“Holiday Sales Event” VIP Auto Sales, November/December 2018

what’s going on everybody out there it’s
Jimmy Jim Jim we have Jamie and who else keV oh here it is the holiday sales
event going on now all the way through the New Year in keV oh we got the offer
I know we’re dressed a little silly here yeah rightly this is every day but we
are what we are doing giving up to $1,500 cash back on any vehicle that
your purse here at VIP auto island am I right 1500 $1,500 cash back so what
do it in increments what’s the increments everybody out there out there
now so under 15,000 sales price of the vehicle it’s 500 up to 30,000 and then
anything above you’re getting that $1,500 cash back right there at the end
once you’re signed the deal we’re giving back you could spend it however you like
the holidays are here so no payments until after 2019 zero down delivers
topped off your trade plus you’re getting money back yeah we’re here
perfectly in front of Dodge Challenger that’s red perfect Santa’s sled it’s got
power here as well Santa’s so right I agree with him saying it’s Santa’s sled
it’s beautiful yeah it’s got the Hemi you got Rudolph in the front he’s
pulling yes yeah I mean beautiful car 2015 great mileage 26,000 miles on the
car again the ruby red color you got the
black leather interior sunroof loaded up it’s not that yeah everything everybody
we’re here we’re ready for the holidays and better yet to come and celebrate
with us here at VIP auto I 2809 route 73 South maple should easy get two bridges
down there behind us is the New Jersey 295 forgot to ever say New Jersey
Turnpike so much to say the holidays are here and you’re going to pan inside a
little bit we’re already decorated we’re ready Saturday we have snacks out there
we have a great atmosphere going music on and we want to enjoy the true VIP
experience and let’s move it on this one here keV oh this is a 2013 season Chevy
going now we’re all back over here at this
location yeah again a little forget 2013 we got through KBB okay authorized
behind Center through KBB I’m sure you guys know if you watch a commercial
before you bring your car in very simple process ten minutes
bing-bang-boom that’s it right yes alone I know we bought two vehicles yes just
laying there time for getting ready for commercial so no matter if you think
it’s worth something or not enough if you’re not looking to trade in or
upgrade you went somewhere else and unfortunately bought a vehicle somewhere
else but they didn’t give you what you’re looking for we’ll take it off
your hands that’s where we obtain a lot of these vehicles that you see that we
have and you know a little bit history about them yeah so you know where it
came from what they did to the car versus just going the auction and buying
a vehicle you’re standing on there you guys think the same it’s gonna be a
great time I love being here you’re gonna love being here it’s gonna be fun
that’s good and just to go back to what you said Jim I mean we like being able
to see where the car is coming from what the car what’s been done to the car
previously so obviously we do our own reconditioning we buy just like a
consumer would buy and the customer wants to know what we’ve done to the car
so this car in picture in particular I know we had that blue on there was a
little faded whatever but we do take that extra time that extra step to make
the vehicle right and whatever it is brakes rotors tires we had a customer in
there earlier and bought it yeah you like that what do people over a hundred
thousand miles a pickup truck you have you mentioned the way we were priced and
still did ball joints did the other things to that vehicle that again
anybody put out in their lot and put a sticker on there and sell it anything
over that hundred thousand dollars we consider as is but we take the extra
step to make that vehicle right so when the customer comes in a monthly they’re
not putting brand new tires on that vehicle like we did yeah pads or rotors
or calibers yeah all right we’re buying just like anybody else but it’s peace of
mind in knowing and we’re not here to make a very small profit margin I hear
to take advantage of situations just like the video that we’ve seen in people
watching us on Facebook we had a customer that purchased the vehicle less
than a year ago at raw I yeah yeah and was able to come back in and get another
vehicle so again shout-out to grant yes their watches commercials over and over
it’s like well I’ll become I’ll become the perfect time now is that you could
buy a vehicle it is the holiday super to give yourself the gift of getting into a
vehicle no payments for 2019 plus we’re giving you up to $1500 cash
back to do whatever you want you go take that money go down the AC or over the
bridge take a gamble and maybe you pay your vehicle off that’s a good thing
this one here tell us Jamie about this one this is a
convertible yep convertible top auto trader yup that what this was down in
Southampton we purchased this car Chris Chris bought the car I could I know I
could the interior is gorgeous on this car yeah it’s a beautiful car it’s a 2014
mercedes-benz SL k has great mileage I believe it’s 29,000 miles on the
odometer you got the hard glass top the trunk here opens up everything gets
tucked away I mean it’s the beautiful pearl white you look at the wheels alloy
wheels you got no scratches on the wheels tires look brand new I mean it’s
a sleep body if you want to test drive this vehicle you guys come in you take a
test drive you sit down you have any kind of questions financing you want to
what kind of financing here look at that before you test drive it’s up to you at
the end of the day it’s VIP Auto Outlet we’re here to treat you guys like a VIP
so it’s as simple as that one two three yes here more no but some like this
let’s say when you want to be surprised by if it was your boyfriend husband to
have a red bow on there put that in your driver and say zero down delivers no
payments you could do the easy process at VIP Auto Outlet calm and you could
put everything in and basically we could deliver the vehicle to you we make it
that simple that easy when you go on our website you could see everything videos
the pictures pull up the auto check you could see what that payments going to be
you could put in your vehicle information get an email back to you to
tell you what your trade is worth so everything there without coming into a
dealership a lot of people we had the other guy coming out day was so nervous
up down older gentleman went up on our Lexus RC the two-door I give a shout out
to him like anything his name’s Walter from PA but again he was nervous and
been around the block and leased and financed but he was nervous but then
when I feel uncomfortable and and sitting down relaxed and want to get
done and we got him done and it was simply easy process orient be nervous
it’s the hot is here we want everybody to have a great experience and truly be
treated like a true VIP we’re gonna move around this side and show you all a
bunch of cars trucks SUVs we’ll be right back see you come on in
for our holiday sales event we’re at VIP they treat you like a VIP and we are
back to show you I’m saying a bunch of trucks yes so I have never done a
commercial at the truck center and now they’re all here so is that question
good let me ponder on that one really and that’s a good thing appeal
price saying well why is the trucks here at 2809 the first store we’re all
happening in but it’s one-stop shopping didn’t you just say that yes I said it
