I Bought a Box of Amazon Customer Returns & It Was a Scam (Amazon Returns Pallet Unboxing)

– All right, so I’ve
seen these videos online where people buy like job
lots, like massive pallets of Amazon returns. You know I enjoy doing
these unboxing videos. They’re so much fun. I really like it, so I
want in on the action. I wanna buy one, and I
want to unbox it here today on this video. So I found this website where you buy it. It’s a little bit harder in
the U.K. than in America. There’s this special website. So I had to do some diggin’,
do some researchin’, and I found where I could
buy them here in the U.K., so I went on that website two weeks ago, and I ordered the stuff. You have to bid for it. It’s like an auction. I won the auction. And, well, here’s the
footage from two weeks ago. All right, so here is the website. There’s all the auctions and stuff here. Here you can see it says
“Amazon liquidation auctions.” So here is the website. It’s like all different categories. “Truckload of home goods,
pet products and more.” What’s and more? And more literally means
it could be anything. “Truckload of,” truckload! And how much is a truckload? How big’s this truck? I only wanted this to be a quick video. I don’t wanna truckload
of this stuff in my garage when I’m done. All right, so “Truckload
of personal care items.” What’s some personal care item? “Four pallets of sporting goods.” What? You gotta buy loads of it. “Dresses, undergarments, tops and more.” I forgotten I have my
microphone here the whole time. The whole, I can’t, I’m not redoing. I’m not rerecording that. I’m sorry, but we’ll just yeah. So car electronics. That could be good. It’s only 145 there, that’s all right. Floor care. Wireless phones. Who calls on wireless phones now? (angelic vocalising) I’m gonna have that one! I’m gonna have that one! Truckload of toys! Truckload of toys! Oh what? Oh! Let’s have another look! “Truckload of toys, home
goods, pet products and more.” I don’t care about the home
goods, the pet products, the and more. Toys. Toys! All right, so now that I’ve
logged in, it brings up some more information from it. Description. “Toys, home goods, pet product
and more by Lego, Hasbro, “Playmobile and more. “Payment for this auction is Euros only. “1,800 pieces,” worth 57,000 Euro. “Location: Senec, Bratislava.” Where is that? All right, so it’s there. Bratislava. Slovakia? It says from Germany! Whoa, it’s gotta come
all the way from here all the way to over
about there where I live. That’s gonna be expensive. How are we going to get that there? Gotta get it from there to here. “For overstock lots,
shipments will be executed “four to six weeks.” Oh, wait, wait, wait. Customer return lot,
right, will be seven days. All right. Yeah, so that is everything. Right! Oh! Oh! (laughing) Here we go! This is it. It’s bid time. It is bid time! I want this one. Enter 4,050 or more. Thousand and 50 then. It’s 3,500 pound. This is it! Oh, I’m nervous! I’m so nervous! I’m so nervous! All right, here we go! (dramatic thudding) It’s here. The delivery guy just turned up. I pulled my car out of the
way and he just dropped it straight there. – [Moon] It was just one camera. – He had a forklift,
but I need to in garage, and we ain’t got a forklift. (string music) (groaning) – [Moon] Can we not just open it here? – No, neighbours will see. – [Moon] Or gettin’ jealous. (string music) (laughing) – We did get everything
in the garage eventually. We finally got there. It’s in the garage right now. Come on, then. No messin’ round. Let’s go open this stuff. I cannot wait. Let’s do this. So this is apparently a truckload. – [Moon] Must be a little truck. – It must be a car. A car or somethin’ like a car load. Do you think this is like
the first part or something? – [Moon] I don’t think so. You signed for it. That’s it. – There must be more to come. This is just gotta be like part
one of three, or somethin’. – [Moon] So how much was that? – It came to a total of 7,000 Euro. But apparently there’s 57,000
Euros worth of stuff in there. – [Moon] You know that it
sounds like a proper scam? – All right, let’s just open
it up and see what’s inside. You might be wrong. I think that’s the 50,000
Euros worth in foil. (giggling) – [Moon] Yeah, well that’s a dog bed. Dog bed for Digby. – And Play-Doh! And the Play-Doh’s all scrunched up. (laughing) – [Moon] It’s probably
why someone returned it. – We got dog bed for Digby. – [Moon] Is there a dog been on it before? Smell it. – It smells new. You smell it. (laughing) Look! What is The Rock, Dwayne
Johnson, lookin’ up at me? (laughing) – [Moon] Thomas! It’s like there in cinema. (laughing) – It’s life-size! (laughing) – [Moon] It’s a nice smile, look. Oh, that’s already– – Look, look!
