I Bought $1000 Lost Luggage at an Auction and Found This… (Buying Lost Luggage Mystery Auction)

(Oooh) Okay here we go USB stick We’re gonna find out what’s on this. (photos) Why was this 1,700 dollars? Oh my god! That’s a laptop. NO no no no Wait, wait, wait. Oh, here we go. 3, 2, 1 Sooey!!! Check these out guys! Oh my god! Look what we got here We got a whole ton of bags We spent literally like a thousand dollars at this auction Ya know when people lose their – Well you don’t know I guess, cause of hopefully it’s never happened to you. Otherwise, this could be one of your bags So, what happened is… Me and my boy ItsYeBoi over there *ItsYeBoi waves* Thought you were gonna do something I was – You literally got it while I was drinking my *sigh* It was like, poor timing So me and my boy went to the airport luggage auction. We wanted to film it really bad but those people… You know, they’re kind of serious. They didn’t want any filming or anything. So it’s all good We spent over a $1,000 buying ten luggage bags. Ah! I think they’re zip tied Yeah, all the things are zip tied. We couldn’t look inside They got tags on them, So, there are random things- -random people’s things inside these and today we’re gonna find out what’s inside I – but ya know I’m thinking this one’s probably got uh… um *indiscernible* *chuckle* Maybe. Hopefully clean. I mean this is after the vacation right? What is this on a – *laughter* Legit! That is after! You don’t know Oh yeah. I guess you don’t know. Me and Shawn both spent a $1,000 on buying these bags So it’s only fair, you know what, that we have to split them up before we go inside and check them out So! Guys, like this video ok? Make sure you smash a big thumbs up! Which has good luck to find something SICK inside here and you know what? Next time we’ll get a nice little hidden camera and we will actually film the auction for you guys. And we will do this again. Covert Okay. Alright, let’s put these bags up. Alright, let do it. You know like do a draft Yeah, yeah, yeah. But like, snake – snake ladder. So 1 and 3 isn’t better than 2 and 4. Or is better than 2 and 4? Alright, well, I’ll go second and third then. You get first pick. Ok… Alright, alright. Let me see that big one. Somebody’s life is in here. This person cared about – cared about it. No? Cause they put the tape on it. They tried to find it after. They wanted to make sure they didn’t lose it. Congratulations! You lost it anyways! Wow Congratulations! You played yourself. I’m keeping this one. boom That’s my second pick. You gotta go with the snake – *unintelligible* Pleather is what they call it. I got something for you right over here ok? It’s not necessarily the bag itself. It’s the more than meets the eye. We gotta go with the one that’s locked up. The one that they really want to keep safe. We got a code on here. Imagine that’s just the code right there. No, ah you know what I couldn’t open this if it was the right code. Try 000 How does this even work? I think you just zip it. Bang gym bag gym bag brutes a pretty nice brand outdoor, though. Do you want a flannel my final final a Parachute I don’t know maybe a Hockey bag oh and the Canadian frequent flyer. Both of them? This is a little damp on go do it. Oh, yeah Brushy field exam so The new Sean’s bags right here and here are my bags right here. I want you guys to comment down below Who do you think is gonna? Do you think chose better bag if you want to see what is in these bags go on over to my man Sean Channel I’m gonna leave a link in the description down below You know what I mean you to find out who won you got to go over to his channel you gotta figure out these smash? That like button let’s get started kay, We got our nice black gloves on and we got our nice Little broken knife. It’s a broken knife and rope Exactly here we go. We’re gonna go for the bag that aren’t the best bags first So worst bags first Exactly we’re gonna save the best for last, thats a better way of saying it No No. Whats it say? “In Squad We Trust?” Suicide Squad, Suicide Squad! It’s a movie Bro guess the brand no, think old school Mecca? Mecca! No! Not Mecca! Mecca! They still make that? they dont thats the point Team jerseys old school player worth thousands Might even sign I didn’t check all right This is why we started with this bag first cuz we knew this bag is gonna kind of be oh you just you know travels With good stuff and a good life bag. It doesn’t happen so likely go get straight on to the next bag shun you You know The Office more shoes Wow got some new bounce and these tracks looky This is not That’s when she’s a dominatrix oh These kicks these clogs Oh sports bra okay? Followed by okay here we go how many? Monty where’s the grip stop Oh granny? Also waist trainer there’s a big You’re gonna be pissed No, I already know what that is if you let me Boy, it was one little feeling that I know exactly what that is what is that? It feels like drums I don’t know what that is I know exactly what Oh what is that? I’ve no idea what it is a bundle of sticks. Oh. Yeah? I Know okay, so we got a tarp And its roots too like it’s expensive is it a ruse one, or was it just in a rutabaga oh then bro, yeah This might be one of those like eight-room ones all brought to be oh Yeah, okay, okay Yeah, let’s go Oh the fan was taking notes study, Oh, oh my god, yeah Message me arguing we cut pieces out he cut pieces I Could use this stuff right red-hot Idol ball challenge Bro okay, yeah, that’s beans so $300 no, but he also has some lubricant That’s Of yours Bro this guy is setting me up for a red-hot metal ball challenge These bet who travels like you know my man, no bright and low-key, so these are a good about I’m sure if I walked up and said y’all selling this bag like just give me whatever I’m sure I can get like a hundred bucks a thing of do face in the Bible Why would you put the holy book with like a bunch of tools This had to be potentially overweight Maybe that’s why I didn’t make it you have no idea that he’s gonna be overweight before you pull up you know Okay, all right Listen this one has a lot more in it, but we’ve got it. Sorry last bag Last bag let’s keep this one together though cuz it’s not this lady. Yeah, don’t cut this one. This is actually a Yeah, yes sir is Oh Lock up like you want to put that in car feet-per-second Saharawi running on your parking lot just clicking in here. It’s a clean bag. Though. I like clean bags You know we don’t know not look good inside. Yeah, it’s a good Eye pad wow that’s big All right Not a lot us revealed yet, but you know by looking at this their night heron Yeah, yeah and wait that means that TSA didn’t go through it TSA didn’t go they will do it because they wouldn’t have done it No no no No no Or. It’s protecting something worthwhile, okay, yeah I thought it was a bank of blank. Oh my god. Oh my 10 or bucks is aged. What Oh? Oakley shades What the hell you’re like oh my god Which means I Get the Crocs out of here, yeah, don’t put them on Okay wait put the Oakley’s over here Amish she’s a sailing guy. You’re just sailing. Let me see he’s got to be a river. Oh these are polarized Okay Oh truck That was this cool go Grandma extra Hydra is that wait did I see Spanish see something sunscreen? Okay Leave us, but leave present’ all right Bro you can tell my heart like how it’s like Something’s in here it’s boom Calvin box You tell me Yeah these are Real oh here. We go here. We go yeah Yeah, look at the man got the Calvin clean room, and then he got the fake cow no. There’s no. There’s no I Believe oh my god, but is this the big version of this Now why would they package diverse? It’s all right without the see wait, there’s no see in it what quick like oh yeah, but it’s More Zara more saya, okay, okay? I’d be this way here. We go here. We go. This is yeah. This is a Coleman USB stick, okay I remain just cover what value That means Because like it can be less than three bills yeah Value minimum and the GPS The tools louise es the tenth the laptop bro the the cave and koi – what’s that the cave and koi? Party The most value In see and oh yeah, this is Ben. Oh, yeah and oh and the Oakley oh and old from Where’s Jesus Photos the travel oh oh oh is it gonna work is there actually folks? But he lost all his travels, bro, that’s Email well for sure I’ll try to try to you know if I was even like steamed Wow like that’s why you oh Oh, okay, it’s a picture of his passport on here. I’m not gonna. You know it’s his visa I’m not gonna show you guys this base or anything, but Venezuela Venezuela all right boom. He’s stressed We’ll try to send it back Rose. He’s got you all Hey, Zeus I’ll send you back your stuff, but your glasses you I can’t do anything This guy went from Venezuela to Miami she got to work you well undo a spell wrong way Yeah Some hacker shit yeah, I heard ha that’s just I’ll be done you down the doors and I can get To next vid thumbs up All right, so now we’re checking what was on the USB stick Barriss the movies ultimate hombre grabbed on with their hacks, bro. These are nice quality rub, bro These are a nice quality on vision. I think this looks like melody rate curricula. I’m Jonathan. No who’s Joe Yes, that’s him case we got the bag full of tools We got the oakley sunglasses which are now bongos sunglasses got the GPS. We got the $600 10 We got the laptop. We got a whole bunch of goods here If you guys want to see what we got in the other 5 bags go on over my man’s channel check it out is this Fun guys this is fun ok, I said like button share this video do whatever you guys got to do boom boom They’re my crew latest video all the band’s links will be in the description down below And you guys know I always like to leave on a high note