is a one-stop shop here you could get any type of car you want and when it’s
been such an abundance of people with the just trucks and we’re we doing over
there but with me and Kevin just being there and buying so much we needed the
extra help over here with the guys and running down a back and forth made
easier to bring it all back so again we have cars trucks SUVs the luxury
vehicles all in one spot this is a 2015 Chevy this the 14 C 1415 there’s so much
juicer so even standing next to me this one here GMC just came in that’s why I’m
saying you never know what comes in daily it’s better come and be surprised
come on the lot and see what we have to offer it holidays are here it’s giving
Christmas spirit if you’re not into the Christmas spirit and you’re into
anything else in the holiday season we’re here to give back to you and the
$1500 cash back to do whatever is great so this one here you have the 14 Chevy
Silverado this one is the z71 it’s got loaded up
this is another truck that Kevin just bought alright this is the one here with
the black wheels black wheels you got the aftermarket wheels it’s an SLE which
is odd because it’s got the black leather interior you got the heated
seats you got the power folding mirrors it’s got the aftermarket wheels again a
or a nice big cab which you can see on the price that’s why that’s so low right
truck came in great condition we did regular maintenance to the vehicle
that’s ready to go I mean six and a half foot bed I think you got the cover on
the back or no no there’s no cover on the back of this okay there’s so much
but it’s hard to show and during the TV commercial what you can see based on the
angles of the vehicles and if you visit but better yet test drive it alright
seeing is believing once you get here to this lot you’re gonna be leaving a
vehicle no matter what it is no it’s a hundred percent that’s what we’ve been
doing since day one and we continue doing that for our customers our VIP
customers a mate comes here we truly treat you like a VIP no matter
what the situation is and it’s the truth it’s been day over and over we try to
get customers here that we just over PA to do a commercial a little testimonial
but there running late to work so again you could
see it visit our Facebook you could see every avenue that we’re on if it’s true
car Autotrader cars calm I’ll try anything well car girl you know car guru
Kelly Blue Book Auto trainer order to all them having everything that we put
all our little touches of to market I’m trying to think so much but to say you’re just like all bridge everything
leads the VIP another one this is the 2500 this is the 2500 the one right
behind you that’s right that just got took that’s why they got traded yes and
we actually touched on this in the previous commercial with the Akeem
Williams when he traded in the blue f1 blue mustang right and you know people
come in all the time they’ve been in a car for two three years and they still
can’t get out of the car because of the inequity that they had like wherever
they purchased the vehicle from so this just goes to show you once again he
bought the car year ago he got out of the car he upgraded into the 2016 Toyota
Tundra 1994 a better interest rate with a better interest rate similar payment
you know listen I mean he traded in a beautiful truck nothing wrong with the
truck right pickup truck the 2008 GMC 2500 I mean it’s okay you’re doing to
love you oh we’re doing good so SLT 2,100 21,000 miles that’s a gas this is
the gas 6.2 liter engine Vortech again your full crew cab it’s SLT black
leather interior you got heated seats all the goodies next one here 2015 I
actually have this one spot delivered book let’s keep it rolling 2015 chevy
silverado crewcab six and a half foot bed you’re coming over come on you got a
fitting as you guys can see we got a bunch of Chevy’s gmc’s that’s kind of
how we lined it up now we’re Toyota Toyota here we just sold that 2016 that
we mentioned this one here is the 2014 sr5 right room acts 5.7 liter you got
premium wheels they completely rethought the tonneau cover on the back right the
big touchscreen yeah if you haven’t seen the new body saw – yo – you haven’t
living it they drive very differently than the older models so come on in
again get here this was the toyota tacoma very cool this has the orange
interior the orange striping on here what i do like about this this has a
charging port on here so as you can lay your phone down without even having any
cords and it charges the phone for you automatically so you got a lot of
options in this vehicle to the TRD 4×4 nice big touch screen stereo system
there’s only one tacoma that we have here and you can see that price on that
screen and again it could always get better alright that’s the truth and
could it go up depending on if what the situation is with the customer’s credit
or a trade and sure it can but we’re telling you this is doable zero down
delivers alright no payments till after 2019 and what are we doing giving what
cashback so based on increments that we were telling you you can get up to
$1,500 cash back to do whatever you want it is a holiday time scene is believing
hohoho Merry Christmas presents with the money that they got back right because
right off the ultimate present there you go ultimate present like that and that’s
true not a lot of people right now they’re thinking they’re a mindset that
you know you Thanksgiving you have Christmas here or if you’re celebrating
if it’s Hanukkah or Kwanzaa you’re marrying yourself my birthday
January 4th alright you know whatever it might be there’s always a reason Oh
exactly yeah and again if you weren’t think about buying carts we said you
can’t go wrong with no payments after the new year now getting that cash back
and a lot of the vehicles here you have to where everything has been done
detailed all change peace of mind ready to go so all you got to do is just go on
to them holiday party and start enjoying life so we’re gonna take it on the next
side and show you a bunch of other vehicles we have here
be right back can’t wait to see you come on in for our holiday sales event we’re
at VIP they treat you like a VIP we are back here at the front line of 2809
route 73 south where it’s all began the first VIP auto ala and yes you are
seeing this is an illusion you can see us dressed up for the holidays the
holidays are here but trucks are on the front line here in VIP
all what you say one stop one stop shop and again watch you take the mic here a
second to tell us how you’ve been ready preparing for the highs what you’ve been
up to tow everybody because you stand your people like who’s that yeah give us
a little bit about what you’ve been doing right now well I’ve been doing my
Miss New Jersey duties I’ve been promoting my platform of food allergy
awareness and I was able to do that through the holiday of Halloween I was
able to promote the teal pumpkin project which basically states that if you have
a teal pumpkin outside of your house you also have allergy friendly treats
available for children with food allergies during Halloween so that
chapter is done now for the year so now moving in to Thanksgiving and Christmas
and I’m really looking forward to spending that time with my family and
doing some other things regarding my Miss New Jersey duties so it’ll be fun here a lot of trucks here at Kevin as I
said about family said yeah trucks nowadays a lot of people are getting out
of their cars or their SUVs and and more versatile and being in a pickup truck
you should do a lot more that is your side haul so you can make money if
