Heineken Sailing Regatta, Bagging a Bargain & Fixing Stuff [EP 56] | Sailing Millennial Falcon

almost two years ago we left it all
behind for a chance of the sailing adventure of a lifetime
it has not been smooth sailing since then but together we are learning and
laughing our way through Our hope is that if we laugh long enough we can make our merry way around the world and this… this is a Millennial Falcon So we’re finally having a break from
boat maintenance and boat fixing things it is the Heineken Regatta on and we’ve
kind of been stuck in the boat for a few days and we’re finally gonna go and explore the regatta and I have a feeling as well there might be something over the French side
as well I’m not gonna say it’s the carnival but there seems to be a lot of
fun around this place so we’re just going to go and explore today What do you think of Adams new hair style? Business up the front, party out the back The modern day mullet So we’re trying to get to this boat opening bridge opening We’re trying to get to a bridge opening where apparently lots of the racing yachts they dress up or they kind of like get festive on their boats it’s the last Sunday of the Heineken
regatta in St Martín and they make a bit of a show and song and dance out of
the bridge opening on the Dutch side which is where they all enter for the I
guess the final the closing party so in about half an hour’s time all the boats
are going to start coming through the bridge you know and the judges will
judge the boat that is has got the best, the most festive and the most silly
performance so should be fun We’ve found what we think is a nice viewing position and we’ve set up here in
preparation for the boats are going to come through I hope these boats are gonna come through actually, what time is it? I thought we were gonna be late… maybe we’ve missed it How was that? yeah that was pretty good
there were some pretty awesome boats And definitely some pretty good displays as well What was your favourite? Ermmm.. I don’t know I liked Poland yeah yeah, I was gonna say… I like Poland, the bicycle And did you see they’ve got it down already they’ve literally like put the bicycle up and put it down already how the hell, we would take days to put a
friggin up there but yeah that was pretty awesome With the show over we decided to do a quick drive-by of some things we couldn’t afford So we’re just going to the Heineken tent
here I think I think it’s way too early to actually arrive here but I
think the parties is later never mind, we’ll just checking out see what’s going on and all the racing yachts around here so they’re still in their boats drinking
and we’re hoping that they’ll join us later We also have a big day ahead of us anyway we have a Patreon chat in a few hours and we’re also meeting up with a few friends that we met here for dinner as well, after the Patreon chat so and then we’re thinking about maybe coming back here later so a big ole day ahead of us I think
it it’s currently like 2:30pm I feel like it’s just a bit of a booze fest here everyone’s just drinking beer I think it’s only 10am in the morning It’s past breakfast, we’re in the islands Alright So, what did we get? We got a pretty great haul How much did we spend? Ermm.. 70 bucks 70 bucks
we got some lines, pretty hefty you know it’s not brand new I wouldn’t
trust my life with it but it’ll make good mooring line or a backup sheet or an emergency… whatever, you never have too many lines and then we got this… it’s a pretty awesome sextant like this is uh there’s nothing wrong with it at all the guy like we we ended up drawing a small
crowd because uh you know everybody who knew anything about a sextant came over
and started discussing the finer points of using it for navigation and yeah
apparently it’s been one of the guys there was a ex instructor and he had
just calibrated it the other day allegedly and then they showed me
how to check its alignment and things yeah it’s really really cool like
he’s just go all the stuff and then we’ve got the artificial horizon which
I’m ashamed to say I’m not well-read enough in the subject matter to explain
to you what that is or why it’s important but he seemed very happy that he had it and he was quite confident that they’re not easy to come
by anymore I don’t know if that’s true but yeah he
was quite impressed by that so apparently that’s great and then just
in passing I was looking through his books and I was holding this one at the
time and he was like you have to take this if you have that because it’s uh a book about the solving of the longitude problem so that should sort of really
bring together the experience with a a little bit of story a little bit of background history Winning!
winning! That’s a good pickup for the day that’s definitely our win of the day It’s been a it’s been a few
minutes between drinks for us we’ve had a couple of days – one day recovery from the Heineken regatta festival. we saw the Jacksons play which was pretty fun and we made a lot of new… the Jackson three Jackson five yeah three… so to summarize
what we’ve achieved while we’ve been here we’ve got the new windlass in and
it’s functioning we’ve got all new LED light now Khiara put in these lights
today because we had these piddily little LEDs and these lamps that were
halogen and they really consume a lot of…
you’re in the darkness, hold on I’ll turn on one light No, no, I’ll turn on a light So, we put in this today it’s like a little strip of stick on LEDs
Love it! well interior light sorry which is
taking a huge dent out of our sort of daily power usage we are reinforcing the
Bimini frame because it gets a bit of a wobble with the weight up high Khiara’s tightening up some loose ends on the dodger Our floppy dodger thats’ been giving her the willy’s for the last
little while we have a new cleat on the roller furling line now so we can sort
of fly a stay sail and a partial jib which is I’m really looking forward to testing
that so now we should have three winches we’ve made our boat messy about
ten times over We’ve cleaned and tidied, cleaned and tidied…
and cleaned and tidied so for the record this morning’s objective was to clean, organized and otherwise stow
the boat for sailing from stem to stern I’ve been upstairs cleaning our oil
drums getting things ready to put back in there its allotted place and I come
downstairs to find Khiara Surrounded by a big pile of stuff doing what? what are you doing honey?
what do you prioritize i want to make all the bags fit in the cupboard properly and so I was just folding up nice so if it fits in the cupboard and Adam comes down and he’s like
you are folding bags? folding the bags We’ve got 42 feet of boat to stow and you’re folding the shopping bags I like making sure that everything has a place! look at the wanton chaos
