How to Find Clothing Bargains : How to Find Bargains on Clothes at Garage Sales & Consignment Shops

Hello! My name is Denise Robinson, and on
behalf of I am here to talk about consignment shops and garage sales.
In this segment we are going to talk about how to find a bargain. There are two types
of bargains that you could find within the garage sale and consignment shops. Just like
I said before, garage sales you can haggle and barter with the seller, unlike the consignment
shop. They are set to the prices that the seller and the owner of the shop had agreed
on. That price cannot be changed. So when you go in for a garage sale, and you see an
item that you want, and you really, really want it, and you see someone else looking
at it, it is a good thing to act like you don’t want it and kind of look at something
else, that gives the other person looking at it, say well they do not want it as bad
as I did, you go back to that item and barter with the seller, and you could probably get
that for a cheaper price. As far as consignment shops, if you know the cycle of how they sell
their items, you can wait till the item goes on sale to purchase that item.

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