l gave and he
also gave me. l gave him and
he gave me. Orange sweets will move
the stomach inside.. But it will not move
the love in tthe heart. Then what to do? What is tomorrow’s special? Ginger Pesarattu. Not idli sambar.. See your face.. What is tomorrow’s
festival? lt’s Vasanthothsavam. What will ladies do? They mix turmeric and
other ingredients They mix turmeric and
sandal wood in water and pour it on the
people whom they like. l know it. You thief.. Tomorrow you get ready
with turmeric water. l take the duty of removing
krishna’s heart with a dummy key. l swear this.. Nayudoru’s girl, let the
flowers be poured on you.. No, my father is powerful.. What is this? My cows
doesn’t eat all this. Not for cows..for
some bachelor oxes. l am mixing Viagra.. ls it for me? Ya..lick it. ls it rasna? Have you drunk
early morning? This is turmeric mixed
sandal waters. These are the waters poured on
boys of their heart by girls. You have too much
of general knowledge. Today is Vasanthothsavam. One girl spills the
waters on her lover. lf they do so then he will be
their husband..that is their belief. We also know that. But girls should mix
the waters know. But why are you mixing? To join four people. Who is that? Wait, where will you go? How did this come? l have taken this. What is this? You will know
if you watch it. Hey! wait.. l doubted her when she
didn’t leave this place. What doubt? l have seen everything. What did you see? She poured…it is wet.. l have come
to know your love. Oh! you are also mixing.. 5 minutes break ..
all of you leave.. Have tea and come.. For the girls…yes.. Pour it.. What? No one is seeing..pour it.. What is your non sense? Pour it..i know
you like me. You won’t allow to
feed the animals even. l thought
that waters. Go and stand in animals shed. They will atleast lick. Have you mixed flour in it? Your hair has it. Before you mixed
yellow water. Now animals feed on you. What happened in this gap? Afghan war has happened . What a smell? As if he has applied the
entire cow dung.. One soap is not enough, you
need to go to soap factory. l will go. You need soap factory. Abbulu remove this smell. Learn how to do
the work properly Get lost from here. Good day of butterfly
romancing The decoration of girls beauty
in the temple of telugu. Good day of butterfly
romancing The decoration of girls beauty
in the temple of telugu. The cucokoo in konaseema.. start a new song with joy.. ln the eyelid there is
the virgin’s beauty.. Where is her
call in my throat? Make him listen my request
and tell him my heart that he is i. That my heart is true. Good day of butterfly
romancing The decoration of girls beauty
in the temple of telugu. Hey! you.. l will wear sarres of smiles. l will give you
kisses of smiles. Spilling fragrances of flowers. l will build the
bridge of moonlight. He doesn’t listen
to the flowers. He doesn’t come and fly on
the flower as a honey bee. This is the effection
of little lives. The accusal of a lover
about the first love. The age desires and heart
meditates the boons as tunes.. Good day of butterfly
romancing The decoration of girls beauty
in the temple of telugu. May i give this feminity
as a light to you. May i give this beauty
with vasanthas. The sunlight is friend
to masculanity. The thirst of the moon face. From ages, these deep
valleys are not conquered.. Good day of butterfly
romancing The decoration of girls beauty
in the temple of telugu. The cucokoo in konaseema.. start a new song with joy.. ln the eyelid there is
the virgin’s beauty.. Where is her
call in my throat? l will build the life’s
temple in your lap. My life is yours. My love is true. Good day of butterfly
romancing The decoration of girls beauty
in the temple of telugu. Good day of butterfly
romancing The decoration of girls beauty
in the temple of telugu. Good day of butterfly
romancing The decoration of girls beauty
in the temple of telugu. Nothing is there with me. Krishna sir! please give me 5000
and cut it in next month. Thay are dancers from hyderabad. That idiot has sent fighters
instead of dancers. Sir! please save me. Wait.. They have pulled my male thread.. l need two days leave sir!..
it’s my sister’s marriage Your sister will marry,
you go see your work. l have troubled a lot to arrange
her marriage with her lover. lf you don’t give me a leave, You have arranged
marriage with her lover. You are great. How many days
you need leave? Two days sir! Take it for 2 weeks. Very good. Boss is coming.. l am your boss. l am saying to all
that you are the boss. Where is DAS? Go inside and see your work. Das is full busy sir! Where did he go? Don’t know where
but he went in lorry sir! ln lorry sir! what is the good? Sangeetha. Sangeetha? Singer Sangeetha sir! They are sighting the village
saying i love you and will be
singing duets. True?