Just warning the GPS sucks it brings to u to the wrong place and you have to lick it to keep it on your windshield and it loses service.

The game that you go under the thing is the parachute game from petreyalex please give me a shout out on one of your videos and can get a prize for the shout out

The bag with the tools and Bible, was in case the plane had a problem. He could try to fix it first, then if that didn't work, he had his Bible to confirm him before the crash.

If my bag gets lost and you end up with it, I hope you enjoy the disgusting dirty socks and boxer shorts with skid marks.

You record at 60fps and move the camera too much and it just makes for an unpleasant video. Dont shake the camera or move it around too much and too quick.

There are folks out there who make a living out of buying abandoned/lost luggage and reselling the goodies inside. You never know when you will hit a jackpot.

i felt really bad for the lost ones… This cannot be a mystery luggage…..especially the last one having more details. I hope you did returned the things to the owner…. even the glass….

Doesn't seem like good strategy to buy lost luggage. Better off with storage lockers or Amazon returns.

For some reason I think you guys were recently in Jamaica or have a Jamaican friend cause the Jamaican slangs are killing me dwl 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

You took my luggage I brought that lost it come on my supplies to escape pewdiepie I already did I made him think I was dead

Reason why dislikes shared likes into almost equal halves….its fun but some what disrespectful judging the original owners

That laptops is almost as nice as mine mine's of a 19 inch and I had to ask Santa for it I don't know how he got it but he did cuz I did not think 19 inch laptops existed

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