Here’s Why the 2001 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning was Worth $32,000

it’s time for show-off Sunday, where
everyone has a chance to show off their own car, and here’s this week’s winner,
hey everybody my name is Eric Knight this is my 2001 Ford F-150 SVT
Lightning, I found this car back in July of 2011 in Tacoma Washington, and I was
stationed there in the air force at the time and I was able to get it for a
great price, of course it had some cosmetic issues and the wrong wheels and
things, but I was able to find those parts later but that helped get the price down,
the engine had 77,000 miles on it, it was all stock and that’s a big deal when
you’re looking for one of these, you want to find one that’s all stock, they were
produced from 1999 to 2004, this is a 2nd gen Lightning, it had new body panels, they were
only available as a single cab with a flare side bed, the Ford SVT and Roush helped
to do a lot of modifications to the engine to be able to get to handle all
the power the supercharger is putting out, it actually had the A4R100
automatic transmission and they got that out of a Ford Super Duty pickup, because
that was the only thing that could handle all the torque and the power
without blowing up manual transmissions that was really cool up, of it’s time the
Ford Lightning held the Guinness Book of World Records, it was the world’s fastest
production pickup truck, so that was another really cool thing about these, my
lightning is a 2001 model and that year had some pretty big changes for the
truck, the changes were, they had a lower intake was redesigned, the air inlet size
was increased, power increased to 380 horsepower and 415 foot pounds of torque,
the 3.55 axle ratio is upgraded to a 3.73 ratio axle, the driveshaft size
increased from three and a half inches to four and a half inches, six thousand
three hundred eighty-one lightnings were produced in 2001, 1908 of them being
black I was lucky to get the black, because
they were the most of that year and black can be challenging, as far as
upgrades that I’ve done on this pickup truck, really I kept the engine
completely stock as you can see, which is a big deal I think sometimes when people
put too much pulleys and parts on these trucks they have tendency to have issues,
I did have the K&N air filter put in, I was able to have all four of the wheels
restored and as I mentioned before these grille pieces were found and redone, this
one here is very inexpensive, the part of the
bottom is extremely hard to find and cost up to $400, luckily I was able to
find one on Craigslist in Tampa Florida and my uncle picked it up for me, inside
is still all stock, I have been able to change out the steering wheel with a
much better one, I upgraded to a double din system, just to get it up to the 21st
century, it has bluetooth I highly recommend if anybody’s to do this, get one with
the car play or Android play, it pretty much turns your phone onto your screen
you can use GPS, Ford called this preferred suede trim, it’s pretty neat
you know that’s all lightning special, I brought some Lightning mats and I just
did you know generic upgrades and I fix things and I restore trim pieces I do recommend, I put this undercover
system on here, they are very lightweight they’re very tough, and like any pickup
truck you want to be able to have a way to put your stuff in the back and not
have it get stolen, so you can lock this and I have a reverse camera for safety,
helped bring the insurance down too I did have a tune done a few years ago, 560
foot-pounds at the rear wheels she’s got 361 horsepower and 449 foot pounds of torque, another real cool thing about this truck
is that this sound never gets old another really good upgrade I did this
truck was I upgraded the brake system and a big thing, I got some nice
drilled and slotted rotors, and I had the red new calipers and some special
high-performance brake pads put in really helps stop this truck and being
as fast it is and as light as the rear end is, that is a big time advantage, as
far as driving this truck it’s my daily driver, I Drive it in everyday just about,
I still love it, I’ve had it for all these years now, I did upgrade the suspension, I did upgrade the
brakes, that’s great but I’m telling you the number one thing that’s great about this truck
is hearing that supercharger whine, again
I’d like to thank the Scotty Kilmer channel and everyone for watching my
video, hope to see you all soon, thank you again,
well that was this week’s video, and remember to have your car video
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Had a 2004 sonic blue lightning. Got it in college from a chase loan, never paid that loan back and they ended up just closing the account. So I pretty much got a free lightning, no bs lol spun out twice in it, 13mpg. Sad day when I had to sell it

I Had To put a Intake on one once. I've Been a Auto Mechanic / technician over 30 Years. It's The only 4 wheeled Vehicle That's ever Impressed Me. I've Worked on Everthing From Classics, antiques, Hot Rods Sports cars & Euro's. Jaguar BMW MB ECT. & I don't care for Fords. But I'd buy a Lightning

You sit there and recommend to people to buy an all original truck…then turn around and start bragging about all of the aftermarket garbage you put on. "I upgraded this…I upgraded that'". So while you're talking out of both sides of your mouth…those listening to you are out there devaluing and trying to get the Lightning they are trying to buy closer to free.

