How To Make Indoor Low Carb BBQ Ribs Tender and Juicy

Welcome all! Papa G here. Today I present
my low carbohydrate barbecue ribs. In this video I’ll show you how I make tender and
juicy ribs, indoors, without a grill, while still having that hint of smokiness.
Let’s get started… We’ll be using pork ribs for this recipe and I’ll be cooking
three full slabs. Now with the way we’re going to cook our ribs, I find this
method easier to remove the silver skin. Turn the ribs over and with a sharp
knife score the silver skin by placing several slits along the backside. Now
we’ll cut each slab into thirds. This will make them easier to work with and
provide a nice serving size portion. To a large pot filled halfway with water, add
one tablespoon of salt and two tablespoons of liquid smoke. Bring the
water up to a rolling boil and carefully add the ribs to the pot. Cover the pot
and bring back to a boil. When it begins to boil, uncover and cook the ribs for 45
minutes. After 45 minutes, drain and place the ribs on a large pan to allow them to
cool a bit. When the ribs are cool enough to touch, place the ribs on a cutting
surface silver skin up and with a sharp knife cut and scrape to remove the
silver skin layer. Now we’ll season our ribs. Of course, I’ll be using my favorite
seasoning, but use any seasoning or rub you like. Just be sure it has no added
sugar. Generously apply the seasoning to the ribs. Be sure they’re nicely coated.
Line a baking pan with foil and place the ribs on the pan. I’ll use two pans
here so they won’t be crowded as they cook. Cover the ribs with foil and place
in a preheated three hundred fifty degree oven for forty minutes. While the ribs bake, use this
time to make my low-carb barbecue sauce. I added a little cayenne pepper to
mine, as I like it spicy. I’ll leave a link in the description below for the
recipe. After forty minutes, remove the ribs and uncover. Generously apply the
low carbohydrate barbecue sauce to the ribs. Now place the ribs back in the oven
uncovered for twenty minutes. This will allow the sauce to bake in. After twenty minutes,
remove the ribs from the oven and give them another coating of sauce . Now
they’re ready to serve and enjoy. Look how the meat easily pulls away from the
bone. Delicious! There you have it folks! My version of indoor, tender, juicy
low carbohydrate barbecue ribs. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please like and
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Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time!


Really glad I found this channel, I eat Keto but your recipes are close or easily adaptable for me.
Going to check out some of your other recipes, keep up the great work!

I seen that Alma (Keto Meets Menopause) has challenged us to to make her pancakes.

I'm going to try and see how they turn out. I subscribed to your channel so that I can see when you make your pancakes.

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