How To Evaluate a Great Enterprise SaaS Sales Person

– Hi, I’m Dan Martell,
serial entrepreneur, investor and creator of SaaS
Academy and in this video I’m gonna teach you how to evaluate
a great enterprise SaaS sales person so you don’t end up
paying somebody a huge base salary just so that
they can drag their feet and not get you new customers. And be sure to stay to the
end where I share with you an exclusive download called the
Revenue Maximizer worksheet. Where I’m gonna
walk you through the four pillars
of adding specific features to your product to
increase your lifetime value. (upbeat music) So hiring your first
enterprise sales person, especially if you have a
background in more marketing or technology, is a scary endeavor. They usually want some
level of high base salary. They tell you they’ve got
all these connections and knowledge and
industry experience and there’s this big
feeling of hope. When I was building my company
Spheric Technologies we sold to the Fortune 500
companies out there. I was 24 when
I started the company and I had to figure
things out quick. And through that process I’ve
realized there’s six specific areas that you need to evaluate
that I had to get really good at even though I was not
a natural sales person. I didn’t understand the
concept of objections any aspects whatsoever. And I know this to be
true because one of my clients, Reg at Stormborn, even though
they have a freemium product where they have hundreds
of people sign up every day, within their customer base
they get these big Fortune 2000 companies that want to
deploy it to all their staff. So that sales process is totally
different than obviously an SMB sales process. It requires understanding
who the buyer is. It understands
how to sell a POC, a proof of concept,
how to get early commitment and how to negotiate pricing
at an enterprise level. So I want to walk you through
the six steps or criterias to hire an incredible sales person. Step number one,
navigating decision hierarchies in large organizations. Probably the most interesting
thing that you will discover if you’ve ever tried to sell to an
enterprise company is the fact that the person you’re talking
to that wants your product is not necessarily the person who’s
gonna write the check and is not necessarily the person that’s
gonna approve the purchase in the long term and there’s
probably several other people along that line that need to
sign off at certain degree. It could be compliance, it
could be security but the best enterprise SaaS sales people
understand how to uncover all the different buyers and the
decisions that need to be made for your purchase or
your product be adopted by that company. Step number two,
find the buyer ASAP. Now if you’ve ever had a
customer on a call or doing a demo and they’re
all hot and bothered. They’re excited, they want the
solution and then you quickly find out they
A, don’t have a budget or B, don’t have authority to
purchase your product it is the most frustrating
thing you can uncover. So what you want is to find
somebody that knows how to ask the questions to
find the buyer ASAP. It is not always the first
person you have contact within that company. Step number three,
articulate your value prop. Now I don’t care what
kind of product you’re selling. Is it workflow software,
notification software, ERP software, at the end of
the day that great sales person needs to be able to articulate
your value proposition. And I’m not talking about
selling in regards to hey, here are the
benefits and features. But really understanding
what the customer’s needs are, what their pain points are. Talking about their potential
vision and then in the center of those two areas, the problem
and the promise of your solution discussing the value of your
product in regards to solving and delivering on that promise. That needs to be evaluated,
needs to be understood so when you find that incredible
enterprise sales person, test them on that fact. Step number four,
handling objections. Now if you’ve ever done sales
you know that the number one thing you need to get
good at is taking rejection. Now, what usually
comes up it’s not like “No, I don’t want this.”
Or, “This will never work.” It’s never as to
the point as that. What typically comes up from
a sales process is objections like, “Maybe this
isn’t the right time for us.” Or, “I’m not sure this
is gonna solve our problem.” Or, “Maybe the way that you guys
are building the product or the “way it would work wouldn’t
work for our kind of company.” There could be a list of 50
different types of objections and what you want to find an
incredible sales person is somebody that knows how
to systematically unpack the underlying objection because
you might have somebody say, “Well, we don’t really have a
budget,” so that you think it’s a financial
objection but it’s not. Great enterprise sales
people know how to unpack, target, get confirmation, answer in a
non-argumentative way and then get buy-in from
the customer that that would actually solve their problem and then move on
to the next objection. I actually have a whole training
called The Objection Overrider that I teach my SaaS Academy
clients but that whole cycle needs to be
present in a sales person. If they don’t know how to do
that and one of my favorite things I remember in a
book called The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes he talks
about when you hire A player sales people is to actually say
to them if they’re great say, “Hey, I’m not hearing
superstar or rock star. “I’m just not feeling like
you’ve got what I’m looking for “to hire world
class sales person.” And if they aren’t able to come
back to you and systematically deal with that objection, then
they’re not in the right mindset to come and sell your product. So push them back in hiring
process to see how they come back and deal with that. If they crumble
and fall to the ground, then move on. Step number five, can they
position you ’cause when it comes to sales it’s not
about talking crap about other products in the market. It’s about saying, “Hey,
here’s what I heard you say, “here’s what result you want
to achieve and I believe our “product can solve those
problems with this feature, “this feature, this feature.” And if a competitor
comes up in the conversation, “We’re talking to this company
and we think they have a better “solution around that,” your
sales person needs to be able to kind of handle that but also de-position where
they’re weak at. So understanding all the
competitors in the market. Not pretend, “There’s
nobody that competes against us. “We’re the only ones that
deliver this kind of solution.” That’s just crazy talk. Know where they’re weak and
be able to de-position your competing solutions that are out
there in the market and position you as the only
option for your competitor. That characteristic
needs to be present in a high performing sales person. Step number six,
know how to deal with IT. Yes, the company’s buying your
solution ’cause they want an outcome but at the end
of the day it’s software, especially at
an enterprise level, there’s gonna be
some integration. Maybe it’s single sign on,
maybe it’s security, maybe it’s the infrastructure
that’s gonna be installed or hosted on. Maybe they want a
single edition of your product. Regardless what it is, if you’re
hiring an enterprise sales person they need to know
how to talk the language, how to move that decision
process forward and how to deal with IT so that
they are on board, they’re a champion of yours and
not being a road block for that sale to go through. Quick recap. Number one, you need to find
somebody that knows how to navigate decision
making hierarchies and large organizations. Two, find the buyer ASAP. Number three,
articulate your value prop. Number four, handle objections. Number five, position you versus
de-position the competitors and number six, know
how to deal with IT. As I mentioned at the
beginning of this video, I want to share with you the
Revenue Expansion Maximizer so you have other
product lines, modules, add-ons to be able to sell
to your existing customer to increase your expansion revenue. Essentially you need stuff
for your sales people to sell. Especially if you
only have one product. So below in the description
there’s a link for you to download that worksheet. It’s gonna walk you through the
four key areas that you need to consider about adding on some
expansion revenue opportunities. That’s super powerful and
I know it’ll really serve you. If you liked this video, be
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I’ll see you next week. Ya know it! And if you got it,
you got to show it. Show it. Don’t hide the magic.


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Hi Dan, so many young sales folks need to watch this even if they are in the mid market these days.

One comment I would make is it’s not unusual to have a decision maker/champion that isn’t the “buyer” check writer. So, navigating how they make decisions relative to that comes down to turning this person to be your champion and positioning your expectations around how their buyer operates that writes the check.

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