True sir! Both of them are loving now. Please stop. Please stop. Please stop. l am telling to
you, please stop. This is the sample speed. l’ll go more speed
after marriage. Marriage?
Yes, i have decided to marry you. lf you think so,
is it enough? Whoelse should think? Krishna? He will never refuse me. Devi is waiting
for my marriage. Shouldn’t i like? Love is gained by
effection not by force. You will have it
only once. l am that one. Right? You? l never thought
you like that. Then why with me? Then go to him. Get down the lorry. People who don’t love me
should not be in my house. Go…go..go.. My lover is in your house. Krishna. Your friend. Sit here. Where did you go
with that girl? That is not a girl. Cal her sister in law. To know what is in her
heart i have taken her. She hit on my heart and told
me who is there in her heart. l liked that. beautiful lady. Do you know who
is in her heart? Thief.. Our thief krishna.. Tell me what is
your opinion. Sangeetha is good match
for our brother Krishna. Like milk and water. Ya..milk mixes in honey.. Not in oil. l’ll tell krishna
to marry this girl. He will marry. Otherwise i’ll kick him, idiot l am waiting for you. Why? May i tell you a good news? Das has fixed a match. l know it. How do you know? T Vtower is there know. He will do everything wrong. He will inform others properly. l will get B P if i don’t
show the salt faith. So, i told you. But he cannot
tell everything. Will we say before
the salt eating also? ls this the way to go? That is the way to go. Go.. Where is the sir!..lnside. He said to her that you will agree
for marriage if he says. Sangeetha is very good girl. Please don’t say no. No.. Please brother.. Did i ever opposed his words? That too you liked
her very much. Do you know
how happy i am? Where is the rascal? Where did you hide? Moustache for your blady face. Please give a turning
to your face. You are too
much of glamour. Why do you beat me pig? l didn’t tell, that girl has told. When did she
see my glamour? Don’t know, both of you have
bathed in the lake know. She might have seen then. First i will see her. What is this? ls this glamour
important to us? This glamour is enough. l just told like that
in that situation. Please apolozige me. l like people who say boldly. l am happy that you are getting a
new life by us, who made
your life miserable. Brother,,here are
the keys of the house. The entire responsibility of
the house is yours. Sister, your power is gone. Ask boldly anything
in this world. l will keep it at
your feet in a moment. He is not husband,
he is full bend. Come…come.. There will be no more
crying and sneezing. You are like queen to us. You just order, we
will do it immediately. But don’t ask me
to stop alcohol. There are some problems. That is her beauty. Orange sweet..orange sweet. What? Why did you
come this way? To give a lip to lip
kiss to your father. Where is your father? Why?
Let us tell about our marriage. No..
Then O K Don’t show your face with
these romantic looks. Krishna..krishna.. Stop all these, seets,
thread, hammer, krishna.. Pleas don’t say that. l’ll die now. May i ask now or not? He has gone to junction. Come we shall ask there. No, krishana..
there will be quarrel. lf you have that fear you
won’t love him from childhood. Namasthe.. He doesn’t have this culture. There is no need to talk
with him about your marriage. You know it..Meenakshi is
not our own daughter. She is his
brother’s daughter. He fed her for
property not with love. Meenakshi is wishing only
one..from her childhood. YOU.. She is yours. You can take her
home at any time. Thank you for your
faith on me. l’ll tell it to das and take
her home tomorrow itself. See you later. Krishana… What? lf your friend says no as
he doesn’t like my father. lf he says no, then you
don’t spoil your future. Krishana… l won’t do anything
which he doesn’t like. l cannot do. Dasu..what is this? what is this? We can love somebody
only once.. To be that one,
we should be lucky. You are lucky, but should
we say like that? To bar? Ya, come.. Oh! my dear prince.. You are glamour.. You are also
glamour..shut up.. You are glamour.. Both are same.. You are lucky than me. Both are same.. First you say yes. Leave me i’ll say…oK.. You have one sister,
i have one sister. You have one friend,
i have one friend. You have one enemy,
i have one enemy. You are an orphan,
i am an orpahan. Ya..
l am getting tears. So, i have also seen a girl. A girl why? For marriage. We should marry once. l liked her very much. lf you say yes,
we shall lift her. What do you say?
Get ready fast. Yesterday and day before
…an ant has eaten. An elderly man. What is this? Fancy dress. This is my own dress. The bridegroom build up. Ya, we are going
to see the girl. l have seen a girl for him. Like that he has
seen a girl for me. l am improving glamour for it. So this build up. This is nice know. Brother sit down.. You are already beautiful. You and your heart are beautiful. You are beautiful
even without this. She should be
lucky to marry you. l swear on you more
than our parents. What is this? That is the Beauty. Why did you bring
me to this forest? ls she a deer ? No, she a young tigress. lf she comes early, it will
be nice. Glamour is lost for sun. See there. What’s your name?
