Hyundai Ioniq electric review with a Hyundai dealer in car!

welcome to today’s video today’s video I
am in a Hyundai ioniq and I’m gonna be reviewing this full EV ioniq and
I’ve got Will from DSG who basically knows everything about this car way more
than I do so I’ve tagged him on one of these
busiest days today at work he’s got no stuff and he’s kind enough to sort of
lend me his hours so Will how much does this car roughly coming in at you know
your head come in at after the grant this one which the premium specification
is about 26,000 26,000 and judging by the premium specification what I’ve gone
on so far notice he’s got heated seats “yes”
heated steering wheel “yep” did they do leather seat covered options yeah you
can get the premium se next model up gives you the leather seats front
parking sensors and a few of the safety things I think like blind spot detection
okay is this not got blind spot detection i think that’s on the next one it’s
got some sort of traffic looking thing ahhh i think they”ve got the lane keep assist okay
what’s V ESS that is the Hyundai voice on it so that’s the sound it makes
okay long at low speeds so pedestrian warning warning yeah okay is that what
noise does it makes it sound like a very plane taking off you can never really
hear it’s kind of a like a jet engine each time no it’s a bit like the Kona
okay wait I never noted from inside the car yeah I can’t hear it you can hear the zoe’s very audible you can hear the Zoe’s
and the Kona you can hear at low speed you’ can hear them coming down the
road but the ioniq is never really a jumped out and the battery size in this
Hyundai ioniq is usable is 28 at all hours and what’s the most range you’ve
personally got out of this car 165 miles Wow that’s that’s some efficiency the
efficiency on the ioniq is crazy we have customers that average in
the sixes is that why they’re not putting the 60 kilowatt battery in this
thing they need to in the later one they’re putting their 39.2 out of the
Kona in and if they’ve got any own NEDC figures on the 40 yet or not that we’ve
been given yet although the car has been launched in Korea already okay so they
should there should be some out there but I haven’t seen any and when when are
you able to start selling the new 40s we’ve been told to expect it for October
October yeah okay we should have been showing October the new hybrid and
plug-in hybrid should be next month and the electric come in October and people
able to reserve them now or no at the moment there’s no reservation or
anything for it because they’re Hyundai I haven’t told you anything about the
pricing right okay and and if someone wanted to leave a deposit you today you
were able to put them on the way unless you’re I would quite happily a take a
deposit and let them know as soon as we have the details on it okay and you
click to buy system on this or is it going to be dealer dealer system like
I’m hoping it’s gonna be through the dealer
okay but they have persisted with the click to buy on Kona electric okay so
it wouldn’t surprise me if they decided to put it on the click to buy website but
I’ve hoped me to come through the dealer okay and if someone did do click to buy
I’m assuming you’re quite happy to have them delivered to you and yes
yes I we did that with the Kona where we were delivering them all over the UK
yes yeah yeah and the reason why most people put pick will to sort of have as the supplying dealer for the Kona and other electric cars is Will actually
drives a Kona himself yep he’s been driving electric car for quite some time
why is it beeping at me well it’s good on this particular mode it struggles
with that line going down the middle that’s not been put on there on this
road properly yeah so down to the right you can turn off
departure warning okay that’s off now so I won’t be beep yeah so the reason why
people pick will to have their car delivered is will drive electric if you
ever go on speakEV or the Renault Zoe owners forum or UK electric vehicle
owners Will is always there in his own name never mentions his garage and
it gives free advice on electric cars it’s something to me basically you share
your information and knowledge with other people they’re just two years try
and help ya at the end of the day if we don’t if there’s people like me and will
and Craig to find that not helping people getting electric cars people will
be scared to move into them so we do you need to do it now this has got a new
advanced regen mode so you pull this down on Murphy’s but you can pull that one down
to increase the regen yeah take it up to level three you go straight on here the
one thing that this doesn’t do the Kona does is on the Kona you can hold that