you’re camping boating you want to bring all the family together there’s you can
put six people in a truck versus being in a forward or five-door car and do a
lot more put all the Christmas presents in the back the tree yeah you could put
the tree in the back that’s right what time I put a tree on the roof and I was
holding the straps inside the car all Sun the wind came up and it blew into
almost the side of the lake all the kids are like upset I remember that but if I
had a pickup truck I wouldn’t have that issue so see smart think and that’s why
we have Miss New Jersey here you see that I think it’s the shirts too tight
on me I can’t think straight this I bring in the practicality there you go
but this is what a 2015 yep another one that we just got in 2015 Ram 1500 it’s
the tradesman the only tradesman that we do have I feel so funny standing out
here like I understand a lot of people see us on TV right now but just being in
front of these people they’re all looking at it nonetheless
I love the Christmas dispute again I wish and you know you hate to say it but
reality sets in that life every day we turn on the TV we see something you know
sad something that’s going on tragic kids getting hit by cars or you
know shootings every single day you know the holidays always bring people
together and I hate to say it I’m I know but we should always be united always be
together no matter if you think you’re the hottest looking guy or prettiest
girl or the best credit the worst credit or the best job or the best income
whatever when you come here no matter how you’re and that’s what I’m trying to
say that VIP value is always standing here that we truly treat people like
they should be treated when they come into this location no matter what the
situation is you know I work that deal in there a little bit longer than we
took today the sun’s coming down I had you sitting here unfortunately waiting
but I knew that I and again this story is true the people store the temp tag on
their car oh yeah just bought their Jeep two weeks ago another dealership yeah
all right no money down didn’t want had issues and
I grinded and grind in a grind since 8:45 this morning yeah to get them to
leave here in a truck and again at the end you feel good about yourself when
you do something good you know you get to interact we’re here to give and yeah
different and that’s why I said the heart is here and let us give to you
what we can give to everybody out there and don’t think that you can’t get
something good you want to hand that to me sorry no I got a lot of time to go
you are yeah so here this matches the red it’s a 2014 Ford f-150 the black
wheels on here nice truck ready to go as you see the
payments the price everything down below we are given what Jaime
cash back $1,500 up to 1500 up to $1,500 cash back there are brackets there I
can’t think on the time I hit but up to $1,500 cash back in your pocket at the
time of you taking the delivery we’re giving you money back so Jamie’s stand
next that nice one this a 2010 Dodge Ram Laramie this one here loaded has
everything in here it’s a 2010 you could still get the
extended terms you can see on their zero down delivers no payments until 2019 you
can’t go wrong Jamie you want to talk about anything
else referral program yes we have a referral program so if you refer
somebody and they come here and they buy a car or any type of vehicle you got
$200 back so that’s exciting you could help pay off your new car exactly and
you know again if you’re watching a commercial and you’re not ready for a
vehicle but you know somebody it is send them let them say your name and you can
get paid so seeing is believing we’re giving back to you and you don’t have to
come back it’s not a loyalty program where you have to join up or side to an
email or ever to get that money here’s another one this is another 2015 right
this is one that got in the express this has the black wheels on it also it’s got
I mean these said these trucks I mean as you can see here it’s got the blacked
out Dodge Ram got the grille on here you got the front push bar so you can add
your lights there Casey lights if you want there’s so many different things
you do these trucks it is crazy I’ve learned so much being
back at the truck store that these guys were ladies it’s crazy how even the
women love love the trucks they’ve been through so much to him you know you
could drive on the beach or going camping or want to know the towing
capacity or the torque or how much you know the motor is or horsepower you we
used to get converted questions how should I say commercial we’re doing the
commercial all the questions that we can answer for you that isn’t even on the
website so I say get here to 2809 route 73 south and to come enjoy the holidays
with us and leave in a new vehicle as Jamie said we are what now one-stop shop
there you go this Raptor here came out if you can see inside there I mean it’s
got the light bar on top and they peek in on though the windows are tinted as
you can tell people it’s all loaded up these wheels are so cool in this truck
and actually you can see in here there’s actually a light bar inside here you
have the front camera on this one if you have all the lights on the bottom here
we’ve had this trucker why I’m shocked and as you know Kevin Tommy you bought
this truck and these Raptors always go yeah and you know III am I’m over it
well it’s it’s shocking because like you said they got the 5.4 liter and the
six-two the 6-2 is the one that you pay all that extra money for that’s what
engine is in this vehicle here I mean the truck is clean it’s got the
aftermarket wheels again it’s got brand new tires the knobby tires I driven the
truck I mean all these different accessories that come with the truck the
wayward price it doesn’t include any of these extra options so to me would you
look at that he’s got a small yeah like you said Jim I mean listen just take the
right customers sometimes in that the end of the day we’re priced right I know
what the truck is and you know it’s a beautiful truck if you guys have any
interest again mm-hmm take it for a test drive take your meal we have no problem
with always doing that we tell people no really you let me take it sure not
problem yeah I can tell you for a week yeah you know but again we have no
problem quitting a driveway if somebody’s skeptical saying oh I
don’t want you taking you got to sign it first then there’s an issue with that we
will extend the courtesy you know if you could buy it you could take it you can
do whatever you want it take it for extended test-drive put the family in
there do what you got to do buy some Christmas presents fill it out because
again we want you to be a customer for life we don’t want to think that you
have to be pushing in a vehicle right away and stuck with it that’s for sure
so keep moving along you got love to say this is a King Ranch yep 2012 another
beautiful car I’m saying cars or trucks trucks of cars but beautiful if you
haven’t seen the interior of these specific trim vehicles are Ford’s I
should say go to our website WWE piatto alikom 24 photos of every single and
soon I think about this time shows are we gonna have the video on there yeah
that’s actually getting uploaded as we’re doing this commercial so with new
feature to our website you get to walk around video you see the vehicle you see
that there’s no scratches nothing like that see the interior see all the
options and that’s the other cool thing about the video it tells you about the