Meenakshi Please don’t say
you don’t like. What did you say? Please don’t say
you don’t like. What? ls this love? Ya..From when?
From years.. From years without
my knowledge. Because you don’t like
all these loves. So, scared to tell you. l like her. l have to tell you a truth. What is it? Do you know who is she? WHO? Daughter of Devudayya. Are you daughter of Devudayya. Ya.. Dasu…leave me.. All this is cheating…
her father is playing a game.. You cannot cheat us…
tell to your father.. No, We don’t want, because
we are friends for all lives. Devudayya is the
enemy for all lives. l won’t accept this girl. l won’t accept this girl. That is the stroke.. That is the stroke.. Get lost.. Why do you suffer these
innocent young ones? Here men are
anger than that. Why do you say on
workers and animals? Tell me directly. You won’t listen..yours
is always logical. Why do you think
that love is cheating? One day you will doubt
my friendship even. l..my friendship.. Don’t say it even in dreams. My heart cannot bear it. My heart is filled with your
friendship not with life. l am dead when
it is not there. Dasu what is it? Why are you so
for one word? Think how meenakshi will
feel for what you said? Look..look You believe my words even. Her love is true. Her love is true. l like.. l am Das here. l thought well..you
did no mistake. l like.. Tomorrow i’ll come with my friend
and take you. Will you come. l have guts, i already
said it to Krishna. For this word i have
been waiting for years. Oh! your love is
sweet and strong even. Beautiful lady.. Who is that? You will beat me. Where is he?
On the way to martuary
in emergency ward. Come on..wake up.. Not possible for a month.. l am not telling to
you.. You wake up.. Mr. what are you talking? You don’t get up. l’ll get up. lf he tells
i will do anything. You come.. How dare you beat me? You break my leg? i’ll kill you. Beat him..kill him.. Beat him..kill him.. Dasu..beat him.. Dasu..beat him.. beat him.. Even now, we have won. The winner should say,
the looser should listen. Listen, you have cut his legs
for talking to your daughter. We are taking her to our
home before your eyes. Do whatever you want. Meenakshi.. Come.. You be here, i’ll
speak to our boss. Sir! Nizam Narsingh, Ceede Simhadri, Andhra Aadhi, Vizag Venky. l have brought all the
four from central jail. lf you say yes, i’ll cut that
Krishna and Das into Khyma.. They will run away to kerala. No need. l know where and
when to attack them. Send them. Actually.. Go.. Be careful.. Lift it upside.. Chakram, where is this fellow? Chakram..
Why do you shout like that crow? l am here. l asked to bring specialist..
have you brought? They have come early
morning..waiting for you. Come.. namasthe.. He is Madhela Saambhayya
..big orchestra guy. Orchestra is not for only marriage..
where i go you have to play. What is that? He is pappu paparao. Namasthe. He is good cook
at district level. Paralasis? What? You said hand
twisted..i thought paralasis. Don’t cut jokes. He is Taatakula Pandiribabu. lf he makes a tent.
.Will it fell? He is lighting. He is sounding.
Namasthe sir! He is steps Tappanguthi. He can do from bajana
to chikubuku train. You can wash when needed. All of you go inside.
O K. Will you give me
a small information? l’ll give you sir! You are minister. And i am
district level collector know? Ask? Das is like cut off
tree in the corner. You are doing arrangements. Will he get up? Will this marriage happen? Don’t make bad doubts. He will wake up at any
time and ask for marriage. We should be alert
with all arrangements. l have arranged a good
entertainment before marriage. You have to look after
those arrangements also. How many have i to see?
You can give some to Abbulu. Abbulu is busy waking Das. You see your work. lf we step on leg we will
slip and the leg cuts off. lf we apply oil on
broken leg it will stick. What is this relation
between legs? Wash properly. l’ll kill you. See how i’ll do it. See the work. This is the leg. ls it nice? lt is not all
like applying. lt is not at
all like rubbing. That’s my expertise. For me even it is not
like rubbing on my leg. lt’s like applying on wood. You are rubbing wood only. Not my brother’s leg. You idiot. Dasu, bride and the
marriage tent are ready. lf you wake up early, your
marriage will be done. God should know when i’ll get
up for this idiot’s treatment. May i give a hand? No need. l cannot walk
with one leg for life. l’ll apply a new oil now. l am a man, are you
applying for buffalo? He says he is a man,
but kicked like a buffalo. Give me the oil.
