Howto sell cars to Los Santos Customs – GTA Online

Hello youtube welcome back to another
“Howto” video on my channel you know we are gonna sell some cars to
LS Customs this is not available in the offline version of GTA
5 but it darn is online so let me get rid of that guy really quick and we’re gonna sell this truck here so where near Los Santos customs just on the other side of the road nooooooooooooooooooooooooo music okay okay what you have to do is just drive that car did you just found and go to LA customs or Los Santos customs or ofcource and then click cell we get four thousand
for it sold that was quick money guys quick money
for us so I’ll how I hoped you like this video. it was the shortest in all of the videos are made on this
topic on “Howto” on GTA 5 butI think it’s I it’s a way which you can make really fast Money don’t try to sell
those high-end cars because they will not sell because you cannot modify them
you cannot also not sell police cars although that would be awesome right it
and yeah that’s it guys I would like to
thank you for watching and I’ll see you next time goodbye

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