paddle down to bring yourself to a stop but the Current ioniq doesn’t do that
right then you want well the new one will yeah but I did notice when I did
hold it down it was increasing yeah it jumped it straight to level three he
said what he was yeah right so yo on regen three now so you don’t really for
the accelerator yeah it’s like breaking and then that increases it to zero you
just take your phone fixed on a generic coast all right it’s just zero regen is
just as if you had like a normal automatic car like going then you can
tell yeah and you put it into neutral okay and then one up assumes about Zoe
regen yes and to that and does it do the same as the Zoe where it uses some
of the brake pedal to use the regen yes if you say you’re on level 0 or level
one that you start pressing the brakes yeah me regens’s gonna come in first okay
and how you found the reliability of the ioniq to thee we haven’t really had a
problem with them that’s all nothing honest they had a slight issue
where I think it was a recall in the end for the charging flap where just
wouldn’t release the cable okay but from a reliability from the motor
and the battery point of view we’ve had no issues non out what about with a
little finicky things like dashes radios not only a couple of issues with the
sat-nav because it’s in similar to a lot of the ones a lot of the Hyundai where we
have had the freeze but they’re in the minority generally the reliability of
the Hyundai is pretty bulletproof to be honest and what’s the warranty on the Hyundai’s five years unlimited mileage five years
unlimited mileage and the same seven years seven or eight years design good
the drivetrain on the seven years it includes the battery for degradation and
what’s the level percentage do they give one sixty six percent okay yeah similar
to the Zoe battery owned in the Nissan Leaf yea it is but the five year warranty in the next two years now than what Renault give so that’s that last that’s quite an impression
I’m the unlimited mileage I mean my Kona is seven months old it’s got 22,000
miles on it now yeah that’s problem you’ve got with something like the
Kona was such a big battery I mean your Kona at the moment your I believe
you beat the NEDC quite regular yes yeah you go do it’s just um charging
the moment but expecting the range to show just over three hundred miles on it
but when you look on the Kona owners club on Facebook there’s so many
people that have the range regularly around 320 330 Wow you mean that that’s
Tesla being territory quite easily yeah and I mean when you consider the any NEDC
range was 286 I think do they get adjusted to yeah it’s very conservative
yeah so it can just be it can be blown out
the water if people try yeah I mean the efficiency Hyundai have got over
Renault is impressive it is really impressive I do think though the new ZE50 judging by the figures of the battery and what crakes at the NEDC is I
think that the efficiencies improve I think it must improve by just doing the
the maths for what they’re getting out 50 compared to what they quoted for
getting out 40 yeah I mean whether that’s based on the fact he’s got more
horsepower so she’s getting to speed quicker therefore economy’s better but
it does seem quite impressive as with all things I can’t wait to get my hands
on in actually try it yeah because we never like quoting the manufacturer
figures we like to actually see what we can get it to do yeah you’re unusual in
that type of respect as a dealer that you actually drive the car yourself
before you actually quote what it you’ll do get to a charge I me also I mean we
actively try and break them yes we can as well because we want to know where
these cars can go Vaughn what the problems can be because then we know how
they feelin the advice to give people yeah and what would you first EV them it
was a 22 kilowatt hour Zoe “right ok” doing a hundred miles a day in that and
now you’ve moved to a Kona yep would you are you gonna go for a new ZE50
for your wife for yourself I’ll definitely um run a new ze50
for a bit yeah I’m very very excited to drive that car now I’m really looking
forward to is the interior yes me two is it as I say when we’re
looking at electric cars now they’re not the cheapest in the world and sometimes
the interior of them doesn’t really match to what a ice car would be at
that price range yeah but these latest ones you’re like yes look at the new
ZE50 and you could be sat in a new good spec VW you can be sat in a new BMW what’s the brake horsepower on this then well this is about hundred and twenty
forty 120 brake horsepower so yes not less than the new Zoe more than the
