How To Fix Cars And Make Money Online

How to fix cars and make money online. Whats good folks its yah boy DeVaughn
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How to Fix Cars And Make Money Online. Real quick before you finish watching this
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How To Fix Cars And Money Online First and foremost
I’m going to assume a few things That you have a love for cars
and you know how to fix them. You can’t do this way of making money online
without those two things. Now the first thing you must do is
Create a youtube channel that
is niche specific of teaching people how to fix
cars Like brakes, changing oil, fixing dents
You know the simple stuff. You don’t want to get too techinical
because this is just to start to generate some traffic
to your videos. Once you get passed the 10,000 view mark
then you should be able to monetize your videos. Now this is just one part
of your income. Next you will focus on building a email list
Now your going to need some online marketing tools
like a optin page, autoresponder and a ebook you’ve created yourself. Pick a simple thing most people have trouble
with doing themselves on their car and break it down in a ebook. Then you give that ebook away for free to
anyone who opts in to your email list. You can create the ebook for free on Google
docs and send to people who opt in. I’ll be posting
a video soon on how to create a ebook with google docs
So stay on the lookout for that. The reason you are creating a email list
is because you will want to promote your new videos to them when you upload to Youtube
and further more You will be able to market affiliate products
to these people on your email list. You can become affiliate with alot of different
car sites. Its really not hard
but you can also become an affiliate with Amazon
which is free and easy to join. This is what we call creating your own economy. This is the blue print to making money online
as mechanic or a person that know’s how to fix cars. Now to get these online marketing tools
like a optin page and autoresponder and email broadcaster
will cost you alot of money in the long run but what if I told you I could get
all these tools to you plus more for FREE? I’m personally giving you a 7 day trial
to help you start building your own online business
using this tool suite. This is the easiest way to Fix Cars And Make
Money Online. I will post a blog pretty soon to give you
a more detail map of this blue print to financial freedom
using your skills you’ve learned. But in the mean time
Go Ahead click the below and chekc out the tool suite. If you have any questions
on how to fix cars to make money online hit me up on social media Its yah boy DeVaughn
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