How to turn £28 into £320? – Auction Hunter

Hello everyone! This is Ersah “the auction
hunter” speaking! Welcome to my youtube channel! I can see your smiling face! I am
sure you are waiting for me to show you new items nev lots! Then let’s start baby!
Alright we got this stuff today! Let me see what will happen with this! I only
paid £28 for this one ! So we’ll see if we can make money and I’m
sure I’m gonna do! Watch this space! Okay let’s start with this. This is MIA 2 – Let
me show you! Why is it why is it oh okay oh okay alright now I’m with it I’m
with it! OK let me see if it’s just
brand new or not! Well it is brand new! See? It is brand-new never used wow!
That’s a good one! Brand new ones go mate go on mate! Brand new ones they are
going for £49 man 49! £49 easy-peasy £49 and I got two of
them! Yeah this is brand new as well! Oh yeah oh yeah! £98 for both of it!
hank you! So that means I got my money back and I
already made some profit! Okay what’s this? Gwanoming hair
straightener! I’m trying to find similar things! I’m not sure if you know
or not but a company… A big factory makes this thing you know this thing
without a brand name and as a company you are asking them to put your brand on
and they say okay if you buy ten thousand I’ll do it for you! So that means several
different companies can buy this thing and they can put their logo! That means
you can find similar things around! Anyway what I’m gonna do. I’ll put
£15 for that you know it’s a fair price! £15 for that one
yeah! If you ever watched me you know that I like this kind of things! This
this is about health! Clear way something! OK I’m just checking now.
Okay there you go! Brand-new and it’s on bid! £5 it’s
saying. This is new! Time left one day. I think we’re gonna
pass this one okay. This is my favorite brand ResMed! So this
is just the Mask headgear oh all right! Oh that’s good! That’s good! Lowest price
oh that’s good! I like that! £40 it’s good yeah easy-peasy
£40 s for this airfit F10 mask headgear! wow wow wow! Okay I remember
that I remember that! Uktramirage nasal mask! Can you see that? Yeah there
you go! Oh £100 if you buy from Italy!
All right see see! Everything is here so EUPAP or Somnishop. Hello guys if
you want to be my sponsor just let me know!
No problem at all! Yeah £99.30! Then yes selling on eBay at the end of the day! We
can make £90 from this Resmed Thank you Resmed! I love you Resmed! Come on! I saw this box I saw this box
like this and I couldn’t see the other side of the package and I was
thinking it’s something interesting! I love black boxes! There you go! What’s
this man? There’s no name nothing! Shit! Oh alright we have another Resmed
Thank you Resmed I love you Resmed! Okay this is this is that one okay £29.65 is okay for me! So £29 for this Quatro…. f10….
Last items all right all right. I’m not sure if they are working
but I know that this brand is something Tresemmed Is it working? Now it’s working it is absolutely working
yeah this is working let me see how much they are! Well okay I’m not I’m not
adding this one no! okay what is this one?
Kipozzi okay if it’s not a brand i don’t know! I don’t know this brand but if it’s
not a brand I’m not gonna check because it looks like you know it’s been used
and you know there are some scratches around! Hmm and this is mini size okay
now it’s getting interesting! OK. It’s working
see? Can you see that? It is writing off right now and how can I turn it on? okay
that one oh it’s absolutely working! The new ones are £23.90 okay I’m just writing
£10 for this one! £10! Do we have anything else? No! it’s already
finished and it’s time for calculation! Allright the total sale amount is £320
and I have paid £28 for whole lot! That means 292 pounds of
profit so we made profit for another time which was very very good! It’s about
ten times of what I invested “about” I said hey what hey you there I’m
telling you “about”! Don’t forget about the eBay fees paypal fees and taxes etc this
is gross profit don’t forget that! Thank you very much for watching! Please don’t
forget to hit that like button if you liked what you watched and please please
subscribe my channel if you like what I do! See you next time bye bye!

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