I Bought a $1500 Mystery Safe at an Auction & You Won’t Believe What I Found…

– So, I found this safe on eBay, it is a mystery safe. It’s a safe that’s been closed for so long no one knows what’s in it, no one got a key, no one
can get in it, and I won it. I won it, I won this safe! (drilling) We travelled all the way up to Scotland, which is like, how long we got left? Six hours 42! We got six hours and 42 left, Moon! (banging) I’m stuck with you for this long? – [Moon] Mmm… I’m gonna sing for us. ♪ Ooohhh ♪ ♪ We’re coming up to Scotland
we’re travelling up ♪ ♪ We’re coming up to Scotland
we’re travelling up ♪ ♪ We’re coming up to Scotland ♪ – No, Moon, please, no, stop it, please! – [Voiceover] Six and a half hours later. ♪ Ooohhhh ♪ ♪ We’re coming up to Scotland
we’re travelling up ♪ ♪ We’re coming up to Scotland
we’re travelling up ♪ ♪ Ooohhh ♪ So, at this point, the battery ran out in the camera. We drove all the way up to Scotland, we got the safe, then we
drove all the way back down. I almost left Moon behind. I nearly left her in Scotland. I just could not do it. This was the hardest 12 hours of my life. I came back, I did bring Moon with me, and now we’re at the location where we’re gonna crack
the safe open, let’s go. Forgot the keys! We drove so far to get here. But I’m in, come on. – [Moon] How do we get the van in? – Ah, Moon! (laughing)
– [Moon] Lot of nettles here. – Ahh, it’s spiky, ow! We cannot let this stand in
between our way of success. We must fight. (slamming) – [Moon] Oh god. (laughing) People are gonna think we’re breaking in! – Well, we are!
(laughs) We’re breaking into our own land. (laughing) Oh, oh! It actually worked.
(laughs) – [Moon] Took half an hour with that. It’s a bit scary how easy
people can break in though. – It is true.
(laughing) – [Moon] And no one tried to stop us. They all just looked. – And we can’t lock it when we leave now. – [Moon] Oh well. Whoa… – Here we go. It is safe time. It slid all the way to the back. It weighs like a tonne. It’s just me and you. – [Moon] We have to get it out somehow. (grunting) Come on, Moon, pull, Moon. (grunting) – [Moon] Oh, yeah, I’m pullin’ (grunting) – I can’t, ahh! (grunting) Ahhh! Moon! – [Moon] Yeah? – This is your fault. – [Moon] Bench press, Thomas! (yelling) – I got lightheaded. – [Moon] Take a break. – I got lightheaded, awe… – [Moon] Oh, I bet it’s loud if it comes. – Why do you have to be this big? – [Moon] You wanted it. – It’s a mystery one, it’s the only time– – [Moon] You said, “Go
large or go home,” you know. – I just wanna go home! (laughing) – [Moon] Oh, well, now,
come on let’s just go. Come on. Ah, I sat in some nettle! – Get it out! – [Moon] Go on, they’re
already in the bum. (gasping)
Whoa! Oh!
(crashing) – [Kill’em] Huh, Moon! – [Moon] What? – I got gloves. – [Moon] It’s a bit late now, isn’t it? – I forgot I put ’em in. (laughs)
Do you want some? – [Moon] I’m dirty as well. (upbeat electronic music) – So, here we go, we’ve got this safe. We finally got it out of the van, I dont know how we managed that. My back is destroyed, it’s killin’, I’ve done somethin’ to it. So, anyway, here’s the safe,
it’s massive, it’s heavy. John Tann’s did a good
job on making this thing because this is insane.
(laughing) There’s gotta be some good stuff in here. I have brought this all the way here for there to be nothin’ in it. – [Moon] What if nothin’s in it? – If there is nothin’ in
it, it’s a rubbish video. – [Moon] But if nothin’s in it, it would not be locked in it. – This is the key bit, if you
had the key it would go there, but no one’s got the key so
I can’t use this thing here. It’s solid. And obviously, this thing
is completely locked. It’s our job today to open this. Now, I’m not a professional safe opener. So, I dont know what I’m doin’. (laughing) – [Moon] You said you went
to college to do that. – No, don’t tell them, that
was not a legal college. Stop recording.
(laughs) With us today, we brought loads of tools. I’m not gonna tell you what, we’re just gonna get straight into it. – [Moon] We got screwdrivers. – No, don’t tell them,
we’re keeping it a secret. We’re not gonna tell ’em. – [Moon] And duck tape.
– No! – Yeah, duck tape.
(laughing) – [Moon] We don’t wanna
close it even more. (laughing) Let’s seal it up, that thing! Seal it up!
(laughing) – So, we brought loads of tools with us. We got a lot of different stuff to try and attempt to open this thing. If all these things fail, we’ve