Carfax and the video so you know the fool right
history report of the car and yeah so you get all the knowledge and all the
tools in your mind before your coming to us and that’s what it’s about here we’re
just living a riot out there now this shot Jim this truck I mean here I got a
slide over here set a thought look here it’s the EcoBoost but if it’s hard to
see with the wheels here sergeant but even has the sensors all the way
around so as the sonar the blind spots actually the tailgate is remote it comes
down it has the whole panel roof on here it’s got the stitching of the platinum
heated seats air conditioned seats have your power running boards this trucks
got every option all right this is a well crafted vehicle and better yet here
at VIP you see the price we can make it happen and get up to 1500 hours cash
back for the holidays yeah I can’t go wrong with that so you can see it we got
another Ford next to it there that’s the 2013 13 sale 13 14 they all
blend with me man there’s so much inventory that’s coming in that you
forget what’s going on the 2013 Ford f150 lariat it’s got a hundred six
thousand miles fully loaded beige interior heated and
cooling seats got the sunroof navigation again power running boards on a lariat
very odd doesn’t in the mirrors actually the mirrors you got the bigger mirrored
yep there you got the power mirrors you got anything in the back it makes it
that much easier to see behind you right what’s your pulling make sure they’re
exactly listen if we don’t have a truck that you guys didn’t see on this
commercial I can find you a truck that’s about the time they come in and when
they’re watching yeah you never know what’s going to be in because if right
now our inventory what we kind of change if you guys I hate to say that and if
you go on the website if you look and if you look if there’s a dress shoes they
might show and say how to stock in stock and when you get there they don’t have
it so what we change our model now is we have so many other vehicles when you’re
on a website that you’re not going to see and a lot of people out there they
have that mindset that oh you’ve been on this website for so long because you
know car guru will say on the on the lot and they think that
you can you know call up and say oh you’ve had it for 42 days or 20 – I’m
just saying numbers hype of that oh you’re gonna get it less we priced to
sell not priced to keep and again just like anything else something stay a
little bit shelf life than others and that doesn’t mean there’s something
wrong with that vehicle just means the right person hasn’t sat in it yet yeah
and made it their dream car you could be the right person that’s 100 percent
right so based on that we don’t want to do that now and not to let people know
but when you come in you never know what you’re going to see I mean how many
times here I’ll send you that you’ve been here and how much since you’ve been
here the inventory you ever like hear that musical chairs that you see
inventory change daily oh absolutely I mean you’re here at
least once a week you do switch out of vehicles here and there so I’m sure you
pay attention absolutely and I think it’s one of the most exciting things
about coming here is seeing what you have what’s been sold already so it’s
really cool yeah and that’s I mean if you’re not
looking to buy now there’s been plenty of people I’ve always come through just
say hi to see us to see hey is this real is this how he really looks in person
yeah it’s real don’t worry about it you’ll see me coming up I’ll have a big
brace on yeah I leave next week and have some surgery so I might be down for a
little bit I know I guess it’s too much signing contracts and stuff so that’s a
good thing over here for us but we’re gonna take you on the other other side
and show you some more stuff and here our VIP what we treat you like a VIP
can’t wait to see you come on in for our holiday sales event we’re at VIP they
treat you like a VIP and we are back hohoho it’s the holidays I know I should
have wore the Santa suit right yes well you should I was going to and I didn’t
want to wear the beard it was a whole ordeal but I have the Hat so I didn’t
get the memo about the sweaters no sorry but gonna stay tuned they be watching a
commercial if you watch us on Facebook or Instagram we’re gonna have some other
stuff that’s coming up they’re gonna do some other little marketing and fun
stuff don’t holidays but we are giving what we are giving up to $1,500 cash
back at the time of sale so the day that you sign we are giving you a check
depending on the increment and what their make for $15,000 or less you’re
getting a $500 cash back anything for 15,000 to 30,000 you’re looking at a
thousand and anything thirty thousand plus
fifteen hundred dollars cash back right to you Wow Wow and here we are and again
ho ho Merry Christmas you know the holidays are here and it’s where you get
warm and fuzzy and I’m getting more than buzzing the sweater but you know again
we are here to show three jeeps am i right three Jeeps
yes good and tell us about these jeeps God you start off so this Jeep is the
Willie Edition they don’t even have to name it it already has a name there
Willie and it has only 9,000 miles on it so I want to know how you snagged this
gem well again the Auto Trader Kelly Blue Book buying Center has been a
great gift to us and having here in Southampton location we were able to get
vehicles like this and having people that are if it’s a doctor lawyer
military that need to just get we had a guy here the other day to trade in a to
it one not trading he sold us his twin a pickup truck because he got papers to go
overseas so he wanted to keep his truck BSL so on that we were able to get a
vehicle that has barely any miles on it practically brand-new and it’s new to
that customer so you’re passing off the extended warranty and a brand new truck
that needs nothing I should say Jeep that needs nothing and you have to wear
a no payments of 2019 and you’re getting a check back and you have to worry about
buying extended warranty or anything else because you’re ready a peace of
mind so you see the payments you see everything down zero down delivers top
dollar for your trade I know we’re giving over advancements on Kelly Blue
Book right now so when people come in off a trade value we can give them up to
maybe a little bit more money for their trade so we want to keep that customer
here when you pull in here to 2809 route 73 south we’re gonna get you a smile and
we’re gave you happy we’re gonna get you like me eating those snacks in there and
fill it up and having fun the holiday spirit that’s right how about this one
behind you James what’s what uh what’s this one this is the tank green Sahara
Wrangler there’s a lot of words coming out but it’s a beautiful Jeep it is it
is a nice color it’s hard to see with the Sun coming up but it is the tank
green it’s the Sahara unlimited this one’s the 2015 s got fifty two thousand
miles on it another soft top as I said you could do so much with these jeeps as
Kevin knows you can do a lot with jefes once you talk about the last one
cuz your jeep guys you can tell you know with the Lipson yeah I mean if you’re a
G person you’re you know I mean what you can do you can it just like a truck
they’re the most customizable vehicles out there you can’t do as much with a
sedan or an SUV at the end of the day I mean I personally have a jeep it’s a
2010 Wrangler it’s got 130,000 miles have never had an issue with the the
jeep why they hold their value they’re reliable
