HUGE SCORE LARGEST MILITARY HOARD FOUND how to make money! I bought an abandoned storage unit

oh I never think I’ll find a trunk for
helmets like that ladies and gentlemen boys and girls of all ages it is I don’t
know what date is but we are here we got a load for Sunday Alameda had not even
finished filming half this unit it seems uncle Michaels here to help me
we got Harold on the way to help assess the situations to you what he thinks
like a cell on one Sunday and Hallett meet a very fancy flea market 150 is
stopped I have to get two or three time to make money let’s get unboxing whoa
check out these these are German right here he’s like a hundred bucks each huh it says Ocwen urban GM fourteen this
German I can train German regional sometimes you know occasion hold
individually stamped with the ego makes this real can I see the bottom of that
hand this you want to see that or cross-hatching the inside you see that
the way the leather is just the hole if you look at this hat yeah look at that
look at this leather for instance the car we go here bring kids blankets like
coffee table things like that it’s just a box full bags for do this luckily these are not full of what they
should be these are actually what real grenades come in these are all empty
film containers we’ll take those yeah let’s just see they start a family
get accustomed oh it’s a German Street isn’t it or a
place yeah maybe it’s nice all the place he’s got tons of shells look at the size
of that one this box is experiencing very
interesting belts holsters what’s a u.s. Navy euro
ships is accomplice all this money and some time we’re gonna stop putting all
the hats to say we could do that Mina was it’s getting out of control you
haven’t even seen happen we haven’t even seen the whole other half the storage
hero very stinky Bob so they can go though how much of the trailer do we
have about I need a little bit of back for some stuff I have is not military I
got some other Wiggles really cool stuff Department of Air Force glassware why
would a soldier have reflectors on his helmet at night that’d be a first world
what not yeah that’s what Ward’s oh boy American nice look at that hat oh oh it’s reproduction no it’s not
reproduction from when like 9:30 you were all looking medium medium no it’s a
reproduction but for men’s 70s probably I wish it was true it would be a Indian
Wars wouldn’t it it’s great this is 20 bucks everything we need to see look at this
oh look at that one that’s great that is silver some of these are silver and look
at the name underneath this I want to give it tribute to him Donald F Bellamy
lieutenant shoutout to you I like to give everybody great like a special table is this a
special table relay yeah that’s a berry it’s more of the side I mean the you
know what’s this oh look at that oh wait we need a cell phone for the Chad look
here so far and it’s great for Chi that’s cold
okay’s everybody he said with our importing the story it might be somebody
on there really important air station Alameda for this we don’t do this what
are these please check it that’s got a West Point jammed icon you see it no
that’s what I want to know what these are – it’s not West Point cadets yes it
is it’s a different society that goes over your stuff that goes over here yeah that is really cool it’s a whole little
box of trinket type things I think that’s great that’s different we had we
need some non-military so many of the women busy we’ll all the
guys are shopping no offense but generally women do not buy a lot of it seems to me this is a lot of his
childhood stuff no it was a cellar let me put this in a riot riot helmet oh yes
old school right I’m gonna get a chain guard good that’s good that’s cute huh
but it’s not an axe that you look at this world war two that is just Sarah
look if these are any good this is for you Uncle Michael have any customers get
out of line on Alan at Alameda we got this whole box we’re gettin
pretty wild in our hat and helmet department it’s crazy we need to study
some of these – all these 10 20 bucks apiece
what about canteens we are right on canteens thank you 42 this is enamel wand this is
very hard to find this work funny yeah we come on over there Oh another cold oh
boy love it what’s this this Carmichael that’s what is this room it’s no this is
probably pretty are you still not to keep there’s another one of those San
Francisco Opera outfits circus entertainer I think the whole box are
good to go what does it say he’ll pieces Courtney be starboard thank you very
much Courtney the whole box take this yeah that needs to be do we
need to but we don’t we can’t afford to do so DC for $10 a show know what’s on
what’s wrong is we only have so much time you know who you look like right
now they easily call you Scrooge and that would be from the Christmas story
but you look like a Tiny Tim Oh Michael if it’s Tiny Tim
he grew up you know I’m talking about you never seen the Christmas Carol Bob
