How to Make Money With Storage Unit Auctions! Man’s Locker!)

Hi everybody from Coach Dom in this
video I got some clips and cut-ups of walking around at my last storage auction
I went to and then I’ll finish it up follow along here comes the next clip all right check it out man
I could tell a little bit with the fishing pole that you see there jack on
the floor count em and the smudges on everything that looks like a dude’s unit
so let me start clearing it out let’s see what we end up with 125 bucks let’s
see how we make it go just hustling hi everybody from that from Coach Dom
little disjointed a storage locker video but what happened was it was truly
mostly a dudes unit I did end up with some cremains so I gotta go turn those
in kind of sad when that stuff gets left behind that might be another video but
there’s a bit of tools and other odds and ends no biggie Amazon or Ebay type
stuff I hate it when people say breakeven because most of the stuffs
gonna go to a yard sale and maybe I’ll get my cost back but I won’t get my time
back that’s what happens when you do the storage auction stuff it’s really a
treasure hunt and you do your best and I didn’t mind that price point that
happens sometimes anyway either subscribe there there next videos on the
sides thank you for all your comments like subscribe comment you want to tell
me the most unusual thing you’ve ever seen
found in a storage locker hit me up in the comments below and I’ll let you know
what I found talk to you soon thank you!

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