yeah more from than just point A to point B they’ll get you into the lake
and out and you’ll be still driving and it’s funny when you drive this I drove
this one I think it was snow the Willie dition on Saturday pulled it around ok
customer test driving and a shout-out to them he’s in the military I can’t forget
him and his wife named off top my head right here in Maple Shade but
congratulations to them they bought a Jeep Cherokee one of the ones that you
were driving they looked at the one that you were driving that that bluish color
and they wind up switching to the other one but they drove this but my moral my
story is that right I drove down the street and the people were waving
because that’s the little thing that’s their own little Jeep thing as you’re
driving past they waved yeah you know sorry once got scared they’re only why
is he waiting me something wrong now joking
I’ve known that Jeep they noticing me that’s for sure but you have three jeeps
in inventory now and you never know what’s going to come in so if you’re
visiting the website like I said we can make this buying process so simple and
easy if you feel uncomfortable coming into a dealership because you don’t
wanna sit there forever you think and everybody’s mindset say one thing and
another you could do all that from the comfort of your work desk to your couch
to your kitchen and middle of cooking whatever fill that information out and
we can bring that vehicle right to your door and no payments until 2019 zero
down delivers all the banks that we have to get everybody approved and yet paying
you back up to fifteen hundred dollars that is the true giving back of the
holiday spirit and giving back to everybody out there so yeah again here
at VIP we treat you like a VIP we’re gonna show you some other vehicles
be right back come on in for our holiday sales event we’re at VIP they treat you
like a VIP moved over to the other side yes we got
a bunch of sedans this is a little different for me and yours go so we have
about what 20 30 vehicles that were going over we have bunch more bunch more
back in the back row so very nice cars and South accents a bunch of vehicles in
South Hampton the three Jeep Wranglers we have another three in inventory that
again service getting ready to come over here so again you guys might not see it
just like I said about the trucks we might have it we might not have if we
don’t we can get it for you whatever it is you have to call you have to come in
you gotta you know pick up that phone yeah get over here yeah if it’s the
Maple Shade location the South Hampton location and we have the ease the esses
all right the C classes okay yeah that’s okay I mean we have ever even Mercedes
you can think of – the SUV’s and again if you don’t see something he wants to
do a custom buy we’re able to do that for you this one is a 2013 mercedes-benz
e-class sport sedan yeah alright it’s a six-cylinder and you see all the price
you see the payment down below you see the mileage everybody would love to
drive a luxury vehicle that’s why we try to give you options and we want to show
you as much as we can but again just like Kevin said you know we’re back in
we were our mindset and focused on all the trucks and the trucks are all here
and as they even looking Kevin so many trucks I’m seeing the the lines in the
back of the tire so just goes to show brand new tires on a lot of these
vehicles here that’s what I said if it needs at 50% or under on the pads and
rotors were changing them to a cabin air filter there’s so much stuff that we do
to our vehicles to make them right because we care and we want to treat you
like a VIP no matter if it’s not a new owned I mean new vehicle I should say
right yeah it’s a pre-owned that’s why should I say beat you it’s still new for
the customer that’s coming in here and we want you to feel like you almost
bought a practically brand-new vehicle with keeping thousands and thousands of
dollars in your pocket and get you the best interest rate the best term that we
can get you and that’s where there’s no money out of your pocket or top down for
your trade if you have a payoff we’re making it happen and they’re really
giving you up to $1,500 truly depicts you hug the cash back the day you’re
here sign the papers huh oh come back and we’ll give you the money this one
here is a B I’m W Kevin I don’t know too much about
this with 2015 that was treated in its the four series you know beautiful car
four series let me know yeah there aren’t those many that are out there
it’s the coupe beautiful car again I’ve driven it personally I it’s it’s got
some it’s got some power yeah they they move and talk about power I mean you’ll
see over you’re looking at my body and you know like this one here I mean we we
had and you know you can and you’re being honest being real you know there’s
something out there dreaming about it looking at it and saying I so I said
don’t dream it drive it you know when you sit there and you really think well
can I afford it yeah sure you can afford it but if you think about maintenance or
gas or insurance everything that’s why we give you switch cars vehicles SUVs
because again if you might want this but you might want this
prodigal it’s still a high-end luxury car that who wouldn’t love to drive and
have it in your driveway you’re peeking out say wow this is mine it’s like in
right now the holidays you see the commercials you look down say wow that
that’s mine that’s why I have if you’re going to a company Christmas party
family Christmas parties going on now any kind of holiday events I should say
no matter where you’re at and what you’re going and doing who would want to
pull up with something like this this Mustang we have another one that you
have 2011 that’s not it’s different blue yeah it’s like it’s kind of like my Jeep
actually that’s boxcar blue yeah yep that is a real nice it’s a different
body style but this one here it’s crazy cuz almost looks like a stiff sick stiff
stick shift sorry yes but what is it it’s an autumn
out of that and it’s got a sport little toggles on their heel seats air
conditioned seats out that way I love this color oh yeah this is a nice fast
yeah vehicle and it could be yours that’s simple that easy a one-minute
credit application can change your life forever
pickup VIP automatic calm on your smartphone on your laptop iPad and
that’s it that’s simple you’re going to be getting a call you’re gonna get
getting an email back to you saying you’re already pre-approved and better
yet we can deliver the vehicle to you we make it that simple that easy it’s
simple this is a these two we used to sell a lot of these sr5 yeah I
they know nice I mean the market will discuss its it stands at CVS wheels or
something they used to call them and it’s got the little spoiler on the back
it’s got your rain guards on there I mean it’s tinted out it’s got the the
big screen on here this one is obviously the SI is a stick shift and how many
miles run this Kevin 2014 great mileage I mean you consider it’s a four year old
vehicle it’s got 38,000 miles that’s less than 10,000 miles a year in that
powertrain you would still have power train through Honda yeah yeah yeah you
have powertrain warranty you can get up to 72 months financing on the vehicle
there’s no money down no payments after the new year I haven’t seen this I know
where this has been this is the Honda Genesis I really like these vehicles too
this one does have the big panel roof on there Scott heated seats in the rear I
mean this is this car when you look at that Ford f-150 platinum right very