Cratchit isn’t a Bob Cratchit in the Christmas Carol I’d be completely wrong
and he were his dad works for yebin either Scrooge and then he comes back
and then Christmas Ebenezer Scrooge goes to visit the three Christmas ghosts and
then he kind of ends up being nice to the family here Tiny Tim the crippled
child yeah we don’t have that many belts and the one that’s a pretty nice
container there Texas trunk company trunk Walker barracks us think only a
hundred that I know they since seen himself for 250 on eBay it’s a practice
one but it still misses Captain Frank bowels thank you very much with your
muscles Michael we need seasoned fingers to open that right there Terrell calls
and seasoned fingers seasoned fingers reserving judgment and says heralds
always we got a hand this sign was 29 cents of velcro drugs metal sign shudders nobody’s industry I think
they’re camera shutters like the back of the ballast will you call that that
stands out hopefully somebody out here in this world will tell us it’s slightly
larger I’ll take note it’s slightly larger isn’t it okay Mike Oliver need
you to seem in the front of the back the first team is in the front seam went to
the back in 42 cities to 38 helmet this is that first generation helmet has the
seam in the front aluminum and look at the bails these are fixed rail fixed
fixed browsers so when they’re in the back they’re not World War two no they started doing it in 42 – what
I’m do here 45 so for three years they were putting them in the back
so anytime there in the front they’re always 38 to 42 okay so they’re early
helmets that are first-generation it’s a very nice first generation helped me
with the original color and the original – I love lino all right stilts for when your stilts circus
stilts pants I’m telling you I bet I take back so far if you knew we’ll get
there okay uniforms uniforms coats it’s got a few things is one we’re taking
this is sixty bucks this price tag on he says one bar he said $20 and you don’t
wear nice for that when you pull that tango 75 yeah it’s got a cantina it’s
brilliant yeah now this is a 75 bucks when we unpack this first rules we take
off every tag let’s see Oh think I find a trunk for helmets like that we don’t use that word because it’s not
good on YouTube he paid me twice as much for the military badges I guess old you
last time same back yeah different ones the same one I still
have them that’s probably a hundred bucks damn look at this this it easily
send them a picture this is a liner liner for an American helmet the world
war two take note two holes in the front World War two later Vietnam one hole in
the front see one more two liner made from wood wood wood Opress one nice see
this difference note front seam as we discussed but no law pixie swivel hi
auntie – no this is between 1940 and forty – okay they only had to fix
barrels like one year this is the real oven one that comes with this this is
the mangas Vietnam first date that’s really cool
okay I mean it’s a Vietnam helmet but I’ve not seen a back same Vietnam helmet this is a back seen but World War two
you know it says a slight difference in shape the surprise right she decide I
know the way alone see the bubbly miss see see that’s the difference you can
see when you got next to each other even tell when they’re not next to each
other’s very heart another Vietnam nice this is really nice
it’s a naval helmet front seam see francium early World War two
swivel well very nice collection the liners and you’ve got a lot of World War
two lines there’s another front Seema very nice excellent
I mean though he said it himself they wonder fifty nice old stuff to nothing
this is a very nice helmet he wasn’t selling in a long time yeah what’s this yeah projectile so we’re gonna get this all wrapped up
now we’ve gone through this whole unit units diminished uncle Michael’s been
loading like a savage heavy load for Sunday ah what you guys say off mic yeah because it start an army alright so
that’s a wrap this unit has been pillaged ravaged and ready for the flea
market we have a little bit of really low-end mediocre flea market sales and
trash other than that we finally finished going through that military
unit not gonna be a major major profit margin a lot of people believed I was
gonna make 30 40 50 grand off the unit there is some money to be made I’ll let
you know we did at the flea market I got a little couple clips of that and then
we’re gonna take that last load Alex and I with our other stuff we bought and
that’s a wrap on the military unit thanks for watching all these if you
missed any of them as a full playlist on the $5,500 unit and one more time
shout out to every servicemen has ever served this country who’s ever fought
for our freedoms and really any country or anybody who goes and gives their
dedication to their country to their people that live in their country and
the do anything they can to fight for their freedoms salute to you for being
that person much love I love y’all blessings


