How to buy Cannabis Seeds Online: Beginner Strains / Auto vs Fem / High THC vs CBD

Hello and welcome to the official GreenBox
Grown seed banks page! My name is Dylan and in this video I am going
to show you guys exactly how to properly purchase your cannabis seeds online to help get your
gross started and I’m going to cover different things such as the differences between Autoflower
and regular seeds, as well as high THC versus high-cbd. Now the seed banks I have listed on this page
are highly recommended because they are easy to use and have a great reputation. And they also ship worldwide!  So in this video I am also going to show
you guys how to get your seeds delivered right to your doorstep via stealth shipping,so let’s
go check that out. Okay so here we are at the seed banks page
right where you guys are on the website right now, and the first thing I want to explain
is this is mainly a list of our recommended seed banks which are essentially websites
that you can order cannabis seeds from, And they will ship worldwide to you. So you will see we have several different
choices, and first off Growers choice is a seed Bank located actually in California,
so for us Growers this is a really fast delivery option. Next is the Single Seed Centre which is just
like it says in the title, you can order one seed of each strain at a time, so you don’t
have to buy them in packs like most sites offer. And then the rest of these web sites like
the ministry of cannabis, seedsupreme and Amsterdam marijuana seeds. I recommend all of these they are really great
and carry all the big-name strains and then they also have worldwide shipping as well. It is very fast and very stealth. So now that you guys have seen the recommended
list of seed banks I have here, I want to go over a lot of the questions that I get
by most of my clients about buying seeds. and the first and most popular question Is
which strain should I start with as a beginner grower. Because there are definitely strains that
are harder to grow than others, and take a little bit more experience and skill. So I always recommend first off, white widow,
blue dream, or Northern Lights. Those are three  very basic and easy strains
to grow and you are going to get really good results and the large yields from them without
having to know much about growing or have a lot of experience. So those are the three big main ones there
are others, but just to give you guys a quick list that is what I will start with. So when it comes to choosing your seeds, if
you don’t know a strain or you don’t want to go with one of those three, there are kind
of a few things you want to start with and decide on before you pick a particular strain. So the first thing and really the most important
is are you looking to grow high THC strain or a high CBD. So some people actually find that CBD works
a lot better for them than THC for whatever medical uses they are using it for. So there are seeds that you can get that will
allow you to grow a plant that is really high in CBD content, and then lower and Lower in
THC. So for those of you looking for that, that
option is out there. And most of these seed banks to cover seeds
or carry suits like that. And I know. Growers Choice actually has a really good
selection of CBD strains as well as AMS. So definitely check them out for that.  Now you’re high THC strains are just like
that That they have high percentages of THC. Some do also have high CBD So if both chemicals
work best for you or both cannabinoids work  really well combined for you. that is also a really good option. And you will also see a lot of the big names
strains they actually do have CBD versions so like Girl Scout cookies CBD you can get
that, as well as a few other kinds out there so just be sure to browse the different sites
if you are looking for a specific strain. And that way you will be able to find it. Now once you’ve decided between high THC or
high CBD, then you are going to want to decide on whether or not you’re growing autoflowers
or regular. Not for beginners I always recommend trying
starting with an Autoflower because it’s a lot easier to do and it’s a lot simpler to
grow. And it will also allow you to yield your plant
in a much shorter amount of time. so the yields will be smaller per plant but
if you grow more plants obviously in an area you will get higher yields. But it’s really more about learning the process
and seeing how it’s done properly opposed to getting massive yields right off the bat. Because that way you are also going to be
growing quality bud. You will see I go over these in more detail
on my website page here so if you want to read about that just check it out here. So one thing I didn’t mention is with autoflowers
just as the name States They are going to flower automatically or without the light
change where with photoperiod you have to change the amount of light they get each day
to cause them to go from the vegetative state into Flower mode. So that’s the difference between those two
plants, and with autoflowers they’re going to yield a lot faster but they are going to
be smaller plans, we’re with photoperiods you can grow them in veg for as long as you
want to get larger yields. Now finally as I was saying in the intro,
these seed banks all deliver internationally to almost all of the world, so be sure to
check out where they ship to. They do offer stealth Shipping as well, so
you don’t have to worry about customs confiscating your package. But that rarely happens, I’ve only actually
had that happen to me once in The Last 5 Years. So you don’t have to worry about that, and
with most of these seed banks, they actually will send you for free another package of
seeds if they do get caught. So not to worry about that. Alright Growers so that concludes my intro
on how to purchase cannabis seeds online. And if you have any questions or looking for
a particular strain, feel free to hit me up down below in the bottom right-hand corner
of your screen, there should be a green circular button in that corner that you can hit to
open up a chat with myself. Where you can feel free to ask me any questions
you may have. As always thank you guys for watching and
until next time… Happy Growing!!!

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