HUD Foreclosures 137 people bid higher and HUD gave it to me CHEAPER

So check this out on today’s session
what we’re going to do is I’m going to explain to you how I got and I bid on this property this is a HUD
property that I have that over 137 people CUT . . I for got exactly what I was
talking about I did everything myself in here, that is
not how’d you do the business and that right there is a
house that I have already flipped as well I already know that I can flip
this house to a buyer on my buyers list coz I got a strong buyers list in this area Hey guys John Cochran here and today is
System Saturday the day that I bring you a system that I use in my business you can rip off duplicate using your own
local market now if you dig these System Saturdays You haven’t seen anything yet you gotta
get to one of our live events where nothing two full days of System Saturdays content, you can
meet me my team will answer all your questions and leave with
a blueprint nothing but success so on today’s session what I’m going to
do is I’m going I’m sitting into a house I’m sitting into a HUD house that I own and I’m gonna show you how we
bought this property how a 137 other people bid on this
property and then why HUD gave it to me rather than to those 137
people okay it’s a system that we have to trick hand in the public in their computer to
giving up more acceptance ok here’s exactly how we do it the numbers on this property was it was
listed as a HUD home for eighty eight thousand dollars listed on HUD for eighty eight grand okay now the bid amount that I got this property accepted for was sixty three thousand three hundred sixty dollars, do the math on it that is seventy-two
percent of HUD’s list price: now I also mention
that there was a 137 more people that bid on this property
other than ne why did HUD give it to me, here’s the
mentality that most people have and 137 bids on this the they didn’t know this 137 people did not know that they were
bidding against a computer so what they’re doing is that they bid
on this property probably a little bit lower than what I didn’t or maybe where I did okay and then
what they were doing as they were waiting on HUD to lower the price from 88,000 probably
down to 75,000 somewhere around there
that’s what they’re waiting on and then they would submit another bid on it that is the biggest no no and why our
strategy works like crazy to get acceptances so so check it 137 people bid on it eighty
eight thousand dollars now what HUD would do is that when they are countering your
offers they will counter everybody these offers
now they were not answer to any of those counters know what HUD would rather do is take it eighty eight
thousand purchase price and they will always accept always always always
accept in the eighty percent off of list price: of list price: eighty percent of list price now what the
public is doing is they’re saying… “nah way I ain’t buying that property for 88% of list price,
I’ll just wait till they reduce it” what they don’t know is that again
they’re betting against a computer and that computer will take that
eighty-eight percent overtime why you keep bidding on that
property they’re gonna they’re gonna now counter you at 82%
percent 78% and then and eventually
72% but the public don’t know that because
they’re not keeping a bidding on this property, they are not continually bidding on this
property so that’s how I got this property accepted, I was continually bidding on it
and I was constantly bidding the seventy-two percent HUD computer accepted it and then we went
through and we got it we got it we end up getting it sold so so this property we’ve already bought
this property we already funded this property we have already flipped this property as
of last thursday or this Thursday I guess I
should say and we made a lot of money on this deal and that’s how we got accepted so I’m
gonna spill out today on a webinar at noon and then here in a couple days I’m gonna spill out this entire blue print for you so go to HUD tricks dot com to where you’ll learn all my 31
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