I remember the saying about these when they were new."Wanna see lightning strike twice, race one of these 2 times and youll see it"⚡⚡👈

Hello Scotty, The Gentleman mentioned that he replaced the Steering Wheel, can we find out where he found it? Was it new or used? I had to return one we purchased from Carid because they thought it would match the Lightning, but it didn't. Please let me know, or if possible, please connect me to the Lightning owner, Thank You

The first time I drove one of these I didn't know what it was. I thought it was just lowered. I was road testing a customer's truck, trying to reproduce a noise complaint. I drove it and never heard an unusual sound. I called the customer who told me to take it on the highway and "get on it." So I did. I put the pedal to the floor, the tires screamed and my head snapped back and the truck launched like a rocket. Hurt my neck and scared the hell out of me. LOL. Anyway I was able to reproduce the horrible noise underneath that the customer complained of. We picked up the truck, checked the drive line and everything underneath. I called customer again and he said he'd been to 2 other shops and they couldn't find the problem either. So I got a different technician and we took it out and it made the horrible noise again. The tech said "I don't hear any noise under the truck, but what is banging on the roof?" Turns out the windshield rubber seal would pop out at highway speeds and flop all over the roof but would go back in place when the truck slowed down. After we resealed the windshield the noise was gone.
I told the customer what happened to me the first time I put the pedal down and he just laughed at me. I was brand new to Ford at that time and didn't know what a Lightning was until then.
I wish I had one

Does having the backup camera really help the insurance if it’s aftermarket?? I thought it had to be factory installed to help with insurance

2002 and 2003 F150 Harley Addition same engine. Just derated to 340 hp and 425 torque.
I love my 2002. That supercharged never gets old and the fuel tank never stays full.

There was never a lightning produced with a manual tranny so idk why he mentioned it having a manual trans

Had a red 2000 Lightning. Never gave me any problems. Great truck, good handling for a truck, fast as hell.

I owned a silver one. Was a beautiful truck and loved it but the gas mileage was painful at 10 miles to the gallon and my insurance was higher.

Can swap the blower with a new one that I heard and make close to 500hp for just 4k I believe? I may be wrong but to go from 360 ish to nearly close to 500 is a pretty good deal if you ask me.

There great trucks but overpriced would be a understatement. I don’t care what you hav added to the truck it’s still going to be a old truck and after seeing two of them sell at Barret Jackson last summer both trucks under 500.09 miles, one of them brought 8000.00dollars and the other one brought about 7500.00 dollars. I still remember the guy saying he figured they would have brought more money. The other guy said these trucks are not collector trucks. I don’t know about all that but I do know I’m not paying 12 to 25,000 dollars for a truck that at the minimum 2004 16 years old..

Yeah all stock worth alot more money, awesome truck, will never sell mine. I call mine the "White Lightning".

Ford supercharging their engines was the only way that they were able to beat Chevy’s LS engines. I was beaten by one in my Silverado VMax, not the single cab clones that I see everywhere. It’s the only truck that I would want to get by Ford.

I currently own one and I was thinking of selling it. It was my late fathers. Its a first year model 99 with 99k miles on it, driven only in the summer months. It was babied. Its all 100% original. Original owner. Red. Same one that was on the original fast and furious movie. How much should the asking price be? My dad was old and didn't really ham on it.

I used to have a 2004 Ford Lightning. It was red with a tonneau cover. It was pristine from a used dealership with 31,000 miles.

It had an underdrive pulley upgrade and cold air intake. I was racing an M6 on the interstate and blew coolant everywhere. It never ran the same after that.

It used to always bust fuel pump lines. 255 Walbro double fuel pump.

It burned up plugs too.

Beautiful truck but you are wrong about the transmission. The 03-04 SVT Cobra had a Tremic T-56 6 speed manual that could easily handle the torque an horsepower.

It is still worth the money it costs today it's a steal but where did the fuel go oh wait a 200 gallon tank that's impressive

Load 1/2 ton of gravel in the back to fix the driveway. Then go to depoot for 20 sheets of 5/8 wallboard. Maybe get there quicker with all the hot shot carap?

I have a 02 totally stock with 230k on it i drive it everyday it pulled 13.79 a month ago at international dragway in palm bch FL

Scotty…. I enjoy your show ! I am Ford loyal for a reason. I am 58 years old & I have owned galaxie's Fairlane's, Thunderbirds mustang's Torino's F-100's F-150 's Bronco's station wagons 'some of which I still have today. I still do the maintenance & repairs myself. All of these vehicles have been very good to me, paying me back in the money I saved . Thanks again. Keep smiling!

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