comparable in terms of the options that you’re getting you’re getting things
that you don’t even know about you got rear heated seats niala people know that
cars even offer that kind of option right it’s the 3.8 liter beautiful car
it’s got that wide body like the Maserati that we just walked walked by
premium wheels black on black it is black what sorry okay you’re right
with the Sun coming down that’s why say if you never driven a Honda or Toyota
Nissan you’ve been stuck on that just like you know any other vehicle that
you’ve had in the past say wow I never want that with the redesigns and the
technology so much that’s what you say take that extend the test-drive yeah you
could take that test drive you know we’ve always pride ourself of letting
that customer treat me like a VIP all right you have that three day return
policy where you could switch and get into a different vehicle yeah we had
that situation a customer bought a vehicle and had too much power they took
it on a test drive yeah all right called me up and said I’m sorry I’m gonna lose
my life unfortunately I can’t this is too much power for me yeah what can I do
so wait and we called the bank up we tell them an a the customer you know
wants to live a long life right up sweet you know that’s what it’s all about
you’re buying it’s 40 you might have switch you into
another luxury vehicle and was ecstatic because we’re not holding you and
crucifying you and say no you sign and in that city you’re stuck to that
vehicle no because we want that person to go over and tell their friends or
make us there would say no no you can’t do nothing now you’re stuck in that
vehicle you see that’s what happens you should have took it overnight he told
you to take it but he wanted a rush inside yeah which is fine but then we
wind up saying sure come on in yeah all right come and we took care of
them and that’s what it’s about you know it’s not about just making that sale
it’s the longevity and you know I’ve been here and I was here for a long time
and we built this up then I left for a little bit but it’s always like I said
coming back home and knowing that the way we’ve always treated people and
keeping that true VIP status means a lot yeah and that’s why you know we are here
and continue growing and doing what we’re doing we brought everything back
to that one stop concept yeah with the trucks the cars the SUV’s luxury all
here and you know looking expand here close into the lot and it makes it
easier because we’re giving that more of one on one customer you know we over
there were sellout trucks but we got four or five six people there with one
person yeah you want to be able to talk that customer it stopped and said and
not trying to give them that that treatment where you’re taking your time
and explaining that so we made the decision and people can go out there and
say oh well it’s this but you don’t know and if we told you anything different
you might say yes or no well that’s the truth and if you don’t believe us then
that’s that fun we brought it back because it’s easier handling the
customers and taking care of them this is another guy that bought you saw yeah
I just he just traded this in he came in this
is a 2013 BMW e28 I he bought a 2013 Saint caller the interior was black this
is big right like he bought the 135i he wanted the little bigger motor in there
you driven this car I did I mean the thing drives great it’s nice it’s got
blue lights in there thank you yeah yeah the blue lights now a couple
other things you got the spacers in the wheels you got a ceramic window tint the
guy he’s telling me all these different things I used onto the vehicle isn’t
pretty amazing because you take a heat gun you put on this side of the window
you put your hand on the other side you don’t feel any heat it
is but you know the thing guys never the window chin never dies that’s a good
selfish but the point when I was trying to get at it was that losing my trains
on sorry you know that do you see when you take a trade and that’s comparable
or you buying an auto trader Kelly Blue Book we could talk to that customer find
out more when Zack when somebody’s coming in and you say okay well look
yeah this is just tint on the window sorry yeah okay whatever and just leave
it at that but yeah when you have the knowledge and you know and that they’re
spacers in here there’s blue lights in there because he he changed it out and
did some other stuff they’re you know putting it lower you know taking the
windows out given that we’re gonna be able to tell you because if you can just
go on BMW and do the specs you’re gonna find what’s just that is you know stock
stock to that vehicle yeah and that price there is unbelie– fourteen nine
nine nine and that’s not raise up because the window ten was $750 I looked
it up I believe the guy it costs that much money for the window ten day put on
this vehicle and we’re priced the way we’re price you can go compare our
prices I urge we’re priced right we got the car in its ready to go I mean we had
a ran through our shop there was nothing wrong with the video got a little dirty
fanatic cars I mean he said that there’s only one type of wheel spacer that she
should put on there and listen I’m not I’m not gonna lie I he knows more than I
do about this specific maybe plate anybody know we could call them up he’s
that great of a guy yeah but I did he showed me all the reasons at the end of
the day so I can of course show that to you when you come in if you’re
interested in this vehicle I like to think that we can do anything if you
guys have questions or again going back to the trucks and I I revert back to the
truck because I know the tow capacities in like engine sizes and we’re getting
to know all these cars and SUVs we just got back here but it has been great that
one shadow and you can sit there the pricing and anybody can compare our
price a – there’s been so many times I said well this comparable vehicle and
this is what this person sells go on and make sure they check their options go on
their website see what they’re putting on there and I guarantee you nobody’s
going to beat our price nobody is gonna be your price and I always always put my
money where my mouth was though the years I was there commercial you having
fun there that good and compare apples apples on something guarantee I beat
their price or you know we’re gonna sit there I’ll give you a referral fee just
be that’s not gonna happen because we price
and Kevin does all the pricing and we compare and we want to when people come
in here we don’t want to say hey what can you do off of that price you came in
for a reason based on that price you know you got a great deal and we’re
gonna give you the great deal you know how not by having a discount on our
vehicle anymore we’re saving the sales tax payment giving you top dollar for
your trade we’re gonna get you the best interest rate that can be all right so
if you’ve got a 5.99 you’re getting a five point nine nine interest rate or
whatever it is and you were going to get the longest term we’re not going to just
give you the the five year we’re gonna give the option you go five five and a
half six years or even longer or up to 84 months so we do that for our customer
because you are truly what I had to get back into my mode for a second I was
thinking one but except I can’t move that much man that’s all it is no you
know that is what it is but this Audi here I drove this yelled eight even for
being a station wagon and this one has a regular tint on the front window but
