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A beer vending machine. I'm moving to Japan tomorrow. If they have liquor vending machine's I'd move tonight. Can I get some???

This is milo.
He loves food.
He want to eat it through vending machine.
He have 0¥.
So 1 like=1¥ for him to eat.

Watching you try Japanese vending machine and convenience store food never gets old. I wish I could my hands on some of this type of stuff here in the states. I feel like I'm missing out. Japanese food is few and far between out here here where I live. Always good to get to see you experience it and explain it in great detail. Thank you Eric!

It's odd that all the foods are priced the same. In America the octopus balls would cost more than the hot dog and the hot dog would cost more than the French fries. And the beer costs exactly the same too. The Japanese must be less concerned about profit margins.

You're a lot more level here ericsurf6, I hope that you are just so overwhelmingly bouncy happy and not having a bit of a crisis as it seems in your most recent videos. If you are having a hard time, please reach out to those that can assist you. If you are just bursting excited joyful, carryon! Your videos are very entertaining. Some of your recent extra zest is a little alarming, is all. This video seems less erratic and all over the place. This level of excitement is more enjoyable to watch. I hope you're just bursting happy in the recent ones and not in need of help; but do everyone that cares a favor ok? ask for help if you need it. <3

All YouTubers in Vending Machine Videos: "oh, yea, its a bit soggy".
Me in my mind: "oh. of course it is.. dont leave baked things in a heated plastic container!"

Interesting to see actual vending machines that serve actual food inside them along with it having a convection oven inside I assume to heat food up.

Dude chews so fast he acts like someone is about to knock the food out his mouth. And I can’t stand how annoying you are when you eat like you make me sick perv ass math teacher. The way you eat the burger makes me wanna kick myself

This guy looks like he was high class Successful person who went on vacation and fell in love with food and just never went back 🤔 am I wrong

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