You leave. Devi, why for you? You
go and see the works. You give oil to Meenakshi. Devi.. You go.. You come.. You go..You sit.. lt’s nice for me. How is it for you? Coffee. Come..come..This
is our house. House or…something. This is our’s. Our
Sangeetha’s house. Because you got cash party, you
will leave this sentimental fellow. God will see
and split on you. See our work. First see that hall’s work. How are you sir? Forgot? Janaganamana.. Janaganamana..? Have
you sung or wrote? How is your health? Are the parts O K? Left leg hurts while standing and
right leg hurts while sitting. Otherwise full happies. l have done the treatment. l have mixed ayurvedic
and homeopathy. New talents in
your orchestra? They are Sangeetha’s
Uncle and Aunt. Hello Uncle
and Hello aunty. Hello…hello.. We came running knowing
that Sangeetha’s marriage. Who is the bridegroom? l am.. You gave a boon
to our daughter. My vulgarity is my future. Spell properly. That is i have
set the marriage. The bridegroom
Das is upstairs. Are you the broker? Why did he beat you? Beacuse you said broker. Stop non sense, let’s go upstairs. Let’s go, he is hurted. Let us go and
see son in law. Come -parrot, i need you. Come -parrot, i need you. There is a raagam, there is
a disease behind raagam. There is effection in disease. The disease and
raagam are set. Come -parrot, i need you. Come -parrot, i need you. Tell me. Beacause music party, i
got tempted for song. He is the one. Get up. Wake them up, not me. Please get up, i am
getting the beatings. Sir! the boon you have given to
my daughter, my vulgarity is
my future. Not my vulgarity is
my future. Not in past not in future. lt’s our luck in flash back
that you are my son in law. We are like father and
mother to Sangeetha. For Sangeetha. You.. Not you sister.. They.. You only. Sangeetha is not marrying Das. She is marrying Krishna. He is downstairs..Go there. Who doesn’t matter. This
property is a part of sangeetha. Come.. O K. Where are you coming? Stay here, we will
send breakfast and tea. Money management. Oh! my dear Sangeetha. What a glamour? How beautiful? What
he doesn’t have aleg? See our good luck,
he has got one leg. Sir! the boon you have given to
my daughter my vulgarity is
my future. N ot my vulgarity is
my future. Not in past not in future. Why did you beggars
came directly here? Give some alms
and send them. Tell them.. He is our uncle. Our uncle? He is Sankaram uncle. Come..come. Sit down. Oh! you.. Sorry,
No problem Take them to Das. We have already seen him. Only dinner is remaining. Have dinner and go. We will go only
after marriage. What going after marriage? We will stay here. Come, my dear Sangeetha. Your luck has changed. We will come,
Very happy. lf marriage in january, in
february it is not possible. What is that? lf finished in january how will
you do it again in february? Who are you?
You wait i’ll arrange. How will it be if we arrange
it on february 30 th. 30th is not
there in february. Then on 31st. on 31st? Sathruvu.. Did you say my
marriage is with Das? What if you do
comedy in marriage? He is always comedy. You idiot. You only. ldiot, fool, donkey, rascal. Are you sensible? lf you do comedy,
i’ll break your head. What do you think? Scold if you have
any bad words. l won’t scold, i’ll
show my power. Because you are height,
are you feeling proud? l’ll jump and beat you. You first come uncle. Krishna, i cannot do it. Even i cannot wait. What is that? What is this? Oil. Do you know how
long i am waiting? What can i do? He
is not allowing me. He wants me to apply oil. Because your father
is responsible. So, you have to apply. My hands are hurting. l’ll apply for your hands. No need. Sangeetha is there know. To apply for your hands? For his legs, Sangeetha
can be called know. To produce heat in his
body is not so good. What is that?
Saree. To give gift to bride.