this year I’m telling you it was what’s sporty and fun and if anybody’s never
driven an Audi and that’s what I said it’s hard to see on the commercial the
whole interior the whole dash all lights up all red all the buttons everything is
red and even still if I was a you know which I am a parent but I’m saying
something that still wanted a sport that had younger kids I should say that still
want some sporty luxury but still family oriented yeah
this is the perfect vehicle for you I mean it’s got the dual roof on the back
it’s all tinted out it’s got the nice big wheels I mean the wind the mirrors
that come in it’s got every option you can think of in here this is a luxury
and classy all the way as I said no payments until after the new year you’re
watching us the holidays are beginning you’re getting in that spirit better yet
come the VIP baby where we going next we’re going on the other side on the
other side we keep on flipping we keep on getting excited but we are here the
highs are here and why not get treated truly like a VIP happy holiday to you
and yours we’ll catch you on the other side can’t wait to see you come on in
for our holiday sales event we’re at VIP they treat you like a VIP we are back to
show you some more cars here Keva you’re looking around
even got vehicles on this side that we’re not going to show you because we
got to show you su v–‘s after this this is what a 2014 Mini Cooper and miles
little drop top little fun car to drive I’ve driven these back in the day and
again Italian job man is there you go yeah there’s no one to drive you never
just like it at a guy you know bada-bing bada-boom yes this year you see the
price you see the payment you know we try to show everything that we can but
better yet get here yeah that’s all you need to do that’s all it is
come and meet us be apart the commercial runs on Saturday if you can’t get on
Saturday we are open late Monday through Friday
all right you could call up you could hold a vehicle we can drop a vehicle off
to you we could do anything that you want within reason we’re gonna take care
of you it is the holidays but no matter if it wasn’t the holidays yeah who does
it morning noon or night VIP this is a 2007 yes I can’t see you’re looking now
I could see it we’ve got the little lights movement yeah apparently that’s
all my girl I broke my toe the movements a little tighter it’s funny because this
is it’s hanging up in my closet right whenever I open up my closet door
everything lights up there you go this is moving gets the sets the mood on like
what you gonna pick out like you have a music that’s like the candles to the
Lexus 2000s yep 460 so this is the big boy so this was the top of the line in
2007 oh yeah you know yeah I just thought about you know why I talk so
much with my hands my shoulders that that’s what it is so I just figured it
out I’m telling you if you tied my hands
together I wouldn’t be able to talk I love the white the pearl white it’s a
beaut it’s a beaut loaded up black leather sunroof like you said
top-of-the-line in 2007 yeah I mean a lot of people love that yeah it’s got
the options that these newer cars have you know maybe it doesn’t have the
charging port for your phone like the 2017 Tacoma it’s like nowadays we got
that where I just heard another carry I can’t give them a shout-out cuz they
ain’t paying me but you could do a thing where you plug in and pay for it and
they give you Ashley like extra Wi-Fi in your car you see technology I’m learning
it’s crazy this one here’s what I can to the 2015 Honda Sonata
it’s a SE great mileage 25 or 30 – we just got six sonatas in yeah you within
twenty five to thirty five thousand mile range so yeah we got a lot of different
stuff I mean this one’s red we got a silver one right here we got a black one
yeah and we just got a lot of them in so you know who can hear there’s some stuff
that even though that we have I’ve said earlier if you’re seeing the inventory
if you’re watching a car or not did you think that we don’t have some you’d be
surprised with one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve
to auto traders there that we just bought it’s not in yet so by the time
you come in now it’s like being a kid on Christmas open it up and seeing some
really you got this ammo giving you up to 1500 hours cash back it’s crazy
that’s crazy and it’s it’s no it’s giving back to the
customer in holidays in the time you need giving back extra and that’s what
it’s all about this is a 2015 acura TLX I haven’t driven one of these man but
the new body style sharps got the 2-tone wheels and load it up nice vehicle here
I’ve you know Honda family so you could drive it Acker they drive very smooth
yeah very smooth it’s like a magnetic kind of steering wheel I’ve always liked
there you go buddy I’m sorry this jag I love a Jaguar man I love how the the
button on here the park reverse drive is a turn dial yeah hops up and comes out
yeah and then here your a/c yes they all come as I said people it’s hard to see
on watching the TV commercial even online and even watch that video coming
here feel it drive it take it home scene is believing and knowing that you can
get into something like this is 100% true yeah all right we’ve been doing
this for many many years and getting people to drive morning noon
night VIP all right always does it right but no matter what this is ATS coupe I
love this interior man this is like my peanut butter it’s like that brown yeah yeah very nice 2015 it’s got 47,000
miles ooh the coupe again you got the premium wheels sunroof beautiful and I
love how this lights on I mean it looks sharp you know I pay attention stuff
riding down the road probably a lot of people don’t pay attention to the cars
but I love the lights how it looks up ignites a little extra features here’s
another one black leather interior loaded up BMW it’s a 2013 528 yes 2013
it’s got a hundred and five thousand miles do even get extended term yeah you
got excited term you can get extended warranty two years three years 24,000
36,000 whatever that’s 24 yes you know beautiful car actually test driven that
one with a customer yesterday very interesting yes working with that one
there this one the other BMW another 2013 this one is the 335i xDrive which
are both they both have wheel drive you got the darker beige interior it’s not
that baseball glove brown but then again it’s a BMW it’s the dark blue you’re
looking at on the screen better yet come on in yes take it for a test drive see
it touch it feel it that’s what we always say you know Jimmy say that to me
whatever the guys outside here we’re always here to take care of you no
matter whether that’s I said you could pick up the phone you know if you need a
ride you put that credit app in whoever will bring it to him whatever needs to
be we are here to take care of you the heart is here and it’s all about giving
back and loving and caring it should be that way all the time in this world it
never is but we’ve been here we always told people now we’re giving that extra
little back because the holidays are here and we want you to you know be a
part of all your family about be a part of our family
yeah being part of that means a lot and the referrals the testimonials and being
here and can sit here over and over and over and take your care of customers
that’s what takes us you know to the next step it makes us feel good at the
end ight when we leave here we’re happy we’re small until next day that we come
in here again customers her right here first thing in