look at this look at what’s left to do and you are
folding shopping bags does anyone want a new captain for their boat?
I’m giving mine away look how much he’s just laughing about this So that was an achievement for us What else have we done?
I think that’s about all… yeah I think that’s everything… so the panel for the water maker has a… I’m not sure what it’s called it’s a breaker but it’s a one switch
with two breakers that are close together attached to each other and
there’s a resistor across the bottom terminals of the breaker and when it
kept shorting out on us… it’s never actually been broken like it always ran
but it’s shorted out which we suspected was a pressure sensor tripping but what
I actually suspect is that it’s a thermal thing because the resistor that
was across those two terminals was just so badly corroded and all the fixtures
on the back of that breaker were trashed What is this very delicate operation that you’re doing? Nw that we have a soldering iron that actually has the right voltage that will get hot
hot enough to do anything with we can reattempt this whole soldering business the old one which
was 240 volts and then the new one is 110 volts oh oh oh now we’re talking
I need a sponge We just soldered back the resistor that was once across the breaker the circuit
diagram which was the part that was rusted and corroded when we took it
apart the first time and I suspect is why it’s shorting out because this breaker’s
is getting too much current and therefore tripping in the absence of
this resistor so with any luck maybe now that we’ve put it back it’ll function as
as advertised alright so we just put the the wives I
mean it was a fiddly operation with shaky hands too because we just had so
much coffee this morning so we didn’t film it but the Y’s are now back in it’s
now attached against the wall and now is no real truce you like to tell everyone
hey jinxed us before we’ve even begun missus I don’t think it’s gonna work
come on bitch I just didn’t want to get our hopes up and I was like oh it might
not work just I’m not gonna hope so which has to come off for the fridge
this exercise or mega Braga’s clothes the engines gone for a while now hasn’t
stopped and I’m hedging his bet she doesn’t want to come in town we could
use until it’s actually properly big news yeah of like the best take two more so
the first problem I found was obviously that resistor was missing and so it was
tripping it this breakup but then when we fixed that it kept slipping in at
this breakup just as a text I moved it over to that twelve volt outlets breaker
which is 30 amps just to see if it was a dodgy breaker or perhaps the breaker was
undersized and running really well why so many swear words come to mind when I
think if it was just that easy and we didn’t realize what it was in the
beginning we could have probably switched over and like been making water
for last eight months there was definitely a problem on this
on this panel but then the problem migrated up here once we fix the problem
here so the water maker system as a whole responsive patient 1 in the world he did it he did
it baby baby let’s see stop oh my god you’ve got
it work it you’ve been working without it like stopping every five minutes it
don’t let me hear you talking like this because then it’ll go click and we’ll be
done mrs. Lao you this morning one of them’s gonna work poppycock let me steer yeah certainly making water the Pampas got a
valve problem or spring infrequent shut up and a pressure drop
so I need to go through the exploded view and double cheating guy maybe talk to
the man filing that I’ll just have to pull it
out and rip it apart having received almost no correspondence from the
manufacturer that didn’t involve selling me things I stripped the high-pressure
pot myself I found crack plungers and Sears that needed replacing
this was the cause of our leaks however was not the cause of our pressure loss pretty trying to fix now so the reason
why we now result you to try it because the booster pump is because and I’m talk
about the water pump the other days it didn’t it didn’t work to me try to fix
it so now we’re on the next component of our water maker trying to see if we can
fix that one that’s cooked we checked it this morning and it’s completely shorted
rusted through it’s completely cooked probably hasn’t been working for a long
time this is where we are now and when I say we in all this I mean Adams doing
all of the work here so I’m just taking some of the glory yeah sure all right
softer much much much liberation for us we’re gonna get this month a four gallon
per minute washed out pop so we did a little bit more shopping not just the
water pump that we bought today so many people are suggesting that we Kevin
Ivanka and we finally found one that I was and mantis didn’t get back to our
email since water broke it up and not I helped got that slippery yep just
flipped no no this one was a was a secondhand in Roger marine and so we’re
like okay well it’s definitely significantly cheaper than first hand so
we got one of these 25 pounds which is more than enough for our boat we now thinking might as you think uh dinghy
priorities are as having mini heart palpitations about
how much we spent today is like all for the greater good so I’m just
waiting the dinghy with our newest prized possession Bianca while Adam does
one more stroke I won’t tell you what it I make you guess we’ll just wait here
while you guess all right it’s going you back it’s going back it’s going back yes
what yes what yes yeah finally something good it might
actually get some do you know Eve and have some fun yay it’s begun and didn’t
cost us anything it’s free money how come at is a good budget marine it
has a handy dandy point sister Alan what well it has a lovely question then where
you can spend a fortune you get so money or you get points for this entirely on
points so it’s a 35 centimeter yep and I bought a spear tip so I figure
that’s a good size just to train with just alone with yes easy maneuverability
that looks pretty good I’m not gonna be shooting out of whales or anything I’m
just fishing on the edge of reefs and things like that if I can find a fish biggest he comes right now like I said
take a plea no this training sighs yeah maybe a good start and ads is just on
the phone to one of our patrons he’s a we were meant to meet him in Antigua to
go and check out some spoke to them but windows in the right direction and just
haven’t we just don’t think we’re gonna be making in time so he’s there now
giving him some boat lessons and boat advice for buying boats or how not to
buy roads and and so yeah he’s just returning on the phone now and first
we’ll start off Mike and now he’s just sprawling out wine in his hand oh yeah
yeah mate we need to do this through that what aren’t really getting friendly