lts our custom. Like that there is tradition
to take some sweet gifts. Meenakshi, Das is
calling you. His leg is painful..go. Go.. l’ll see what is needed
here. You stay upstairs. Now give me. What? That gift. This… Virgo, balance, scorpio. Who is that? The gate. When should this
marriage be started? Now, please walk lonely.. No, we shall walk together. lt’s Golmal if scorpio
bites when catching honey. lt’s Golmal if leg twists
while catching a beauty. The sweet parrot doesn’t
come to the lap. lt doesn’t come to dreams
not falling into the net. lt dries up while meeting,
it’s chaos released. Golmal, Golmal… Shattered dreams and
shattered desires. Golmal, Golmal… Hey! raja Golmal, Golmal… You women, the
unseason is boring. Haunting back the couple
is separated. ln Hanuman junction and
honeymoon function if you are tied to rambha, Golmal, Golmal… Golmal, Golmal… Golmal, Golmal… The sweet parrot doesn’t
come to the lap. lt doesn’t come to dreams
not falling into the net. Shattered dreams and
shattered desires. Golmal, Golmal… Shattered dreams and
shattered desires. Golmal, Golmal… When Shiva’s
arrow misses? And Rama asks
Sita a kiss. The zigzag people
are chaotic. When Raha krishna
are fresh? And bhama turns snake
and hisses. Rukmini locks Krishna. The young lady
is a fire. She is not at
all brinjal curry. {A telugu rhyme} {A telugu rhyme} Golmal, Golmal… For the young girls
dress there are 6 feet. The gathering now
sings marriage. lt’s golmal of not knowing
who belongs to who? Golmal, Golmal… lt’s festival for cupid
when i am mad. Golmal, Golmal… Raja it’s golmaal. {A telugu rhyme} {A telugu rhyme} Golmal, Golmal… What happened? Tell me. Why are you so? Nothing. l have you say
something to you. l have been thinking
about that. lt’s painful what
will happen? lt’s fear if i didn’t
tell anything. What are you thinking
sitting alone? Now you are not alone. Think about her also. What you are not
speaking to her? You aren’t even
laughing to her. She complained to me. She complained to me even. She felt sad that you
were not behaving well. Did she tell you that? Yes. l told you just that
you will know it. You see..
Your fiancee is equal to my sister. How will do mistake
with that girl. You know well about me. Tell me am i that kind? Tell me. What are you talking? lt’s shame to
me if i insult you. Not you, i have to
make them believe. l’ll go and ask her, i’ll ask to
apolozige if i am wrong. What is this
like a child? l swear on our friendship. l didn’t do any
mistake in my dreams. Please believe me. He accepts any
mistake before me. Otherwise he cannot
be there. You have mistaken him. What i said is true, krishna? He cried for the first time
before me because of you. My heart is broken
seeing tears in his heart. Don’t speak bad
of him before me. Sangeetha, i’ll
catch your legs. l am sorry. l am very sorry. First you sit down..
What happened? l may look like rowdy. But my heart is
like milk stone. lf you want beat
it and see. There is only Meenakshi
in my heart. Noone is there
other than her. You question me
if i am wrong. You are going to be
married to Krishna. You are like goddess to me. Goddess, goddess. So, matter has become serious from
comedy after running like auto meter. Ya..We have to tell this to
Devi as soon as possible. She can solve the problem. So, we have to lit off the love
bomb before it explodes. Ya.. Bomb has caught fire. Throw the bomb Chakram. Stay here, i’ll put it
off after it explodes. Did you find
Chakram inside? For your bomb effect, he has
become..wood, skin and coal finally. Chakram.. Come.. l only.. Why this wrong route? We can come in the
main way know? lf the bosses see you, they
will tear me and eat you. Why now? We shall
come early morning. Where will you go? Come now. We should tell it to devi and correct
the story of Krishna and Das. Otherwise Krishna
is finished. What about Das?
He is close. Don’t shout.
Walk like cat. What is this? You said cat,. So i went
inside the character. That bomb made a mistake. lt’s explosion made your body
black and brain was shaked. No one will find us in dark. No one will find even in
sunlight for your colour. lf that Abbulu finds and asks. You say you are his shadow. You are too arrogant
these days. Stay here and be a dog. Devi..
Sathruvu.. What is this?
Why did you come at midnight? Not about midnight..lt’s
very important matter. Go out, we shall
speak tomorrow. Listen to me, otherwise
the volcano will burst. Tell it to burst tomorrow.
Otherwise i’ll call Brother. Das hasn’t seen
me..l am saved. He has seen me. What are you doing here in
this colour at this time? Protecting your
family from accident. Are you drunk? This is you..This is Krishna.. This is Sangeetha..
This is Meenakshi.. That and this. You say our women..
this and that.. Why are you laughing? You have beaten me for telling
your girls that and this. What will you do if you
see that satruvu inside . l am getting laugh. You stay in my sister’s
room..How dare are you? Brother…
l’ll kill you Brother..
Please listen to me. How dare are you? Chakram..
What full meals? l have orderd it. What are you doing?
Suicide.. Let us see or not…
l cannot see. What are you doing? Not noise..your magic. You said the day you arrived…
Whatever you do it
becomes that much. Now that mat has spread to
street and its taking our lives. So, i have tossed the coin to
know what will that K D’s do? Matter is that serious
and you play games. Who is playing games? You have played
games with my life. Before you came, even there
was beating 3 times..i had
food 2 times. Now see my life. Like the police who doesn’t know
when the landmine under the
ass explodes l am feeling tension. Stop your crying. l thought all our lives will be
settled if our boss fells in love. Now it’s like the entire K D
and co is about to shake. We should tell
this matter to Devi. We should go to
the house again. We should go..
