How to Play Bid Whist : Learn Bid Whist Terminology

The glossary of terms for Bid Whist with kitty
and jokers is very similar to the Strait Whist. We have an auction, which is the bidding process.
We have books or tricks, book is any four cards, one card played by each person is called
a book or a trick. We have the term Boston which came from the old pole man train operators
from the early 1900s. Boston is the same as Grand Slam. Boston is the term indigenous
to Whist. It has nothing to do with playing Whist in Boston or anywhere else it’s just
that if you do a Boston, I think that Boston is also used for pinochle. We have the standards
terms such as dealing, which is dealing all the cards out. We have cutting the deck. We
have defender, person who is not playing the hand or who is not declared the contract.
We have the person who makes the hand, names the trump. That’s pretty standard not matter
what the card game is. We’re going to be talking about bidding. The way the bidding process
works. Jokers, we’ve already talked about them and their impact on the game. Kitty,
has nothing to do if you have a cat. Then you have two kitty’s, I guess. What you’re
doing, is that you’re going to dealing out the cards and you make sure, that because
there are six cards in the deck, you have a six card kitty and now with only twelve
cards per hand and a six card kitty. You have an incredibly competitive auction. We have
the word lead, that means playing a card. Pass, means that you’re not bidding at all.
Pretty standard terms no matter what card game. Particularly in the Whist family.

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