Yeah, I gotta make a video Flight Attendant: No, it’s not good. It’s not good. Chris: It is good. You guys gonna be commended FA: Don’t put me on
Chris: Oh, I’m gonna put you on. FA: No no no
I’mma put you on. Hey. This is my first United flight in a long time FA: I don’t choose to be on the video She’s not on video. She not on video. Did you put me on?? FA: Let me see. I’m gonna kill this boy Dude, she was like “You want some water?” And I was like, “Yeah okay” And then gives me THIS. What is this? How am I gonna drink this?
FA: You so lyin I can’t even bring this through TSA! Anyway, there’s a dude over there that’s sitting in my seat but he wants to sit with his family so they’re gonna see if they can sit me in another seat once everybody gets on board And where’d you put this? Where I’m putting this? I’m on YouTube Wanna see my YouTube channel? Lord Jeeeeezaus Watch me, I go to Japan all the time. Probably get you a nice little exit row somewhere Oh yes, put me in the exit row, yes Oh, they gave out most of the seats already, see? You’re good! You’re good! Yeah, see that dude right there? That’s my seat but it’s all good, it’s all good, it’s all good.
FA: Hahaha! He can sit there, he with his family. If he was just by himself then you know, I gotta have my aisle Yeah, you’re gonna have one of these. No, we still gonna get you an aisle Oh I love you. What’s your name baby? XXXXXXXX Are you single? No. No?? Kid sweet like I am, you think I’m gonna be single? Right. “If you liked it you shoulda put a ring on it” FA 2: Are you singing? We’re acting crazy back here! Chris: She actin a fool FA 2: Are you singing?
FA 1: He’s on YouTube, I said don’t put me on YouTube Ya’ll on YouTube now. [Flight attendant giggling] Come on girl, what yo man got to do with me? Good thing I had got my makeup on this morning Mm-hmm. “Can I fly with this wretched old flight attendant?” Why they take so long to give out the seats? Hold on baby. Alright, I’ll sit right here. How am I in Economy Plus? When I’m on a Basic Economy ticket? You my girl, you my girl. Don’t put it on you know, you not supposed to video and put it on YouTube What?? Yes, it’s illegal. It’s illegal?? I’m goin to jail then. I was comin out the plane right and I told the pilot, I was like, “Man how ya’ll fly this plane so fast?” He goes, “Uh oh” “You can’t be recording us, you gotta delete that.” And he made me come back in the plane and delete the video in front of him He said that airline crews can get in trouble for appearing on social media and stuff like that so… Now I gotta blur out all the faces of all the crew that I recorded on there. About not recording on the plane I think that’s a United only policy. Ya’ll seen all the planes I’ve been filming on. All kinds of planes. Even with the big camera out! And ain’t nobody told me squat You know why? It’s because United doesn’t want anyone filming people getting their ass beat on their plane, that’s why. I ain’t gonna fly United ever again. Ever. Alright, speaking of big cameras, it’s time to switch it up. Here we go… Oh no! I forgot to bring the mic. Man, I knew I forgot something. Without that mic, it’s not even worth filming on that camera. The audio is gonna be boo boo. Now this camera is useless to me right now. And to be honest, if I didn’t even have this camera I wouldn’t even have this bag. I would have my coat and my folder with my papers in it for what we about to get into I like that pole. I like that pole, for uh, yeah that’s nice. Yeah, it’s heavy duty Yeah, where’d you get that, Amazon? I can’t.. It was online. I cannot remember it was few years ago. Oh man, I like that. I wanna get one. Alright, thank you sir. Driver: Good luck Chris: Alright thank you.
Driver: Bye. Alright, I’m here at the DMV in Inglewood. I live in Las Vegas and Nevada DMV told me to come to California to get a One Trip Permit to move my car from California to Nevada. Okay, thank you.
You’re welcome. Alright, microphone or not, funk it So I got a Lyft on the way to pick me up right now I’m done at the DMV, did what I had to do Now, I’m off to the customs broker to pay my invoice then, we’ll be able to really do what we really came here for. This was step one, now we’re doing step two. And after that You gonna see what we gonna see. Is this my Lyft? I’m waiting on a Yaris. He’s supposed to be here already. Your driver is here. Hold on, is this him? Driver: Movie making today? Yep, doin some Youtubin here Driver: Awesome Chris: Thank you for the ride, sir No problem, adios! Okay now, we are here at the customs broker…. There’s our boat. Yeah, so I came inside. I called them on the phone, I got the number. And I been calling them and she was like, “You got a TWIC card right? Why don’t you just come inside??” And I’m like, “Uh, the dude at the gate wouldn’t let me in earlier.” I guess they had a shift change and this dude was like, “Yeah, go ahead.” He looked at my TWIC card and was like, “Yeah, go ahead.” And I’m like WOW I coulda been in here already long ass time ago. Yeah, long story short, well. I’m not gonna get the car today. Cars have not even come off that boat yet. I’m going home empty handed but I will come back next week. But you know what though, they did give me the lowdown on how to go about this for next time. Don’t come on the day of the arrival of the boat. It takes a full day and a full night, basically 24 hours to unload the boat, so They’re like don’t come day of arrival. Come 24 hours after it arrives. Also, call ahead. You know, they didn’t know who the heck I was. When I showed them the paperwork they looked it up. I’m set, however, my car ain’t off the boat, so… Now that I’m outside, let’s call a ride to get outta here. Alright, I’m waiting on John, he said he was gonna be here like at 6:15 And it is now 6:11 Look at this boy. Look at this boy Look at this boy Look at this boy What’s up? What up G? What we eatin? In n Out? Protein stylez? That’s pretty much all I can do unless you wanna get a steak or something We ain’t gonna be able to get a steak in that short amount of time Yeah, you’re right. Dude, what happened to your bucket seats? I took em out.
