Heritage Auctions November Signature Comics & Comic Art Auction

hi I’m Barry Sandoval coming at you with
some highlights of our November 16th through 18th Beverly Hills comics and
comic art auction we’ll start off with showcase number four from 1956 this is
CGC graded 8.5 very fine plus the course showcase 4 is the first appearance of
Barry Allen is the Silver Age flash and the book that started the Silver Age of
comics we usually have only have a couple of
copies a year of this and we haven’t seen it in this kind of grade in a long
time now here’s one we’ve never seen in this grade it’s showcase 20 to 9.2 this
is the single highest graded copy and it’s the first appearance of the new
Green Lantern Hal Jordan moving over to Marvel Fantastic Four 5 from 1962 it’s a
near-mint plus 9.6 this is the best copy we’ve ever seen of the first appearance
of Doctor Doom here is journey into mystery 83 Near Mint 9.4 copy this is
the first appearance of Thor with white pages I hasten to add
how about Iron Man’s first appearance it’s tales of suspense number 39 and
this is great at CPCs near-mint + 9.6 we haven’t seen the 9.6 with white pages
before Golden Age how about Detective Comics number 31 the classic cover there
are so few unrestored copies out there and nobody seems to want to part with
one well luckily somebody did here auction with no Reserve of course just
two issues later another big key Detective Comics number 33 this is
graded very fine 8.0 and this is that the origin of Batman an oversized comic
that a lot of collectors have probably never seen it’s Master Comics number one
these are large as I mentioned these are sort of the size of Treasury editions
and therefore they were hard to store you couldn’t store them with other
comics and even tougher to find in high grade than other stuff from that era
and this is from the esteemed Denver pedigree moving on to original arts
we’ve had lots of great Prince Valiants over the years this might top all of
them because it’s the fourth ever Prince Valiant stripped by Hal Foster from
March 6 1937 Silver Age art it’s Steve Ditko Doctor Strange strange tales
number 125 very few Ditko Doctor Strange pages ever come on the market Neal Adams
is of course one of the masters from the 1970s and this is Detective Comics
number four zero seven it’s Man-Bat one of the earlier Man
Bat appearances and a panel page by Adams you remember the Joker’s five-way
revenge the classic story from Batman number 251
it’s probably one of the greatest Batman stories of all time here’s where he
realizes where the Joker’s hideout has to be and I love the early 70s version
of the Batmobile as envisioned by Adams Carl Barks oil painting from 1972 and
this is a play on for color number 408 Donald Duck and the golden helmet 1978
it’s Walt Simonson and Joe Sinnott the cover for for number 269 and as you
probably know there’s very little Simonson art available on the
marketplace here’s Frank Miller the wraparound cover from Electra saga
number four from 1984 and we’ll step back to the Silver Age for a second and this
is a Murphy Anderson showcase number 55 splash page the good guys here are dr.
fate an hour man and the bad guy of course is Solomon Grundy who you might
remember from the Legion of Doom in later years those are just a few of my
favorites there’s over a thousand lots at the auctions so be sure to check
them all out at HA.com

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