How They Make Peking Duck So Crispy and Tender

You may have had duck before, but if you haven’t
had Peking duck, you haven’t lived. A perfectly cooked Peking duck is the ultimate study in
contrasts between crunchiness and succulence. 100 days old ducks are ideal for the task.
They are traditionally force fed to fatten them for two to three weeks prior to being
dispatched. The duck is then plucked, organs removed,and
thoroughly rinsed in water, and care is used to ensure that the skin remains intact. A soy sauce or malt sugar coating is then
applied to the skin and the duck is hung overnight to dry. The next day air is pumped under the skin
which causes it to separate from the flesh. This will allow the fat to render on both
sides of the skin making it crisper. The carcass is then dipped in boiling water
to tighten the skin. The duck is once again hung over night. Then roasted vertically in
an oven. Traditionally a wood oven is used, and only date, peach or pear trees are used
to fuel the fire. The trick with cooking duck is to render out
as much of the fat as possible. This process results in skin that is shatteringly crisp
and meat that is ethereally tender. Chef’s usually slice the duck into over
a hundred thin strips, making it bite size. This recipe is traditionally served with mushu,
small thin pancakes, used to wrap the duck along with spring onions and plum sauce. To find out more about Peking Duck and it’s
amazing history click here now.  Thanks for watching and please subscribe.


Got the order a bit wrong. It's hung with a marinade inside, then the skin is separated from the flesh with a pump, then bathed in a hot maltose+soy sauce stock, then air dried for a couple days before roasting.

I hope you guys realize that you used cantonese Siu Oh (HK Roast Goose) as some of the pictures instead of pictures of actual Beijing Kao Ya (Peking Duck).

If you order this dish in China, they will only serve the skin in the pancakes. The meat is taken and stir fried with green onion. I wish they didn't do that because I like the duck a bit pink and every time I've had it fried it is like shoe leather after.

The way they chopped the duck is very crude. In China, Peking ducks are served table side and the chef uses a foot-long square-headed knife to surgically disassemble the duck, from the back skin all the way to the loin. Different parts comes in different dishes and the carcass is used to make soup.

And for all the pussies who want to escape their sense of guilt by going vegan: be responsible, bear the sin and move on, there is no escape, you are not going anywhere, especially for those whose religion deemed everyone a sinner from the beginning. We all take lives to live, even if you are vegan.

While I think Peking duck is delicious, along with many other Chinese poultry dishes…the way it is served disgusts me. When they chop the duck before serving, they shatter bones within the meat as they chop. You have a pretty high chance of getting bone splinters stuck in your mouth or throat while eating this, as I have on a number of occasions.

I must say, it is a skill to make one of the finest examples of chinese food seems so utterly underwhelming and not delicious. You could at least, try to get a chinese chef to show the process though not complete, will at least be something that looks good to eat. Even the wrap, cucumber and spring onions looked like they were prepared sloppily in huge chunks for no reason.

there are so many things wrong with this duck. the size of the pancake is just pathetic
either learn to make it for real, or dont do it at all.

Stop all this damn racism. You dont have to be from an ethnic group to cook as good as said ethnic group. It may not be traditional because they're mainstreaming (gastronomy) the dish. You should be happy and flattered that other cultures are interested in your cuisine and want to recreate it. You blame others for treating you a certain way cause your Asian, but doing the same makes you a hypocrite. PLUR.

This has got to be one of the worst way to cook Peking duck. Let's not forget about the horrible cutting skills too. Chopping it up!? No way that will ever fly in a real traditional Chinese restaurant.

I actually have to mention chefsteps video on peking duck is very much an interesting way to get that crisp skin. a diff method from tradition but they do a awesome job to get a good result. I also love it when the duck not as fatty.

There is something weird about how this guy talks, like he's faking an accent or something. It's kinda distracting.

Finally, a 'peking duck' video that actually is about real peking duck not the shitty chopped up roast duck passed off as peking duck in american-chinese take aways

Thanks for letting me know that they are force fed. I always wanted to try them, now I don't. I assumed they were raised using old, traditional methods of raising farm animals, methods not involving factory farming or abuse. Obviously I was wrong.

Ive tried it all over the world and no where compares to the place it was invented, Beijing, even places within China, HK, do not even come close. Duck is prepared on another level over there. You guys gotta do a show there if you are going to do peking duck. It was a smart move not to do a full segment with an American chef making it.

Please!!! this is not Peking duck. … I watched so many videos on Youtube, best Chicken tikka masala, best lobster bum, best Peking duck, best this, best that. People nowadays care much more on fames than on the true story behind. one stupid simple mistake western chefs makes is: thinner and thinner skin , less and less fat, better the best. so stupid. The best part of the duck is that skin( fat), you loss the fat you loss the flavor. . you cook the fat(oil) out off the fat(skin), it will keep the same shape same volume, but that fat will melts in your mouth

this duck presented in this video is shit. The process is also wrong. In correct way, people pour honey on the duck continuously to get make the skin golden and melt in the mouth.

Thought traditionally only wood from Lychee wood is used? As a chef myself, when you pour the the stock over the duck you Have to hold the duck in mid air, and let the boiling liquid drain.

It irritating when this dish is referred to as "Peking". The pronunciation in Mandarin, the primary language in the city, is "Beijing"

As long as I see then remove the guts from bottom I know this is another crap with people cooking peking duck in a wrong way which will never achieve a result as juicy as real peking duck…Wrong technique this is actually more similar to a Cantonese roast duck. (Wrong for call it peking duck, but this is close to the right way to make Cantonese duck)

Can't understand the "racism" here. You think that because he's not chinese, he cannot cook an authentic peking duck? Maybe he went to china or learned from a chinese chef to cook peking duck. If he's using the same recipe and method, then it's the same peking duck, right?

"they". there have to be dozens of true peking duck masters globally. why didnt you ask them to explain it.

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