How to Bid a Cleaning Job for People Who Hate to Sell – Compass Wave Product Review

How do you come up with a price for a customer when you’re bidding their house for house cleaning? That’s a great question, and we’re going to
talk about that today. Hi there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask
a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house
cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. Now on today’s show, a house cleaner asks
this. Speaker 2: Hello, I just want to know if you
have any tips for how can I give the correct price for the houses? Angela Brown: All right. That’s a great question, and the answer lies
in our sponsor for today, who is Compass Wave. Now, Compass Wave paid for the production
of today’s show, and so I want to share with you in all fairness to them what they do,
and they are in fact the answer to this question. All right, Compass Wave is a maid estimating
software. Think of it as a robust plug-in that goes
to the back end of your website that you can customize and tweak and make your own. Now, it’s going to ask you a series of questions
that you need to answer in order for it to work, but here’s the catch. These questions are going to be asked at every
single walkthrough that you do on every single bid for every single estimate that you do
for the rest of your life, so you want to sit down and you want to have the answers
to these questions. All right, the answers to the questions, it
starts out by you packing the settings with your cost drivers, and you’re like what is
a cost driver? Well, a cost driver is what drives your costs
up. So it’s going to be the gas for your car, the insurance for your car, your cleaning
supplies, your office supplies, your internet access, your cell phone bill. If you have employees, it’s going to be their
payroll. It’s going to be the payroll service that
you pay. It’s going to be the FICA taxes or the FUTA
taxes. It’s going to be the workman’s comp. It’s going to be the insurance and bonding
and all these other expenses that drive your costs up for owning a small business. Now, once you know what those costs are, you
plug that into the software. Now when a customer asks how much does it
cost, it magically figures in all of your expenses and it breaks it down by the job. Oh my goodness. Isn’t this brilliant? Okay, so check it out. A customer calls and they say, “Can you give
me a price on my house?” And before you even give a price, you’re going to ask a series of questions. The questions are built into the software,
okay, so either the customer can go to your website and they can fill out this form themselves,
or you can do it on the telephone. So pretend a customer calls in and they say,
“Hey, how much does it cost to clean my four bedroom house?” Then you say, and you jump on the internet
really quick to your website, and you start filling out this form right while you are
on the phone with the customer. It will clue you in on all the questions that
you need to ask them so you don’t forget anything, right, because you want to give them the most
accurate quote. So you say to them, “In order to give you
the most accurate quote, I’m going to need the most accurate information from you. Is that fair?” and they’re going to go, “Yeah,
that’s fair.” Now they have nothing left to lose because
they’re price shopping. So if they give you accurate information, that’s going to help you give an accurate quote. So they say, “My house has four bedrooms,”
and you say, “What is the address of your house?” And you type in the address of their
house or you plug it in on your phone. And all of a sudden it pulls up, it works with
Zillow and Google Maps, it pulls up their house. So now you can physically see it with
your eyes, and you can see the neighborhood that it’s in. It pulls up all the stats, and it says this
house has four bedrooms and it has three and a half bathrooms. Now you’re going to verify that information
on the phone with the customer, and you’re going to say, “So your house has four bedrooms
and three and a half bathrooms. Is that correct? I’m looking here, and it says that your house
has 3800 square feet. Is that correct?” and now you’re going to
give them information that lets them know you’re looking at their house. So they’re
going to start giving you the most accurate information because it’s right there in front
of you. So then you say, “How many people live in
this house?” And you start going through the Compass Wave software, and as you go through
the software, you ask all these questions. How many pets do you have? How many people occupy your house? How often do you cook and use your kitchen? Are there other things you needed besides
regular house cleaning? Are you looking at oven cleaning or fridge
cleaning or you need your walls washed? Do you need windows washed? You go through a whole series of things, and
then they say, “No, that’s not important now,” or “Yes, this is important,” and then it breaks
it all down. At the end, you hit the submit button. When you hit the submit button, it automatically
sends them a quote because you just filled in their information and their email address. It also gives you a quote, so instead of you
saying, “Well, I’m going to have to get back to you with a number and a price,” and all
that stuff, it immediately factors in everything, and it gives you a quote. This is based on this, and it’s based on a
bedroom takes so many minutes to clean, a bathroom takes so many minutes to clean, and
then based on how long it takes you, you can go in and alter those numbers. If it takes you 20 minutes to clean a bathroom
instead of the 14 that the software allocates, you can add in the extra minutes so that you
can take a little bit longer, and it factors that in your price. If you normally charge by the hour and you’re
trying to go a bid like a house instead of bidding by the hour, you can factor in the
extra time it’s going to take you to clean that house. It does all of the work for you so that you’re
not sitting there trying to figure it out. Did I ask all the right questions and did
I forget anything? Okay, so here’s the beauty of it. When you get to a customer’s house to do a
walkthrough, they already know the price. They already know if they can afford you,
and so the investment is this. You pay a little bit of money up front every
month for the premium plug-in that goes into your website, and in exchange for that, it
saves you hours of time going and doing walkthroughs with customers that when you get to the very
end and you give them a price, they’re like, “Oh, that’s too much money. I can’t afford that,” right? So instead of having that surprise and doing
that over and over and over again and wasting all this time, you make a small investment
up front, and that does all the dirty work for you, so the customer doesn’t even have
you come over and do a walkthrough unless you’re in their price range. Now, here’s the great news. When you get to a customer’s house and you’re
going to do the walkthrough, basically they’re going to show you through the rooms of the
house and they’re going to introduce you to their pets and their kids and their house
and the knick-knacks and all these things. But they already know the price, so there
will be no sticker shock. So right from the very beginning if they are
just price shopping, you have nothing more than a conversation with them and they have
an immediate quote. Now, the good news about Compass Wave is this. This is going to close a lot of the sales
for you because it’s very articulate, it’s very well thought out, it knows exactly what
your customer is asking inside their heads. So instead of you getting there playing 60
Questions with the customer, you’ve already had those questions up front on the telephone,
right, and so the customer already knows all the things that you’re going to cover. So if their house is super messy, there’s
a capture in this question, and so is your house super messy, is it average, or is it
really clean, and you can tell the customer on the telephone based on your answer that
you give me right now will change the price, so we can price it based on what we said on
the telephone based on that you’re going to pick up all this stuff before I get here. You can have that conversation, but it’s already
covered it. You’ve already covered it in your conversation. Now you’re covering it in the walkthrough,
so there are no surprises and it helps you set your ground rules and your boundaries. All right. It is a fantastic plug-in to go into your
website, and I have some good news for you. It’s a bit on the horizon. It’s coming, we’re working on it now, but
if you do not have a website and you set up your listing on, we have
just partnered with Compass Wave so that Compass Wave can give the quote to your customers
directly from your house cleaning listing, and that is also the place where customers can leave you ratings and reviews. So if you don’t have a website, this will
act as your website and you can use the plug-in with your listing. I am so excited about it. All right, so I hope this helps you a little bit. If you haven’t given this a try, Compass Wave
is offering you a free trial. I’m not kidding. This is a beautiful thing, and it is to everybody
in our group and everybody in our network, all the YouTube subscribers and the podcast
listeners. So if you have a maid service or a house cleaning
business and you want to give this a try, check it out at Right up in the top of the top bar, there’s
a little thing that says Free Trial. Click on that. You don’t need a code or anything. Just click on it, and they will give you the
free trial. All right. I hope that this helps you bid your next house
cleaning job. It is a brilliant piece of software/plug-in
that works with your website. All right, pass this on if you found it helpful. Leave questions and comments in the notes
below, and until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.

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