How to Organize a Bachelor Auction : Is a Bachelor Auction Right for Your Event?

Hello! I’m Jenelle Taylor. I’m a licensed
auctioneer and certified as a benefit auctioneer specialist by the National Auctioneers Association.
I’m here today on behalf of Expert Village to talk about bachelor auctions. Our key number
one; is a bachelor auction, the most appropriate fund raiser for you. First, let’s talk a simple
definition. Typically, a bachelor auction is a lighthearted evening cocktail fund raiser
where attractive men and their gift or promotional packages are showcased and sold to the audience
in a competitive bidding live auction. The tone can range from formal and rather restrained
to revealing and very ruckus depending upon your crowd and the way you plan your event.
Of course, the same concept can apply to bachelorette auctions, but for the sake of ease throughout
this, I’ll use the more common bachelor focus. Now let’s talk about, is this appropriate
for your community? Are you in an urban or real community? Do you have a club or dating
scene? What about bachelors? Can you find desirable men in your community who are also
a bit untouchable or difficult to approach on a day to day basis. Next, how is the selling
of individuals going to be viewed by your community? Of course, it’s a fund raiser,
but conservative communities might not look so kindly on the idea of a bachelor or bachelorette
sale. There are several ways to look at this. What about the tone of your organization?
Are you a serious focus or are you a more playful? What’s the public perception of your
group? Is the bachelor auction really going to be the best showcase for that? Now, if
you already do other fund raisers, this is a fun and lighthearted way to add something
new to your fund raising menu. Next, how racy do you want to be? There’s really two ways
to promote a bachelor auction. You can promote the date with the bachelor as the selling
point and then any gifts or packages will be delivered that night of the date. However,
you could alternatively promote the gifts and the package, perhaps of certificates or
jewelry and flowers and the date become optional with the gentlemen being the spokesperson
for that package. That’s two ways you can go. Now, we’ve figured out whether or not
it’s appropriate, let’s talk a couple kinds of things you’ll need to do. First, you’ll
need to find bachelors, then get an appropriate venue, mark it for the bachelor packages and
for your attendance, design a schedule and whatever other parts of the evening there’ll
be, staff your event and follow up afterwards. To do this you’re going to need two types
of support. You need community support, which means you’ll need bachelors and bachelors
will need companies that will donate on their behalf and you’ll need attendees. You’ll need
women or men or both who want to attend and spend. They might bid on these packages they
want the date or they might be friends of the bachelor or bachelorette and they’re coming
simply to support them and give some money on behalf of your cause. These things will
help you determine if a bachelor auction is the most appropriate fund raiser for you.
We’ll see you again with some more tips about bachelor auctions.

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