i dont need to snipe, Just won the auction by putting money in 12 hrs ago. Didn't xpect to win but ka ching. Hoo la la, I won with breeze.

I put an early bid on an item a few days ago, because I was afraid I won't be available when the auction is finished. Now I got outbid, and there are 20 minutes left. Wish me luck! Will try to snipe it B)

Wow my second auction with the sniping had about 3 seconds left and it just barely made it

I’m still semi annoyed I lost the first auction by 25 cents

You can use modern auction snipping software…

You will need:
Not ruthlessness
Not cunning
Not timepiece
Not a reliable internet connection
Not snip… Wait, you actually gonna need a sniping service but an online one – www.isnipe.io

I started a bid at 23 and someone bid 23. I got offered 43 but offer is now expired. 4 days left and still no other bids. Hope this sniping doesn't screw me over.

I was just about to win an ebay auction but ebay hits me with that "you've reached your bid limit" I am actually SO upset right now.

I'm Planning To Use This Technique For An Item I'm Gonna Try getting Tomorrow.Wish Me Luck.🙏

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