Hyundai Motor posted on-year sales growth of 6.7% in United States in Q3

south korean automaker Hyundai Motor saw
its auto sales in the u.s. jump on here in the third quarter
Hyundai Motor America says it sold nearly one hundred seventy eight
thousand units in the June to September period up 6.7 percent compared to same
period last year however the company’s 13 straight months
of sales growth in the u.s. came to an end in September
Hyundai sold around 52,000 vehicles stand almost nine percent on-year now
despite that the car makers SUV and eco-friendly models continue to achieve
sales growth handi Motor America says it sold twenty seven thousand SUVs in the
u.s. in September a record high for the month sales of Hyundai’s echo friendly
ionic model also performed strongly shooting up almost seventy five percent

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