O K let’s go. lf it is head, they
will cut our heads. lf tail they will
cut the tail. No,..Head and tail.. This idea is nice. Come..come fast.. Wait..you have crane’s
legs..make it slow. l didn’t settle back. You are like tower. Up before and low backwards. Now..is it O K.. A little bit O K.. Let us go.. Gate has come.. Who carried that? No one carried it..
we have come to it. We have come close to death. Shut your mouth
and come. What is that bad sound? Do you have gas problem? Shut up..The door has opened. l thought your gate. How is my cow acting? Acting is nice..if you over
act i have to shit dung. You don’t over talk. Devi is not here..
let us go backside. You don’t have brain. Why all this round? We shall go from house,
it will be short cut. Then out part
will be cut. Devi is sitting outside. She may find us..ask
her to go inside. Shut up..we have
come for Devi.. Devi.. Don’t know what
will happen? What is that? What is that tap sound? Not tap water,
it’s barley water. Barley water.. Why the smell of brandy? They are water from bar. For courage i am
pouring it in throat. First put it down. Only pouring into mouth
is in our hands. Coming down is in it’s hands. O K..let’s go.. l have to come know. Someone is coming.. Who is that? Come silently..
Don’t shout.. Sit down..Das is coming. Sorry, if you give me CM post
also, i won’t sit down. There is a lot at this place. Move the lot and sit. lt’s not soil..it’s
injury on buttocks. That too, i have piles. Then sit in the corner. l want to sleep. Why are you sitting alone? Nothing, i am not
feeling like sleep0ing. Come, wake up.. lt’s cold outside..
come and sleep inside. Devi is going inside.. O K, we shall go outside. Close your tail and
move into shed. Which shed..? Car shed? No, to cattle shed. Devi room is there. We shall go there. l know..samarasimha reddy..s v krishna
reddy..who is this b reddy? Not b reddy.. Be ready.. l told in english
to come my dog. Don’t shout..let’s go.. Cow is coming to hit.. What is this? What is this sudden break? This demon is here. What shall we do? Let us rape him. Why are you kicking
him like that? When you are cow..no anger. Turn that side. Take reverse gear.. Why? l’ll tell you. Come…let me sit. For this.. She is like Devi.. She is coming… What?..For one or for two… Shut your mouth..
Devi has come out. May i ask her to come down? Ask her to bring mango
pickle pieces, while coming. Why?
For munching in booze. We shall go and call her. Devi..see here. Devi..this is Sathruvu… You have to come down.. Come and bring..pickle.. Are you not ashamed? She has gone again. The stained cow
has come for age. She went there and stood. Wrong…Young girls should
not go outside.. The days are not good..
Many ox are there. Come inside.. Listen to me.. Come inside.. Like Chakram..you
have got extra fat.. l’ll tell you. What is he doing? He has broken the spot. You are laughing as
he broke my back? Go.. Don’t play with Abbulu.. We shall give a shock. Are you happy now? What a kick? Previouly..only head had kick.
But now the entire body has kick. For this kick our
body has fallen. Ox is seeing us.. What is your problem? Because i am backwards..
whoelse will have problem? Oh! that.. Don’t be scared? They have tied it. Shut up..if it got mood
no one can stop it. Devi is in room. Then how? Make a sound so
that only Devi will listen. Shut up..not like
hen..cry like cow. Like cow.. Like cow only know.. What is that? lt’s morning..so early.. He is bringing vessel..
Will he go to london? No.. he will take us. What?
Milk.. How..?
He will squeeze.. Shall we exchange places? one spoon of cow’s
milk is enough. No use of potful
of waste milk. Where is the fodder? fodder? lf we spill water
it will be visible. Wait..i’ll tell you. My story has come to climax.. Please save me.. Take it from your hand
and keep it to his hands. What?..
Glove.. Blow air and keep there. Take it and keep there. Give milk.. l have taken litre milk from
your mother..Give milk. After all you.. What? l am pulling this way
and you are pulling that side. Your dramas with me.. Run… Hello ..my vulgarity my future.. Please call devi.. The ox is talking.. The ox is talking.. How is that possible? Ask her? Have you spoke? No.. lt has said
that it didn’t. lt has told know. The ox is talking.. They are about to kill us…l
am your background..for me who? They are there know..They
are beating my back. Now we are animal..tell them.. We are animal… There is veternary
hospital near by. They will inject me. Run..speed.. Don’t tell me..first
you make it fast. Go back..
cycle is there.. l have voted for it. We shall take it. He has stopped for us. Have you got on..