What?? It’s tiring to climb in and out every single day and my driveway is narrow as hell, can’t open the door that wide For real? Dang I’m in the world famous Corolla, G Dude, this car is FAMOUS Famous? Famous where? Dude, all over the world man The speed bumps in this parking lot suck. I used to hate these speed bumps when I had my 240 man, cuz my 240 was hella low. I’m not that low but my cat’s really low. You got the Rein Hard on here? Yeah, the Rein Hard.
Yeah buddy I heard that joint over there, I was like is that him? That’s me You wanna get coffee with a cop right there? Coffee with a cop?? Yeah, they got.. hold on, you see that sign says “coffee with a cop” Aw damn Sometimes, in my area, it’s like “Have spaghetti with a cop” or something I don’t even know why the hell you’d do that. Nah dude, I don’t wanna dine with no cops. When I got called for jury duty, they were like, “Do you hate cops?” Cuz it was like a DUI case Yeah Shoulda been like, “HELL YEAH SUCKA” I was like, “Cops are alright but they are dumb as hell sometimes” Is that what you really said? I said that and then they dismissed me later I said, well, I didn’t say they’re “dumb.” I said it real professional. You know L&L Barbeque? Yeah, but L&L.. That L&L right there, the dude that owns that has like a Lamborghini and stuff What?
Yeah How did…? He gotta be doin something else cuz..
It’s a Chinese guy cuz you ain’t buyin no Lamborghini owning an L&L Yeah. And he has a supercharger kit. It’s not just a stock Lamborghini, it’s like decked out. Like a 50 grand supercharger kit He has a Corolla with a F20 in it Turbo F20. That’s how I know him Cuz I don’t know any Lamborghini people I don’t know any either. Oh man, we’re in like the hood right now. This is like Hawthorne. Dude that Inglewood DMV was ghetto Yeah… I think it wasn’t that busy though considering you were out there like an hour Nah, I pulled up like at 7:20am There was only maybe 30 people ahead of me But dude it’s messed up because they only let like 5 people in at a time They make people wait outside all damn day long for heaven’s sake but at least though, to get a moving permit from Cali, they don’t even ask for no info. I was like, “You wanna see my insurance?” or whatever, “Nah, we don’t need that” And then it was just straight $20 Yeah, that’s cool. You know like International Driver’s license is like 20 bucks too Yeah, I got one Yeah, I was thinking of picking one up It’s real easy to get an International Driver’s license but um I bet no one in Japan will rent you a car if you can’t speak Japanese. I rented a car before No no no, I’m saying like for a random ass dude, you know what I mean? If you’re just a random ass dude. I was a random ass dude. I know but if you can’t show anything, well then that means if you can’t speak Japanese, you can’t read Japanese, they’ll let you just rent a car? Nah, you know what though The rent-a-car place we went to was in Ikebukuro and even though my girlfriend at the time, remember Eiko? Yeah yeah yeah Alright, so she was with me at the time but like it was funny because I was talking to the dude in English I set it all up in English. The dude, he knew like basic enough English to set up the rental. Oh ok. I was worried that they wouldn’t let foreigners rent if you don’t know how to read the signs and stuff. No, you know what, they give you like a little cheat sheet of like the signs and what it does and everything (unintelligible) In n Out Yeah buddy In n Out Yeah, this is about all I can eat right now man I was inside Donki (Tokyo Central and Main) right I was just looking at all the bentos and stuff and I’m like man.. I wanna eat all this stuff You wanna eat rice, you wanna eat bread, you wanna eat like katsus Everything dude. So what, Chiyo is cutting out carbs now? She’s cutting out carbs, she’s eating real good. Good. Keep on it, because you know what Chiyo? If you cut out carbs, right? And then if you go back on it, all the weight you lost, your water weight will come back like 10 pounds, like that. Overnight. and you’ll be like WTF Stay on it. Okay? Alright. And you stay on top of her too man Cuz like I got nobody telling me what to do but it’s like it’s hard sometimes. Nah you got me man, you got me. Yeah man. Especially when I go to Japan. The last time I went to Japan I did alright. I did good. Until the very last day. And I went to Go Go Curry and messed up. Aight, let’s go inside This the hood so I’m gonna take my steering wheel off. Chris: Yeah dude. We get jacked, come back out here and we got no ride. You gotta take an Uber to the airport, I gotta take an Uber John: You got the same bag as my boss John: The National Geographic, but he has the satchel kind John: It’s like the same fabric, same everything Chris: What hat you got? Yakults Chris: Dude, you know what’s messed up? They don’t make fitteds man Yeah, I know. These, it’s all… It’s even hard to get these man Looks real to me. You know what I mean Chris: Does it have the New Era on the side? No, I always opt out Chris: What? I like it simple. Chris: Yeah… Chris: You know what though? I’m wearing.. I got this blank one right now cuz I remember I went to the LA County fair wearing a San Francisco Giants hat and these dudes came up to me they go, “You in the wrong town, boy” I was like “WUT, IT’S JUST A HAT MAN” John: Oh no I was with you! I was with you! Oh yeah, that’s right!! Fools be hatin dude, it’s just a hat man. Relax. You know that big ass pin they got on the back of their apron? Yeah, you can buy it. It’s like 15 dollars though. I ain’t got 15 dollars for that. I’ll see you next week Welcome home. We’ll try this again next week. Goodbye.


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