the morning and we’re in the grind we’re in there and we want people to leave
with that plaque or leaving here smile and taking a picture on Facebook and
tell they’re people their friends are fan
their co-workers hey peeps I got a great deal and they really took care of me
yeah that’s it that’s what it’s all about
let’s go back to the SUV’s be right back can’t wait to see you hoo hoo come on in
for our holiday sales event we’re at VIP they treat you like a VIP oh ho ho Maple
Shade 2809 route 73 south zero-eight zero-five – we have a 2015 Jeep renegade
I’m gonna tell you right now this has I mean chocolate interior for being silver
and with the ply yeah it’s like chocolate oh I mean the orange in there
and the piping since 1941 he’s sharp I’ve never I’ve seen these on
the road never seen one in person but the interior alone is crazy that’s why I
visit VIP Auto Outlet calm you can see everything better yet better yet come on
in and see us and get you driving have you as edwin’s always said have you
smiling – yeah that’s his little catch thing and he’s doing his thing here it’s
been here that guy never leaves his desk because referral referral referral he’s
got more cousins in New Jersey Jeep Cherokee yes beautiful car another cream
for the time that we’re getting in here third row 2016 so guys the price on the
screen that is real you’re gonna 1,500 17,000 299 you again what is it you
would fall under the $500 category you’re paying 16 7 for a 2016 third row
SUV for old Jersey you know I mean it’s it’s unbelievable certified pre-owned
yeah anything that’s under the 75,000 miles 2014 or newer lifetime engine
warranty breaks for life Cadillac SRX yeah another nice SUV
luxury SUV the Nissan Murano this is the SL all-wheel drive they completely redid
all these newer body saws that’s unbelievable how they lay on into the
detail and the different technology that are going into these club has the new
out of you know you always hear that with a radio talking when you’re driving
the more I Drive a little far and I’ll say a brought to you by Nissan
intelligence they have that with their system with the radio system how come
everything with traffic and it’s pretty neat so nice it’s nice on mobility or
whatever so hopefully I said that right to anybody that’s going to contradict me
say you said it wrong you said your name four times I’m sorry if you guys anybody
out there seriously yeah you want to come and do a commercial with us yeah
and you never bought a car for us I think
please welcome give us a call give me a call get Kevin or myself on the phone
will put you in a commercial you can come with us hang with us that’s a real
person I’m gonna call it out there no other dealership better do that before
us but yeah anybody wants to do that yeah call have you come out here for the
day I’ll buy you lunch alright it’d be like you being an extra in a movie we
like to have fun new people Green I’m getting to know who they are the 2012
Denali fully loaded up third row again this one here is the Grand Touring Mazda
cx-9 not many people know about Mazda but they’re very reliable vehicles and
their maintenance is very comparable to like a Nissan or a tree or anything and
in that sense they’re yeah this is Grand Touring sorry
loaded up yeah here I’ll block over here and go over here so there you have the
Nissan Rogue 2015 yes this is the SV all-wheel drive I’m getting pretty good
with these SUVs and we’re back at the Maple Shade location here 20 this
vehicle just left here yep so we had everything stacked up for the commercial
so we had two vehicles that we already sold SUVs on this side array today we
keep on moving this another jarric cherokee this is the latitude no trail
walk oh there’s a trail that’s right yeah yes the special car that’s the one
that because we’re gonna buy the other day yeah but every car has different
features this they have a backup camera so that’s why honestly the latitude they
bought the latitude yeah so we try to have everything for everybody else see
they didn’t leave they went from a Jeep Wrangler
yep to this to this to that one that they yeah so we have everything and then
some yeah for the holidays or not the holidays when they bought it wasn’t
holidays here yet no it’s Hardee’s bring me some milk and
cookies anybody I’m getting hungry please don’t do that don’t do that all grown in America uh what do you like this is a 2018 you guys seen the 2015
right okay great mileage this we don’t have that same color that’s crazy see
looking I didn’t walk out here today this isn’t the same oh this is them ha
missile renegade isn’t that a renegade tense’ renegade as well so this is newer
this is new or 2018 that’s the sport that has a lot of color that’s the
latitude yes oh yes the different little options it’s neat it’s crazy just like
thousand miles look at that would you look at brand-new Oh new to you 2017
this was bought the auto trader this was an auto trader by yes yes CRV EXL it’s
loaded up again we have everything at the end of the day if it’s something
that you guys haven’t seen again that was the commercial sit down with us tell
us what you’re trying to accomplish we’ll find it we’ll buy it mortar Newton
North yeah I’ll go I’ll go late at night all you know put my Santa will see you
VIP we treat you like a VIP baby hoo hoo come on in for our holiday sales event
we’re at VIP they treat you like a VIP and we are almost at the end of our
holiday extravaganza every day that’s going on here is a special day at VIP
auto alley and it even talked about this vehicle and and say that this one is a
2016 Ford f-150 that Kevin bought through Auto Trader
it’s got 57,000 miles it is the EcoBoost but when we bought it it didn’t look
like this and when we bought the vehicle it had
regular wheels on there we want to put in the rough country lift and that is a
six inch lift alright you have the bigger tires the XT
serie wheels black and then you can’t see because it is daylight we have white
lights that are lit around the whole vehicle and you see the price you see
the payment and again we’re doing trucks like this so all you got to do is jump
in and drive and a recap during the sale we are given what we are given up to
$1,500 cash back so again on this vehicle here
you’re gonna get if I’m correct the $1,500 $1,500 that’s going to help you
to do whatever you want during the holidays yeah if it’s to help towards
your car payment no car payment now until 2019 zero down delivers top dollar
for your trade no matter what the question of your credit is if you think
it’s good if you don’t think it’s good better yet to get here because all what
you’re at VIP but now again it’s never scripted it’s always fun and we’re
having fun here in the heart is here and is what we believe in and and knowing
that we’re gonna take you truly cared we’re truly care now true care we truly
care about everybody that comes into VIP auto if it’s here in Maple Shade or the
Southampton location but the heart is here and you see people just drive in
mind that’s why we love this we get a real good enjoyment and satisfaction
just as you would be in Miss New Jersey represent your state and everybody that
believes in you and people that don’t think they can do something it gives you
the power to see how you can be that person you come in here you don’t think
you could drive a truck like this that we could get you driving a truck like
this you know don’t dream it drive it but happy holidays we can’t wait to see
it oh ho ho you advantage broadcasting move ahead

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