got the daddy of all tools. – [Moon] We’ve got the TNT. – No, don’t say that! – [Moon] I thought you said
you were gonna get TNT, Thomas. – [Kill’em] No, you got it. – [Moon] I don’t got it, I don’t have any contacts to get it. – [Kill’em] You said
you would get it online. – [Moon] Thomas, you said
you were gonna get the TNT. – [Kill’em] You said at TNTonline.com. – [Moon] No– – Why did–
(yelling) (banging)
(crashing) Are we in? All that!
(laughing) – [Moon] No, something
fell, there’s stuff in it. – [Kill’em] This is not even denting it. – [Moon] Where did it hit?
– [Kill’em] I think there. – [Moon] Is it called dent or dint. – I thought it was dint.
– [Moon] You dent it, Thomas. – I thought it was dint. It’s
dint, everyone says dint. – [Moon] The only one you say is dint. Back on guard! You think you took– (clanking)
– Oh… But we’re gonna have to
force our way into there. There’s no way we can hack it, (laughing)
or break our way in. – [Moon] Smash the door. (laughing) (banging) Yay! Look, he’s the Sheriff of Nottingham now! (banging) It doesn’t do anything, Thomas. – What?
(laughs) – [Moon] It doesn’t do
anything to the safe. To the safe!
– What? Hey, what’s on your hands? – [Moon] Awe… – Don’t get it on my t-shirt. Awe, Moon, I said wear gloves. – No! – [Moon] Whoa! – Fire! I don’t need a lighter, oh. (laughing) So, when do–
– [Moon] So what do– – What?
(laughing) – [Moon] What’s the weak spot?
– Where do we burn it? Hinges? – [Moon] Should be the
weak spot, isn’t it? – Should be in the hinges, huh. – [Moon] Yeah. – Whoa, come here, whoa! – [Moon] What’s it doin’? – [Kill’em] Whoa that! – [Moon] But not that it
burns the stuff of it, Thomas. – A thousand degree safe… Challenge.
(laughing) Gone wrong. – [Moon] Instead of the knife– – [Kill’em] In the hood. – [Moon] Don’t forget,
we are professionals. – Don’t do this at home,
we’re professionals. – [Moon] Not in school,
not at your neighbours. You can maybe shoot– Oh, what? – [Kill’em] Ahh! – [Moon] Uh-oh, stings. What is it? Put a “K” on it, on the safe. – The fire did nothin’, the
sledgehammer did nothin’, the handle is gone. There’s only one final option. – [Moon] TNT. – No, there’s two options.
(laughing) We’re hopin’ we don’t need TNT. – [Moon] It would be TNT to get it open. Thumbs up for TNT. (motor humming) (bold electronic music) How long’s that been, 15, 20 minutes? – [Moon] I dont know, quite a long time. – That is solid, it’s so
hard to cut through that. But, we’re in, we’re gettin’ in. This shows you any safe, you
can get in any safe, bro! You just need a big saw, a
big tool with a diamond blade. – [Moon] I mean, you make a lot of sound, like a lot of noise, so it’s not somethin’ you can do. – [Kill’em] You can’t sneakily do it. If you look in that
hole there, can you see? Straight in. – [Moon] Yeah, I can’t
see anything though. It’s just smoke. – There’s smoke comin’ out.
(motor humming) What is it? What’s up, what? – [Moon] Stop it, you have
to stop it, take it off. – What? – [Moon] Thomas, did you hear
about that calendar feed? Thomas, you got 12 months. – It’s a joke, seriously, Moon. Only interrupt me now if somethin’ bad is happenin’, alright. – [Moon] Yep. (motor stuttering) – Ugh, it won’t start up now, Moon! What did you– – [Moon] Oh, sorry. Sorry, just keep goin’. Keep tryin’. (motor humming) – What now? What is it? – [Moon] Quick, quick, get it off. Knock knock.
– What? – [Moon] Knock knock. – Who’s there? – [Moon] Burglar. – Burglar who? – [Moon] Burglars don’t knock, you goof. – I thought something had happened. – [Moon] It does, I really
have to get rid on it. It’s like it builds up in my throat, and I have to tell ya’. – I’m not, I cannot, I can’t, no more. No more interruptions, no. – [Moon] Come on, look,
you’re almost done. – Moon, just let me get it done. (motor humming) It’s not startin’, Moon. I
think it needs to cool down. We made that for like over an hour. – [Moon] What are these for?
– I got keys to get in. – [Moon] You already broke the lock. – If I got the keys. There’s like a weird in that corner. Should we go and check it
out while that cools down. – [Moon] Go on then. – You come. – [Moon] I’m not goin’
to that weird house. – It’s only apparently
haunted, what’s the problem? (groaning)
(mid-tempo electronic music) Whoa. Ugh! Apparently someone lived
in here, I dont know, 80 odd years ago. What? Oh, whoa, that is a huge cobweb! Look at that, oh that’s disgusting. I mean, it’s nice, but it’s
