How to save on car insurance

all this week we’re helping you wake up to savings on all things car related that’s right this morning consumer expert Amy Davis is tackling car insurance and ways that you can save a bundle on your premiums and she’s here now with what you need to do to start saving right now yeah guys cuz when was the last time you heard somebody say like oh my car insurance was just renewed and they lowered my rates right that never happens in fact the cost of auto insurance of Texas is one of the highest in the country it averages about 2,300 dollars a year that’s just for one person so add your spouse and teen drivers onto your policy and you’re looking at several thousand dollars more and the rates are headed up next year with most companies nationwide is raising its premiums by nine percent in 2019 Liberty Mutual’s rates are going up 7% to keep your premiums low you should shop around but don’t switch companies every year about three years gives you the opportunity to show that you’re a loyal client and will stay with the insurance company for a while and they like that independent insurance broker Chris Mihm says he’s found insurance companies offer the best rates to consumers who don’t hop around too much it costs money to write a new policy and so if you’re bouncing around every six months or so the insurance company’s gonna see that they see how long it’s your with the company and they’re going to give you a different rate and put the brakes on before you use that supposedly free roadside assistance from your policy the company may not raise your personal rates at that point in time because you’ve had several roadside assistance claims but if you’re going to shop and look for a better rate those claims are gonna be held against you by some companies the same goes for so-called free glass repair you don’t pay anything but it counts as a claim against your insurance and when one of mems clients tried to get a new policy one glass repair claim raised her premium by two hundred ninety five dollars a year it doesn’t cost you as the insured at that moment any money but in the end every claim is gonna cost money to somebody nothing is free alright and lastly mem says those tracking devices that a lot of insurance companies offer to plug into your car they monitor your driving habits and maybe discounts he says they don’t work that well in our area he said if you’re often in a lot of stop and go traffic Houston and you have to brake hard because the driver in front of you does that kind of driving counts against you so the takeaway here you can check your rates every year but unless you notice a substantially lower discount just wait and don’t do it until like every three years he says that’ll pay off and call an independent insurance broker to let them do those checks for you you don’t have to worry about calling five different companies no that is helpful oh gosh thank you appreciate it more money to spend on other things we actually want to spend it on right

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