How to Play Bid Whist : Discarding to the Kitty in Whist

You’ve competing in the auction. Let’s just
say your partner is bid four uptown. You’re encouraged by that. He goes to five and you’re
faced with this decision. He goes to five downtown, four uptown, five downtown, obviously
if you’ve got the high cards, are you going to push this to six? Well, your partner has
encouraged you by bidding four uptown. So he’s promising some strength and you do have
the big joker and you have a manageable hand. I would definitely take a shot on this on
six. Hopefully, your partner will be able to give you something because he did indeceed.
If you’re partner passed however, and they’ve gone to five. You’re really up against it,
you just don’t have the horses here. So your partner is encouraging support for you. The
purpose of this thing is what to do if you’ve picked it up. Supposing for example, it’s
gone four something and you’ve gone to five and you’re going uptown and low and behold
here’s the kitty. Yuck! That’s a bad kitty. Especially if you’ve named hearts. You’ve
got an incredibly bad break. What are you going to do? Well, you can resign but basically
you’ve got absolute junk there. You can look at a discard like this and you just really
happen to have a horrible hand. There’s really nothing can do with this. I mean, you’re just
stranded here. So what I would do is I’d cut this miserable spade suit because you are
forced to keep something. This is an incredibly bad break but you would think, for example,
the kitty might give you a little bit of help. Even if it doesn’t give you the other joker
and ace. But let’s just say it gave you something like this. Without going through all the permutations.
What if you picked this up in the kitty? Well, that’s not to bad. I mean would you rather
have the king of diamonds and the king of clubs or would you rather have the extra hearts.
These two extra hearts are gold. You’ve picked up the king of diamonds. Now that looks like
a pretty comfortable discard along with the bottom diamond. Now is that hand improve dramatically?
Absolutely, it’s a typical two suiter. What are you missing here? You’re missing the ace
and you’re missing the small joker. Surely, your partner will have one of them. The only
way you’re going to get set on this hand is if the opponent has the other joker and the
ace and the ace of diamonds. That’s incredibly bad luck. Proper discards to the kitty, keep
your trump, keep your aces in the side suits. Try to make a two suited hand. That’s the
ideal situation.

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