I just wanted to say that recently I subscribed to your channel (found you through Locker Nuts) and Iโ€™m HOOKED! Every evening for the past week Iโ€™ve made sure to watch THE PIRATE, SALT PRINCESS, PEPPER, & UNCLE MIKE!!
Keep chasing those treasure chests! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Good morning Captain. Hope you slept well in your new bed in your new house! I love it when you have Harold over to play; I could listen to him for days. At 4:33, Pirate, I need that yellow caution tape for prankin' folks. Could you autograph it and deliver it? Tell Uncle Mike I'm still waiting on that ride. Uncle Mike was a little shy with the camera today, but tell him he's got nice legs. Fabulous unit! Tyfs. ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ˜

I love these episodes because you come to a name and thank them for their service. I to believe all the service men and woman who served our nation be thanked and with Memorial Day so close it was meant to be found. Thank you for your serviceโค๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ‘ฎโš“โœˆ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš‘๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

So much history and so many life's it make me remember all my family from both wars WW1 WW2 great grandfathers great uncles great cousins only two of the cockayne family survived the wars one of three half brother of my father and my mother father he was on the long walk as a prisoner of the japanese and would never talk about it the sad thing is there are only plaques with there names on in the town i grew up in all together was 53 of them and my father said that was not them all i wonder what they would think of the world today is like sorry for goin on Storage Auction Priate .

God bless you and your family and another great video man and wow amazing that was a great unit keep them videos coming and I send you and your love ones lots of blessings always ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

ะŸะพะฒะตะทะปะพ ะฒะฐะผ ั ั…ะฐะฑะฐั€ะพะผ ั€ะตะฑัั‚ัƒัˆะบะธ…

The shell with all the holes is for a Recoilless rifle. M1 helmet front seam was adopted in 1941 this was developed in 1940 the seam was moved to the back of the rim in November of 1943. The Kelly helmet was in use till 1941.

The reflectors on the back of the helmet band are only used stateside. Never in a field of operations It's to help prevent training accidents–like running over or shooting a soldier.

I wonder if any of the movie studios are needing military uniforms for movie making? You might be able to sell the lot at a decent price. Cool seeing all the old military goods

Reflectors on the back of a helmet is called, cats eyes, so when your on patrol the person behind you can see where your at, going.

Thank you all for the video 's hope you sell alot items at the flea market god bless all the soilders who served in the war and the ones still serving

Such a fabulous militaria collection. Someone sd pent a lot of time putting that together. Thanks for showing us. And congrats on beautiful new home!

It's too bad you couldn't have found all this military items a few boxes at a time because too much is sometimes not good when you sell it.

its an ammunition feed shute, feeds belted ammunition into a weapon on a tank, APC, or CROW/RWS, referring to the shudder

What a great military load !! Stuff like that sells great around here in south Alabama . You did great Michael ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

The camp with a swords crossed on the top is Civil War era. It could be a reproduction you'll need to do some research

i saw a ww2 telephone in that box it is made of steel and really heavy and black one i have that same one i looked mine up years is 1939 2 1945 rotary dial phone they still work today

Beautiful unit Mike! It could have been taken to the landfill but you saved it! Putting pieces of history back into the hands of people who will appreciate and preserve pieces of the past!! Thank you ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป !

PIRATE !!!! You Have an Original SPETNEZ SHOVEL !!! Cold Steel makes a reproduction but you have an original….also I saw an ARCTIC CANTEEN … = $

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Thank you to all that gave for our freedom today. Moment of silence, was great having Harold there he knows alot an took time to share . Thanks for saving from landfills. Great unit

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