– There’s more! – There’s more! (laughing) – It’s Nicolas Cage!
– Nicolas Cage! (laughing) Look at Nic Cage and Dwayne Johnson! – [Moon] Look! That’s gonna be a celebrity video. (laughing) Can’t believe it–
– Moon! – [Moon] What? (laughing) No! (laughing) Who is it? That’s the Queen, Thomas. – Look, it’s Queen! (laughing) (mumbling) – Thomas!
– It’s Queen! (laughing) – [Moon] Queen, The Rock and Nicolas Cage. It looks quite real. (laughing) No, I can’t believe it. – It’s gettin’ a bit crowded in here. With so many people. – [Moon] Didn’t know
they were that skinny. Look. – Oh imagine you put more
around the house and then you wake up in the middle
of the night and forget. – [Moon] Oh no, don’t! (laughing) It can’t get any better. That’s it. – What’s this? It’s a wig.
– It’s a wig, a wig. Put it on, then. – But someone might’ve already worn it. – [Moon] Yeah, you’ve wore hats and stuff that people had on. – I can’t, that’s disgustin’.
– No, come on, do it. – I’m not wearin’ it.
– Thomas, do it. – I’m not wearing it. (laughing) I look stupid. – [Moon] You look like how
I imagine God looks like. (laughing) (angelic vocalising) Say, “Come, my children.” – That’s disgustin’.
– No! (laughing) No! Thomas, take it off. It creeps me out. (laughing) – I can’t see, I can’t see! We got pillow. Another one, as well. Two pillows. Oh, Moon! PlayStation 4 Pro. That’s the newest one. It’s heavy. What was that? – [Moon] That’s not a PlayStation sound. Yeah, well, that’s a scam, proper. – It’s just a box of nails. – [Moon] Yeah, they’ve
just weighed it down. – They’ve got it taking the place of– – [Moon] Yeah, and weigh it down. – Ah! – [Moon] Did no one check it? It’s gonna be all like that now. – Oh, Lego Harry Potter! – [Moon] You know who this is for? – Me. – [Moon] No, I’ve always wanted that. – Seal’s still on. – [Moon] Gimme then, thank you. Thank you. Oh, that’s awesome. I’m goin’ in. – Oh! Air Pods! – [Moon] Oh, that’s good then. – These are brand new. You haven’t got Air Pods. What’s this? It’s a Pen Tablet. What’s that?
– I don’t know. – Pen Tablet. Moon! – [Moon] Thomas, it’s gettin’ even better. (laughing) I can’t believe it. Why would you return that? – It looks like pope clothes. – [Moon] That’s the pope. It’s Pope.
– We got Pope! – [Moon] It’s Francis, look. (laughing) – This is gettin’ ridiculous, Moon. – [Moon] Oh, that’s best thing ever. Best thing ever. All the big names here, you know. – Oh, my god. Where do I put? No way! – [Moon] How many is it? There’s more! – There’s more of these! – [Moon] Tom Hanks! Oh, I love him.
– Tom Hanks! – [Moon] Tom Hanks is really good. (laughing) Danny DeVito!
– Danny DeVito! (laughing) – [Moon] Look at his face! Oh, I love him. (laughing) Is this real? – Yeah.
– He’s shorter than Queen. It’s gettin’ no. They all wear suits. I feel like underdressed. – Tom! Tom Cruise!