.i have to drive..make it fast then. See the route..we may go
to K D’s house again.. Otherwise they will take our
skin and keep it to cow. Apply brakes..cycle is going
that way and this way.. l am applying.. lt’s like balancing in air. Wait for a moment..it will
be like wetting in water. Please stop…please.. We are alive.. Please save me.. Catch them… Kill me..but please
listen to me.. Please listen to me.. Why are you
beating me like that? l’ll tell you properly now.. He is plucking my neck know.. Let him be Krishna.. This person kicking in belly.. Let him be Das.. Let this short
fellow be Meenakshi. This fellow is remaining..
let him be Sangeetha. He and he likes Her. She and she like him. Please leave me..
Tell me.. Krishna and das like Meenakshi. Meenakshi and Sangeetha
like Krishna.. Other than this i
cannot tell this. Sorry for not
believing you. l should tell this to
Das and Sangeetha Krishna..you also come.. You have to say it to Das..i cannot
see tears in his eyes again. What is this Sangeetha? This is gratitide to god. You have
given the keys and place in your
heart. l have prayed god
from that day. That this joy
should not go away. That is what i am doing. Meenu.. l’ll call you like
this from now. l have arranged
all this for us. They are nice know. You said you want
to speak something. Tell me.. Tell me.. l want to listen
to your words. lf i tell you something
which you don’t like. Don’t say you don’t like me. Other than that you
tell me anything. l never liked any
girl untill now. Because i never went to college. Ask why i never
went to college. They said they won’t join in college
if we didn’t study in village. ldiots. Everything is fate. No problem i got a
beautiful lady like you to love. l love you. l am happy..happy..oh!
cupid’s sweet heart. l am happy..happy..oh!
attractive beauty cupid’s sweet heart, if she
gives heart..it’s wonderful. l am happy..happy..oh!
attractive beauty cupid’s sweet heart, if she
gives heart..it’s wonderful. You will come into
dreams if i sleep.. You will give a hug if i
come across the path. You are the hair
flower and smile. The half kiss and
hug is for you. l am happy..happy l am happy..happy..oh!
attractive beauty cupid’s sweet heart, if she
gives heart..it’s wonderful. With advice of parrot and myna.. Have written the invitation. Awaiting has turned reddish The lines in your eyes. l’ll kiss the fresh beauty
and tender skin. l will take your heart and
your sarree as the company. Your i and my you .
How many days is this? lf you marry and be
mine that’s enough. Your right and my
choice is love only. No need of marriage for love. The beautiful girl has
fallen in my basket. l am happy..happy. l am happy..happy..oh!
attractive beauty cupid’s sweet heart, if she
gives heart..it’s wonderful. Take this.. No need, i gave
up drinking. Meenakshi doesn’t like
me drinking. l won’t do anything which
Meenakshi doen’t like. Have it, i want to speak. lf you ask me to drink, i’ll. But
because of this if Meenakshi tells
me she doesn’t like me. l’ll jump from the hill and
die. l swear on you. Why are you drinking? l have just started. When you are happy it’s ok. lf you make it habit,
Sangeetha will be angry. After knowing the
details in this love. the love will increase. After the story
thickens in hugs.. the quarrels will increase. What do you say and
what do you do? Doesn’t know in love. Oh! raja..do pooja.. The horoscope wih lover. Love has risen in this earth. And marriage will happen
in that sky. For that sharp look.. lt has got mine. Throny rose you got
a fresh kiss. l am happy..happy..oh! l am happy..happy..oh! if she
gives heart..it’s wonderful. cupid’s sweet heart, l am happy..happy..oh! if she
gives heart..it’s wonderful. l am happy..happy..oh! if she
gives heart..it’s wonderful. l am happy..happy..oh!
attractive beauty cupid’s sweet heart, if she
gives heart..it’s wonderful. l am happy..happy..oh! cupid’s sweet heart, if she
gives heart..it’s wonderful. You thought my daughter
has come for your face. He has dreamed to
marry Meenakshi. My daughter says she
doesn’t need you. That she hates you. That she won’t marry you. She will see you like a
dog before everybody. Then he will also be
there with her. Your friend and god.. l will cut you into pieces
if you speak about him. He won’t betray me. He won’t.
