Howard Schultz Heckled At Event After Mulling Presidential Bid | TODAY


Lol the liberal billionaire just experienced his first encounter with angry leftist. And it is only the beginning.

Dems and Publicans won't support someone from the other party, so why does he think anyone from either party in Congress would support him?

I like how Democrats think that calling someone "rich" or "billionaire" is somehow a derogatory term. They reject success and hard work, and instead worship mediocrity and underachievement.

Quit calling Democrats the left. We are the American people who are concerned about how the 1% is treating the rest of the country and Howard Schultz is a 1 of them who is running because the republican party has gone off of the rails. He is only running to take independent votes away from Democratic candidates who will represent the will of the people instead of the 1%. Americans, do not let candidates like Howard Schultz keep us from achieving the central goal and that is to remove Donald Trump from office. Howard Schultz only cares about his base NRA, gun lobby, and Russians. Stand up to tyranny and don't waste your vote on another billionaire. Howard Schultz does not care one iota about the American people. He only cares about paying less income tax which is way lower than the 99%'s taxes and we don't get all of his exemptions. The last republican administration voted for the largest tax break in American history for the 1%. They sold their soles to the devil.(money). They will always be that way. Howard Schultz is and will only be a republican. Don't waste your vote unless you want the same old crap from the same old white men with the same song but a different verse. I am a old white man and I think we need a more diversified set of representative because old white men are out of touch with the American people.

Run Howard Run!! I mean for president. Look at how well Ross Perot did without your ability to market a $1 cup of coffee for $2-4 bucks. I think you could sell us on some real political ideas better than the Dems and GOP can sell us warmed over poop! Give them a run for their money and shine a light on their points that are impossible or untrue!!

Democrats eating each other alive. They're pushing for Kamala women who spread her legs to get where she is today. She's a power hungry criminal that put innocent people in jail.

I knew Howard’s father. He was a truck driver and sometime tire fitter. Howard has come a long way since living in the projects and I am proud of him. He definitely wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Hmmm..billionaire..gonna run now as independent with zero chance to win??..seems like another dirty tactic..wolf in sheeps clothing..he figures its no lose to protect his money.rat

Heaven forbid that a billionaire would have a ulterior motive to throw a wrench into the 2020 election,he’s just worried about the struggling people.

No More Ultra-billionaires running for president!!! The United States is a Country, NOT A Fortune 500 Company!! No to Howard Schultz!!!

An absolute hypocrite and an old-fashioned greedy capitalist. This guy made billions selling glorified coffee to consumers. Nothing else. An utterly useless product, that contributes nothing to the health and well being of his customers. So, he thinks he can venture in to managing a country, with the largest economy in the world, using the same tactics he used to manage Starbucks. Firstly, he criticized Elizabeth Warren for being a "socialist" and refused to contribute to her campaign when she asked him to. Elizabeth Warren, like Bernie Sanders campaigned on a comprehensive overhaul of the current corrupt healthcare system that has made healthcare cost beyond reach of the majority of Americans. Howard Schultz says that he provided "comprehensive healthcare" to Starbucks employees. I wonder if he thought, that is socialism, corporate socialism, which may partly explain Starbucks success. So, if it worked at Starbucks, why should it not work across the country? This guy is a Reagan era ultra capitalist, whose ideas are way past their time and will not appeal to anyone under 40 years of age. The world has changed since his days in Brooklyn, probably during Jimmy Carter era, living in the projects, probably in some subsidized housing paid for by the government. Another socialist project he and his family would have benefited from. Yet, he abhors it now. His ideas are old, tired and worn out. Northern European countries and Canada have a much higher standard of living than the US, thanks to their generous social programs like single payer healthcare system, social welfare programs, subsidized education, etc. All this is funded by a high corporate tax, and high income tax. Corporate tax is 50% in Canada and over 70% in other countries. Canada has a much lower per capita national debt than the US. I have a feeling Shultz' hidden agenda is to continue Trump's presidency so that the current shameless reduced corporate tax of 21% will continue because if Bernie or Elizabeth, or even Kamala get to the White House, it will be back up to the 38% it was, or may even go higher.

I wish to compare US to Canada, whose population is 10 times more. US GDP in 2017 was $19.5 Trillion, while Canada's was $1.6 Trillion. US debt in 2016 was $19.7 trillion, while Canada's was $1.4 trillion. Yet Canada has higher standard of living and a generous social welfare program and a single payer healthcare system. The US spends much more than it earns. In 2018 budget, the US had a $1 trillion deficit. So, all the wealth generated in the US through economic activity goes to its Corporations, which pay a paltry 21% in Corporate taxes. They overpay their executives so that can live in obscene luxury. This is what Howard Schultz wants to maintain. He has almost no chance to get elected. The only thing he can accomplish is the take votes away from Democrats, which can only help the Republicans. So, I think that is his objective, electing a Republican as president. And that will serve him well because they will maintain current tax rate, and Starbucks will only pay 21% in Corporate taxes.

Howard Schultz is Starbucks [ stock symbol sbux ] largest stock holder. Time to BOYCOTT STARBUCKS. The only thing Howard Schultz is going to accomplish with this 3rd party candidacy is to reelect trump and the only thing a billionaire respects is money. BOYCOTT STARBUCKS. He will understand THAT message. Help this by posting on social media.

Howard Schultz is Starbucks [ stock symbol sbux ] largest stock holder. Time to BOYCOTT STARBUCKS. The only thing Howard Schultz is going to accomplish with this 3rd party candidacy is to reelect trump and the only thing a billionaire respects is money. BOYCOTT STARBUCKS. He will understand THAT message. Help this by posting on social media.

I consider myself a left-leaning centrist, but I am making the pledge that no matter what candidate we are put forth, I will ALWAYS vote against Trump and his fascist regime.

It will be interesting to hear how these democratic presidential candidates will start to critique and criticize each others progressive proposals. They all seem to be for higher taxes on the rich and medicare-for-all. This is where I think it will get interesting. Because each candidate is going to have to show how unrealistic the other person's progressive proposals are.

even Schultz realizes how out of control the new socialist/democratic party is I hope he runs he sounds like a man that won't be intimidated by the "if you don't agree with me I'll burn you down" crowd of the intolerant left!

These billionaires see the people as peasants who will serve them with votes. Absolutely disgusting. They will NEVER understand the plight of the working class.

I love how every single extremist rightwing conservative channel claims rightwing Schultz would "cause Trump to win",
when the reality would be the COMPLETE OPPOSITE: rightwing conservative Schultz would SPLIT the republican vote.
I love how if a rightwinger runs, it "causes the incumbent conservative (Trump) to win".
If a leftwinger runs, it "causes the incumbent conservative (Trump) to win".

To ​@UCL2jAZLpWUFolPwWzGjiDfA ALL government "jobs" are WELFARE by DEFINITION.l You mean government welfare like the military and unnecessary border patrol? Agreed: let's fire them. Force them to work in the free market anarchy.
And let's fire the FBI and DEA. It's nobody's business what drugs a person consumes. Force them to work in the free market anarchy.
When you rightwing hypocrites pay for the damage to the climate by all the fossil fuels you've burned then you can lecture others about getting away with something without paying for it.

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