How are InsuranceMarket and AFIA related – which place is better for my car insurance in Dubai?

Avinash B.: AFIA Insurance has being a leading
insurance brokerage firm in the UAE for the past, now 19 years, they set up in 1995. And is the online venture that we came up with about 3 years ago, and in
essence it’s an opportunity for our clients and new clients to benefit from a service
that is entirely online. Sujoy C.: is owned by AFIA
Insurance Brokerage Services LLC, our main company. And through, we
are constantly providing the services, or constantly telling people that what they can
get from our site: the insurance services we can provide them from AFIA. AFIA is the
main company and is the platform, the website and so that people can
visit our website and get to know our services from different parts: from Health Insurance,
Car Insurance, Motor Insurance, supported. Arsalan N.: So, we have very good bonding
and association with all of the insurance companies. So they always offer us with good
premiums and good offers, and same way we offer good premiums and good services to our
clients. Shalni B.: its one company that do the same
thing but I think the key difference between the two is AFIA Insurance takes more of the
commercial side of the things. So if you are trying to insure your property, or your marine
insurance, or junior’s blog or anything complicated as people call it, then you are looking into
AFIA Insurance and that you’re approaching AFIA. But if you are looking into home, travel,
medical, more like personal lines then is the right platform.
Avinash B.: We still very much play an insurance broking role in the sense that we provide
choices, we provide claims service, but this time the focus is online. And the idea was
that absolutely everything now, especially in motor insurance can be done online as far
as the RTA Integration is concerned. So, that was the objective: to provide a service that
is predominantly operating online. Sujoy C.: Nowadays, you would hardly get people
who don’t use their smartphones, or laptop, or tablet PC. So, online is a great way to
reach people instantly. Through a mouse click, you can instantly reach millions of people.
So, we’re just using that technology on our website to convey our message
directly to the right people in the UAE. Arsalan N.: It’s like a platform between the
customers and AFIA insurance. So, once they come to, they get committed
to AFIA insurance.

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