– Tom Cruise! (laughing) Is that real, as well? – Yeah. Who’s that? Pitbull!
– It’s Mr. Worldwide! – Mr. Worldwide! (laughing) – [Moon] No! No! My little heart can’t take it, Thomas. It’s like my own Madame Tussaud’s, Thomas. – Oh, Moon.
– Who is it? – It’s for you, this one.
– Who is it? – Channing Tatum!
– Oh, my god! Oh, he’s beautiful! (laughing) Oh, my god, Channing Tatum. Can we have him in bedroom? Thomas, that’s it. That’s it, we can stop filming. – I can’t see anymore. – [Moon] That’s just it. My heart, my heart can’t take it, Thomas. – Lawn seed! – [Moon] Lawn! (laughing) Lawn seed, woo!
– Yeah! Lawn seed! – [Moon] We’re gonna have the best lawn! Ah, that’s good. What is it, Xbox?
– Bluetooth controller. It’s not Xbox. Hair dryer. – [Moon] It says Red Hot. All right, looks good. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Astro A50 Wireless. – [Moon] Headphones. – Yeah, I’ve got these ones
for my Xbox, but in green. Oh, this is PS4 version. – [Moon] Oh, we don’t have a PS4. – I thought we owned a PS4. – Almost.
– We almost got one. – [Moon] We got the box for it. (laughing) – We got piss for a box. We got some Gumby eyes! (laughing) – [Moon] That’s summin’ else. (laughing) – More Play-Doh! – [Moon] Awesome. – Oh, Moon! Apple TV! – [Moon] Now, we got an
Apple TV for the controller! – Here it is. Yeah! – [Moon] Is it in? That’s always the thing. – Yeah. – [Moon] I never like it
when seal’s broken, though. – Yeah. – [Moon] It’s always,
don’t give me good feeling. – A Maze Ball! – [Moon] Oh, I had little toys like this. It has a little silver ball in it. – Oh there. – [Moon] Looks a bit like a brain. I don’t really like it. – A Fitbit Charge 2. – Oh, that’s good.
– That’s cool. I need to lose some weight. Magic Hat. – Oh!
– Magic set. – That’s cool.
– That’s sounds good. – [Moon] Bunny out of the hat trick. – No one’s done that. Electric toothbrush! – [Moon] Oh, finally. – Yeah, for you. – [Moon] Isn’t it for you,
’cause you never brush your teeth.
– I’m gonna gift this to you. – [Moon] You never brush
your teeth, Thomas. It’s like Christmas again.
– Oh, Moon! – What is it?
– ASUS ZenBook. Seal’s broken, though. – [Moon] Thomas, why
do you send stuff back? – Back, when it’s broke. It’s usually when it’s broke. Sometimes it’s– – [Moon] It’s really rare that
you don’t want it anymore. – But if you order it by accident. Or if you order it but
you need it by a day but it don’t come in time. – [Moon] Yeah, but that’s
the exception, I think. Mainly–
– Most of the times it’s ’cause it’s broken. – [Moon] Oh yeah, well. You should tell ’em. That’s like proper scam. – Is this included in the
57,000 Euros worth of stuff we thought was in there.
– I bet it is. I bet it is. You have to tell ’em. What’s that?
– Half a keyboard? – [Moon] It looked Japanese, everything. Or Chinese. – It’s all written in Chinese. It’s all ripped up and corners smashed in. – [Moon] All right, I do believe. – [Thomas] Professional label printer. – [Moon] Oh, good. I can finally label my
things professionally. (laughing) Can we do that? – No, it’s just gonna
cause more arguments. – [Moon] Last time you
had my yoghourt, Thomas, I told ya.
– Shouldn’t you share? We’re meant to. – [Moon] That’s a pop-up tent. We had that one before. – Backpack shelter. It’s a tent but just
for gettin’ dressed in. – [Moon] Why should you
get a dressing tent? Anyones of you needs a dressing tent? – We got a dressing tent.