He will. He will say that
Meenkshi is his. l’ll make him say. No, he won’t say
it in his life. l’ll believe him
more than god. He won’t betray me. He won’t. Make a bet then.. lf you tie a knot in my
daughter’s head, i’ll listen to you. lf he ties, you should listen to me,
lf i ask his head you should cut it. Not the victory until now..this will be
the real victory in the junction. This is our last bet. Dare to bet.. l don’t know why
all this happened? But what i told is true. l don’t know what
to tell to you. Sangeetha says she will go. But where will she go? After making everybody
cry and disturbing all l don’t want anything. The friendship between you
both should not be disturbed. l’ll think that i have spent
this life happily with you. Sir! Das.. What happened to him? What do you want? What
is your work here? Where are you going? Don’t know.
Let me go. You cannot go anywhere. lf he has cheated you and i am
reason for it. He will marry you. Come…where is my
would be wife Meenakshi? Please wait.. Stop it. Das sir! thay are
coming inside. Who are you to
stop them Rascal. They came here
as i called them. They came to see i
tying a knot in her neck. You get lost. Where will you go? Where will you go? Sir! please listen to me. Brother please
listen to me. Meenakshi..
Where will you go? lf i tie a knot or
not you are mine. Das sir! please
listen to me. l have become
mad to you atlast. Dasu ..Leave her. Dasu..what is this? You want to marry her? lf you want to marry her…
beat me..kill me and marry her.. Stop please..brother.. Stop please..brother.. Please listen to me.. .brother.. Stop please..brother.. Please don’t do
her anything. Hey! i am
telling to you. Don’t do her anythning. Brother.. That’s my sister. She is daughter
only to me. No need of such
brother like you. l’ll cut your head
if you say it again. Hey! stop it.. Oh! elderly man.. That’s their dispute. Let them finalize.. The winner should say and
the looser should listen.. This is what you
have fed them, right? See along with me who wins and
says and who listens by loosing.. Come..beat him.. Come.. Brother.. l am defeated.. l am defeated.. l became fool before everybody.. l cannot live anymore.. Kill me.. Kill me.. You are not defeated
as long as i am alive.. lf you think you will win if
you tie knot in her neck.. l want you to win.. l have nothing
valuable than you.. l want you.. l want you forever.. l want you only.. Have you listened
what you said… He refused your daughter.. Now i have won.. Now you should
listen what i’ll say.. Tell me..what i’ll say.. May i give my daughter? Give your daughter to my friend. You will give your heart to me.. You idiot.. Why do i need a heart
which you don’t have? You idiot.. That is the beauty.. l am happy..happy..oh! attractive beauty cupid’s sweet heart, if she
gives heart..it’s wonderful. happy..happy..oh! l am happy..happy..oh!
attractive beauty cupid’s sweet heart, if she
gives heart..it’s wonderful. l also.. Come on..beat me.. l am happy..happy..oh! l am happy..happy..oh!
attractive beauty cupid’s sweet heart, if she
gives heart..it’s wonderful.


this movie is the remake of Malayalam mobie thenkasipattanam..the same movie is remade to tamil with the same title..and then to telgu..the best is the Malayalam starring action hero of south indaian ..the roaring lion of south SURESH GOPI..watch Malayalam

Ilaanti cinemalu malli raavemo….. Prati Character Highlight….. Golmaal Paata Choreography Awesome… #My Childhood Memory… 😘😘😘😘😘

Araachakam ayya mve. Ee movie lo soul undi. Script based movie intha confusing mve ni assalu confusion lekunda comedy tho ela chupincharu saami

Watching today in Gemini Movies. Super movie. Recollecting school days 😘😘😘👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

This movie is the remake of Malayalam block buster Thenkasipattanam staring Bharat Sureshgopi and Lal in lead role. Malayalam is origin and better than Telugu version.

My fav movie ever in comedy genre
Ee cinema enni sarlu chusanante, each n every scene dialogue cheppagalanu

05:23 music chesindi Koti garu n Suresh peters garu kuda , why not mentioned ?? Description lo only koti undi, titles lo only Suresh peters undi, why ??

The last movie part was so good, when they all dance for 30 seconds, all of them looked pretty and cute. Who agrees?

thuu dilemma daridrapugottu cinema kadupuki Annam thine nakoduku yevadayina dinni cinema antaduraa.

the movie is actually copied from malayalam movie thenkasipattanam starring suresh gopi,lal,dileep,samyuktha varma,geethu mohandas and kavya madhavan in lead roles..the movie is there is tamil too..

of the three ,malayalam is the best…suresh gopi looks more matching as kannan in style,glamour and action than arjun or sarath kumar..

33:57 ammo nenu ekkada lenu 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😌😅😆😌😂🤣😁😅😂😌😂😂😌😌😌

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