current Zoe yep what do you reckon the nought to 60 time
is then on this one I think it’s nine point
something that they quote yeah that he’s got he’s got decent pickup
that’s just it doesn’t normally that’s felt that so you went to support max 40
going in small playground here it’s hard to keep the camera straight the one
thing I did notice the difference between the yeah you’ve got a hybrid
version yep and every time I’ve seen the hybrid version I’ve always thought it’s
the Ev version because of the way the solid badges at the front yes and I’ve
just realized no the Ev versions are completely flat face where the petrol
versions obviously still got some air intake yep and the charge flaps at the front
yeah petrol caps at the back where this it’s got the charge flaps at the back
where the petrol tank and nothing at the front and nothing at the front yeah and
it’s CCS and Type 2 – now the cable when I unplugged it on your charger looks at
very very thick on presuming it’s it’s 3 phase it only charges single-phase
right no it’s it’s definitely a single-phase cable because we we left
one plugged in our 22 kilowatt charge at one point not plugged it Zoe into it
couldn’t figure out why was charging so slowly until I realized it was a Hyundai
cable it was using what’s it like on CCS on ecotricity is the ioniq fairly
reliable on CCS so it’s it’s reliably doesn’t work right okay it’s it’s
annoying because when I was driving the ioniq when I first came out late 2016
I never had an issue on the electric Highway and now when someone took it
recently we have an issue or nearly every electric highway when we try okay
which is frustrating so now you search for instavolt and Polar we’ve been
supporting up on with polar yep just with the electric highway just with the
electric Iowa I’m hoping to interview Dale Vince soon would you like me to
pass any comments on to Dale just came to fix it
it’s a night some of them work and some of them reliably work and then other
ones reliably don’t work so surely it’s a software issue and I believe there was
one that works perfectly on this now it doesn’t yeah yeah well we had no issues
at all with Lancaster I know when you came up and tested the Kona out yes it
worked fine yes when we last stop there didn’t work
it works and there’s DSG meet we had with the Zoe Club because when I got
there I could stop for a coffee and someone run over you your child was like
no no I’ve got 180 I’m fine I’ve just come for a coffee and they went oh I’m
gonna just charge the ionica for the one I’ve just it doesn’t work anymore on
that charge and he was like you joke and I won’t know anyway the PHEV golf the
charger and he plugged up any work now we do know they’re old units and they’ve
been in for a long time in the mist talk of upgrades there is new units they are
coming there is to install does one Oxford services there’s another one
which I’ve been told the top-secret site so I can’t tell you where it is but Iike
tricity Irish sponsor of Forest Green Rovers
and they’ve got charge of us being nervous so it’s not that top-secret yeah
maybe I’ll have to go and watch your home match to see if it works so I’m
back from mine from DSG and I want to give you some of my thoughts on the
ionic now wills not in the car not with me and what I actually thought of
driving without concentrating on the camera and what I thought about when I
was really nailing it round the country road round walking it drives like a
great car handles very well it’s very very quick performance like me and we’ll
discussed but it drives like any other high under that I’ve driven before it’s
a little bit wary a little bit wandering it’s it doesn’t drive a nip to the road
like a Zowie does it’s always a very good handling car the eye fries are
better handling car than the Zowie and that’s not saying that the ioniq is a
bad handling car what I’m trying to say is the zoe handles roads better than
that and the i he handles roads better than that what the ioniq does do is with
me absolutely hammering it and really giving it some stick around those
country roads it had a four point three miles per kilowatt-hour
with the way I was driving I would not expect that so the performance and
economy on that electric car the Highland ioniq evey is absolutely
amazing and really really impressed now I did a
video about three weeks ago about a company called plug-in Shore which
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week goodbye


You planning on reviewing the 38kWh version anytime soon. Jonny Goldsmith has took delivery of his already. He might be willing to do a video with you. You will find him on the Northwest EV Owners Group. πŸ‘

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