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Decades-old toilet paper. They don’t make it like this anymore. Treasures can be found everywhere. Hey, I’m out here at an estate sale in Irondale, Alabama. Kimy’s inside and she’s ready to show us what they’ve got. This is sale that’s starting today. It’s a two-day sale and our goal is to sell every single thing that’s here. (cheerful music) Can’t take a shower without knowing there’s a statue of a fish on the wall. Estate sale trends have changed in that people really don’t wanna go into an estate sale and it be completely staged like a store. This is easier than I thought. I was kind of expecting this to be really difficult. Why did we ever get cell phones? So people actually wanna go in and they wanna go through drawers, they wanna open up and see what’s in that closet. They wanna go in the creepy basement. They wanna go in the attic.
People are nosy. They’re extremely nosy. They wanna walk into a home and see how someone has lived. Think of all the self-serve Rotel dip you can do during the Alabama game. Roll Tide, Roll Rotel. Not sponsored, or is it? So is that what most people are doing when they come into these, they’re looking for pieces that they can DIY and– Yes, this type of sale yes.
Yes. Because the furniture is dated. Gotcha.
That’s the key. So they might remove these mirrors and just use one mirror over another table in a hallway or somethin’, so it’s all about repurposing furniture. They don’t make them like they used to. It’s nice because the mirror’s here so you can see, oh yes, I really do look like a tool when I wear these. We could all have these shiny pillows. Somebody will love these pillows. If one creepy doll hanging from a swing is not enough for you, you can get two of them. (bell dings) Jackpot, there’s a basement. There is a basement and I love creepy basements. Ladies first, isn’t that what they say? Here we go. (laughs) When we come into a basement and we’re on an appointment, and we see this. So we see the freezer things, my first thought is dead body. We’ve never found a dead body in one of these. Yet. This is not made for tall people and that’s a really dusty thing for my booty. The horse panel is something that, like a teenage girl would buy. Oh totally.
In her room. I think the horses need a disco ball, don’t you think? You could sell it as a package set. (horse neighs) Gone with the Wind comes on two tapes. You have to stop for a snack break in between. And you can have Jesus for a dollar. (cash register rings) (upbeat horn music) Come on in. Upstairs and down, creepy basement alert. (upbeat music) Do you come to estate sales often? Well, we just started couple weeks ago. We bought quite a bit of things different places. So what’s the best part about estate sales for you? The prices. (laughs) The prices, can’t beat them. Walmart can’t beat those prices. No they can’t. (upbeat music) What’d y’all find today? Oh rod and reels and chairs.
Are you a big fisherman? I am. Well actually I need parts for some of my other rods, so. Ooh, so you’re one of those that can come in and DIY? Look at them with all their loot goin’ down the street. They live right down there. (upbeat music) Whatcha found so far? Just a couple little items. Some brass stuff, I got a brass collection. Well, it’s just the thrill of the hunt to me, really. You know, it’s not really finding somethin’ priceless or anything like that. (upbeat music) Got what I came for. Can’t wait to see what we find at the next one. (upbeat music)

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Great video! I have posted so many estate sale and auction finds on my Insta that people started encouraging me to create a YouTube channel to talk more about old things… finding them, caring for them, storing them, etc. And so I did! People are obsessed with estate sales (including me… I love a creepy basement… my IG might have a photo of an estate sale sign on a basement door that says "enter at your own risk") 🙂

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