so creepy being in here. (gasping)
It works! No way! (eerie instrumental music) No…
(eerie instrumental music) (crashing) Come on, come on. (panicked breathing) There’s an upstairs. There’s an upstairs. Awe… (gasping) I bet there’s some
massive spiders in here. I bet they’d be able
to take me down in one, just catch me in their web. There’s electricity. Turn off my phone. This place isn’t really haunted. I’m just lookin’ for
a place to have a poo. Tell me when we’re recordin’. – [Moon] I’m recordin’. – Tell me when. – [Moon] Now, go. – Go? – [Moon] Three, two, one, go. – We had to go and rent another one. We had to do a 50 mile
round trip just to rent this because the other one stopped workin’. You do three cuts, the
fourth one couldn’t do it, didn’t wanna work so we
had to go get this one! Flashback, flashback, flashback! Flashback! – [Moon] Flashback. – Do the flashback! – [Moon] Flashback, now. – It’s the last cut, I
can’t believe it, Moon. ♪ Ooohhh ♪ – [Moon] Look at him! Pushing! Go faster! Oh! You’re in! Is it hot? Cool it down! (gasping)
We’re in, we’re in! – Awe, touch, touch, touch! Quick, quick, quick, come on, Moon. Camera. Whoa! – [Moon] What’s in it,
what’s in it, what’s in it? – What’s in it? Oh, there’s loads in there. I just need these edges to cool down a bit before I touch it because
they’re gonna be really hot. – [Moon] Should we use some Dr. Pepper? – Yeah, go get some Dr. Pepper. (laughing) It’s not an advert. – [Moon] Dr. Pepper! – They didn’t pay for this. – [Moon] God, I can’t wait, I can’t wait. – Oh, I can reach, yes! – [Moon] Is it a lot? It can’t be really big. – I can only just reach bottom. – [Moon] Is it what I think it is, Thomas? – Yeah, I can’t show that. We have to blur it. – [Moon] What are we doin’ with that? I’ve never seen it before! – Here’s another one.
(laughing) – [Moon] It’s even bigger
than the other one! (laughing) I’ve never seen that before, Thomas! Money. – [Kill’em] It’s not English. It’s Jamaica, Cyprus. – [Moon] Greece, Cyprus. – Turkish, I don’t even think
they do this one in Turkey. Awe, some more, and a key. – [Moon] Is it for the safe? – [Kill’em] It can’t be. Why would you keep keys
for the safe in the safe? – [Moon] Oh, no, look. Is it more money? – It’s a bit, but I can’t reach it all. It’s like an old wallet. Oh, raffle tickets. – [Moon] What are raffle tickets? – Like you could win stuff. I wonder if he ever won.
(laughs) What’s this one? It’s a ticket to get into
Blackball Tower from 1987. (laughing) – [Moon] That was the
last time they opened it. – [Kill’em] It must be. – [Moon] What is it? – [Kill’em] It’s an old bank card. – [Moon] Think there’s still
something on the account? – Maybe, maybe I’ve got
some money in there. Is this legally mine now? Because I bought the safe. Awe… I can’t get this out. What’s that? I dont know, it must be important. – [Moon] Oh! – [Kill’em] Tiny. A ring. – [Moon] Ooo! Whoa! – [Kill’em] That looks old. – [Moon] We need to go and check it with jewellery man or somethin’. – There’s somethin’ else in there as well. Oh… Another pouch. Some more jewellery or somethin’. Moon! A diamond. – [Moon] Is this real? (laughing) – More diamonds, Moon! Loads of tiny ones and then a massive one. (laughing) – [Moon] Is this real? – But why would it be in a massive safe? – [Moon] Exactly because of that! (laughing) You can buy a massive house and stuff! (screaming)
(laughing) – [Moon] Is it real gold? Oh, my god, Thomas! You just keep goin’! – What?
(screaming) (bold urban music)


I'm like 70% sure that gold is heavy enough that you can't just pick it up that easily with on hand.

Why did she keep doing that?
Moon was kinda pathetic this time… Also, wouldn't it be easier to cut along the door?

whats big tuff is thave t diamonds have almost zero actual cash value cause the government found a massive stash of them and is distributing them out little by little to make a lot of money

Haven't watched through yet, but I guarantee this guy made three times the amount of money off of this video then whatever is inside of that safe.

If people lived in this house 80 odd years ago then how have they been paying the electrical bills for a keyboard to work 😂😂

Had to subscribe!! You 2 are too funny… I enjoy your vids. Please keep making em. My fav is the cardboard people ones, lol put a big smile on my face. Thank you. 🤓

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