Health Benefits of Tender Coconut Water in Tamil

Health Benefits of Tender Coconut Water in Tamil In this summer season we drink fruit juices, ice water etc., to quench the thirst and soothe our throat. Tender coconut water cools our body and everybody likes it Tender coconut water gives us many health benefits apart from its cooling effect. Let us see what are the benefits. Lauric acid is present in Tender coconut water. So it has the power to destroy fungus, bacteria, virus etc., Lauric acid transforms into monolaurin and increases the immunity power Are you tensed? Drink a Tender coconut water. Tender coconut water helps to control tension and high blood pressure. Sodium, Potassium, magnesium is essential for the proper functioning of Ligaments, cells and nerve cells. In that case a glass of Tender coconut water contains 600 mg potassium, 250 mg sodium and 60 mg magnesium, 58 mg Calcium and 48 mg phosphorus. So Tender coconut water contains all essential nutrients in it. If you have any stomach related problems you can use tender coconut water. The only natural remedy for Stomach bloating, Nausea,loss of Appetite is tender coconut water. Tannin, an antibacterial component present in Tender coconut water cures the burning sensation and flushes out germs and worms in the intestine. Many people follow walking, exercise to reduce body weight. Even though you workout, you continue to take sugary artificial energy drinks. Instead you take tender coconut water and keep it as a routine Tender coconut water controls craving feel. Drink a glass of tender coconut water before food. The amount of food intake will reduce and we will surely lose weight. Tender coconut water contains more water content than water. So it gives the necessary hydration to our body and as minerals are present in it it is good for our stomach Some people will be vomiting frequently. If they take tender coconut water they will get back the lost water content. The taste of tender coconut water controls nausea Your body will get energy if you take tender coconut water during heavy bleeding. It is an excellent drink for both growing children and elderly people. Tender coconut water helps for the growth of children and cures fatigue in elderly people. Pregnant ladies will experience fatigue as they cannot take food properly in the first months. The best remedy for this is Tender coconut water, it drives our the fatigue and refreshes your body. Many people suffer with skin problems during the summer season. We use various creams to protect our skin. We can get glowing skin if we avoid creams and take tender coconut water. Tender coconut water is not only for drinking we can apply it on prickly heat. Our kidney will be affected if we take sodium rich food. They work of kidney is to flush out the waste as urine. The excess sodium in our body hinders the proper functioning of kidney. Potassium present in tender coconut water increases urination and flushes out the sodium. Tender coconut water helps to control formation of kidney stones, cure constipation, flush out toxins. If you have body heat drink tender coconut water and keep your body cool. In the road side they sell sugarcane, lemon, watermelon juices. But we cannot assure that they use purified water. But to tackle the heat, we can take tender coconut water which is clean and gives us essential nutrients.


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yooo yaru ya neenga ipd thedi thedi yanganuku nallathu pantringa ponga ya neengala nalla irupinga romba romba nalla irupinga

put 2 spoon of vandayam on coconut for one full night, early morning drink that 'vandayam and coconut 'at empty stomach… its good for diabetes people..

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I'm Singaporean Chinese. I love the sound of Tamil. I drink coconut water regularly and eat meals using coconut milk every week. I also take coconut oil before and after every meal. It is a miracle fruit!! 👍🎉

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