How To Make Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Chicken Tenders

Hi I’m Phil. Welcome to Pretty Good Cooking We’re gonna make a recipe i found on This was made by /u/ilovehamburgers Also, /u/VictorClark They, They made this like a year ago and i was like ‘aw man, I wanna make that’ so im gonna make that and I haven’t told you what that is yet. We’re gonna make Flamin Hot Cheeto Encrusted… Chicken Tenders. Coz, you know, you know The first step is to not eat anything all day. Oooh The next step is to drink. I got my happy mug. [Singing] I need a little booze in my life. I got the Old Ezra. You gotta pre-heat to three fitty. Okay. When you bread things for… Uh breading them you need to set up a couple of stations. The first station is the flower and salt station. You get some flower, put that in a little bowl, That’s plenty, and add some salt. Generous pinch. You can mix it up with a tool, like this knife. Alright. Next you need an egg wash. I’m gonna use two eggs I think. Since we’re filming this video about a recipe i found on drunken cookery i would like to formally apologize for how annoying my voice is. I can’t help how I talk. Couple of eggs. Maybe just a splash of water. Okay, if you’ve ever breaded something, everything’s normal until now when we’ve got off brand Flamin Cheetos, Hot Crunchy Cheese Curls. From Kroger ‘Hey folks is it hot in here or is it just me? But seriously it’s so hot around here, I just saw a chicken lay a hard boiled egg.’ [In what is apparently Phil’s Kroger promo voice] ‘Now that’s cheesy!’ Aw man poor Kroker… Poor Kroger marketing guy, he tried. We gotta crunch these up. John (Camera Man) – Are you sure that’s not just gonna blow out the back? – No That’s not very effective, my drinks too full. Eh we’ll put it in a safer bag. It’s really not very effective. You can use a food processor but what would the fun in that be? I am the food processor! Hmmm We’re getting there, it’s just taking a long fu**ing time. There’s gotta be a better way to do this. There is, it’s a fu**ing food processor. Ehh i think that’s pretty good. Smells like Red 40. Uh god There’s a reason why this works and that’s that Cheetos or Cheeto knock offs are just corn meal. that’s fried with flavour. It’s like a corn meal coating. Just gotta put on my none FDA approved glove on here, not for use with food contact. I got my chicken tendies here. [high pitched] ‘chicken tendies’. It’s like a pound. Put it in the flour, you dredge it, put it in the egg wash, dredge it. In the Cheetos. I think I wasted a lot of Cheetos. [Phil Belches] Ta Daa. Do it till you’re done. You should spray the pan so it doesn’t stick so much but.. uh.. I forgot and we’re almost done so too late now. So yeah, they’ll probably stick. No problem. Hahahahaha Ohh man. My Cheeto topping got a bunch of egg in it so im actually able to really pack it on. Look at that coating. That’s one tender. Boom!!! Hahahaha Right lets bake em. Like… Like 40 minutes. 35? We’ll see. Mama mia. What a night. [Singing] ‘ Oh What a night’ Its been 35 minutes and here they are in all their glory. A lot of these look done and you can tell just by the whiteness. But there’s this mother fu**er. The ultimate Cheeto turd. Look at this thing. We better cut that open. Just to make sure we aren’t gonna die. It’s done. Look at that ratio of breading to chicken. Holy Shit I need some tongs here. Look at that, that’s incredible. Hahahaha. Also Kevin’s here now. – We’re looking at the core sample of the Cheeto krag. It’s very impressive. As a chicken geologist i approve of your work. We’re gonna eat this. You should let them rest a couple of minutes before you destroy your butt hole. Also if you had sprayed it they wouldn’t be sticking so much but i forgot. Oh this one’s got foil on it. Fu**. No problem. You need some metals in your diet right? (Kevin) – A couple I’m gonna eat this breading. Tastes like chicken. Look at this beautiful chicken. That’s the top side, bottom side is a little darker, little more cooked. Looks delicioso. (Kevin) – Is that the Italian term for this chicken? – It surprisingly does not retain to much of the flaming falvour. – I mean i’ve had a couple drinks so its probably inhibited it. – That’s fair. Didn’t think about that. Let’s try it with the ranch. Now it just tastes like ranch. It’s good though, it’s just not as spicy as i would have though. Yeah it was easy as fu**! That took like five minutes to prepare. Well. It feels like a novelty more than anything. Oh wait we gotta try the Manticore. Maybe this will have more Cheeto flavor. Nope still just tastes like chicken. It looks so spicy, it’s like really not. Maybe i shouldn’t have used the Kroger brand. Okay wash your hands and if you wanna make that maybe put hot sauce on it or something. That’s how you do it and it looks hilarious. So… see ya later.


This is an awesome recipe Phil!!! Def gonna try it!! You should do an Oktoberfest special this month!!! Sausages and beer!!

I think you've managed to make something that looks exactly the same going in as it does going out.

it look like my poop after i eat expired hot cheetos

Just found your channel. Glad I did. Instant sub. You guys should try making the ultimate drunken food: HSP (halal snack pack)

I remember seeing that one. reminds me of a restaurant I used to work at that would use chicken strips and after they were fried dip them in a mix of ranch and hot sauce then cover them in cool ranch doritos that were crunched up. they were disgusting

You reddit here first folks, add hot sauce if you try this one. Or perhaps with a different flavor, like jalapeno?

I went back on a whim to watch this episode and now think a T-shirt of Phil looking extremely angry saying "I AM THE FOOD PROCESSOR!!!" would be outstanding.

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