I personally don't know much about sextant but I believe they are used to determine latitude rather than longitude.

Look at the TS80 soldering iron. It'll work with a USB battery bank and has thermal control. You'll immediately trash your other ones!

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On my yacht I always switch off the watermaker when I'm about 15 miles away from land, Because of possible seawater pollution, and because of, there are always way more sand particles in shallow water.
Big commercial ships are always doing that… I use to sail on Ocean going tugboats and we did that as well.

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that resistor is very weird design. It's a 60s move to use a resistor there. My guess is that it is there to limit voltage spikes when the motor is turned off. Motors (i.e. inductors) make a big spike of voltage when the field collapses. From the diagram it looks like the resistor limits current flow and therefore voltage across the hour meter and circuitry at the bottom of the page. I'm guessing part of the system kept blowing when they turned the pumps off, and an older employee said "let's just add a resistor". Nowadays anything connected to the source power would have good power supply filtering and not need to be protected from transients with a resistor. That said, it is supplying the +12 to the bottom left part of the circuit, so if it was corroded that would be a problem.

The corrosion would cause too much resistance. If you have odd electrical problems always start looking behind the starter key switch and follow the cable connections to the end. Yes, I found this out the hard way no reason you should.

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I realize you guys are probably long gone from one of the most beautiful islands on the planet (we are partial because my wife and I were married there) but I thought I would pass this along anyway. The island, as you know is split between the Dutch in the south and the French in the north. The Dutch call the island "Sint Maarten" and pronounce it "Sint Martin." The French call the island "Saint Martin" and pronounce it "Saa Martaw." The spelling confuses many people. There is no "mar-teen," in the pronunciation of the island, unless you are speaking Spanish.

Aside from the crud in the filters you appear to have an air leak as well. Circuit breakers deteriorate quickly if tripped by overload conditions. They may seem ok but the internals are weak. ALWAYS carry spares and don't hesitate to chuck the weak ones. Also, you kept saying "shorted out", if you actually mean a short circuit on a low voltage system the entire circuit needs to be inspected very carefully for things like insulation failure, damaged connectors etc. An actual short circuit throws a lot of energy around in a split second. (Think arc welder)

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If you have to run your water maker on a higher amp circuit breaker. Don’t use it your asking for a fire. If it’s not rated to run on that size cb the cables may not be rated for that amount of current, so there is a chance they will heat up and catch fire before the cb trips. Circuit breakers must be rated at the lowest size of any cable in the circuit, eg 240v 1mm cable 10 amp breaker, if I put that on a 20amp breaker and it’s drawing 18 amps the cable with melt or burn before the cb will trip

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If the breakers was undersized you need to make sure the wires going to the panel can handle the size breaker on it, or there could be a fire. If the wires are 20 amp and the breaker is 30 the wires could melt and start a fire at say 29 amps. The wires could be undersized for the draw, so make sure that the draw is correct. A clamping meter can tell you what the wire is drawing in Amps and volts. But you can otherwise add up all the draws from the sticker on the pumps, etc. The old breaker might just be weak, or it has been pulling too much current near it's upper limit.

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