– Private message. – Moon, more Play-Doh! Oh. G-tech. Hoover. – [Moon] Oh, that’s good. – Lightweight, cordless Hoover. I bet that’s worth a bit of money. – [Moon] Looks good. – [Thomas] Toys! – Wind up toys!
– Wind up, look at the wind-up toys! Oh, we can race ’em!
– That’s good! – We could race ’em! – [Moon] Yeah, I can’t do it now. – Go! – Go, go, go, go, go, go!
– Whoa! No, no.
– Go, go! – No!
– Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! – [Thomas] What’s up here? Hair dye. – [Moon] Yeah. Picked the wrong colour for me. (laughing) – Inflatable Dinosaur! He’s good boy. You good boy. Oh, good boy. Oh, tickle your belly! Oh, tickle your belly! Good boy, good boy. Banana costume. No, no.
– Wait, a snip. A snip when you have it on. – No, no, I’m not!
– Go! Don’t look. Oh yeah! – Why’d you make me do this?
– I don’t know. (laughing) You know what time it is. – No! – [Moon] You know what time it is, Thomas. – No! – [Moon] Go on. ♪ Peanut butter jelly ♪ ♪ Peanut butter jelly ♪ ♪ Peanut butter jelly ♪ ♪ Na na na ♪ ♪ Peanut butter jelly ♪ – Ah, it’s one of them they use on toilet. – [Moon] Squatty Potty! It has the best advertising in the world. Squatty Potty.
– Squatty Potty? Is that what it’s called?
– Yeah. It has a little unicorn and it poops. – It says Squatty Potty on here. – [Moon] I know, no. It’s a Shark Tank product. – More Play-Doh! Superman outfit. – [Moon] You know– – No, Moon! No, no!
– You know, Thomas, Thomas! – No! (laughing) Why me? You put banana on.
– It looks cute! It looks really good. Show your cape. – What’s up here? A shredder. (gasping) – [Moon] Shredder. – It’s heavy. Must be two bricks in this one. (laughing) There’s a shredder in there. – [Moon] Oh yeah. I would not be bothered if
that would’ve been empty. – Oh, yeah! Toilet paper! 45 rolls in toilet paper!
– Woo! – Yeah! – [Moon] The best seat in the house. – Toilet seat! What’s in these? It’s open. What is it?
– A popcorn machine. – Popcorn machine.
– Whoa! – Oh, and you get popcorn things with it. Cool, we can make our own popcorn. – [Moon] Oh, that’s really cool. Oh another. You think it’s another popcorn machine? (laughing) – Candy floss maker.
– Whoa! We can make our own carnival! – Yeah! (laughing) – [Moon] Oh, that’s really cool! Do that one, yeah, in.
– Our own candy floss. Marbles, 100 pieces. – [Moon] Marbles, the Avengers. (laughing) Sh, good idea. Don’t tell ’em. – [Thomas] Oh, this is
actually 100 marbles. – [Moon] Oh, did you
count them that quick? – I’m Superman. I’m really good at stuff. (laughing) Yay! – Ocean, what, toys. Yeah! – Choking hazards for
using in the toys, yay. What’s this? We got three of these. They look same. Yay! Clear plastic cutlery set! 150 pieces!
– Yay! – Three of them. (cheering) That’s 450 cutlery sets. – [Moon] That’s like 200 meals we can have with plastic cutlery. Yay!
– Yay! – [Moon] Oh, it’s good. Big bit.
– Whoa! Moon! – [Moon] I’ve seen it I’ve seen it. How many is it? – I don’t know. It’s 100 or 50 or somethin’. – [Moon] Rubber Ducks, yay! – Yay! Rubber ducks, yay! A massive weight. – [Moon] Oh, a dumbbell. Dumbledore. – Dumblebell.
– Dumbledore! (laughing) – Superman–
– Oh Superman, yeah. Yay.
– The way he, yay. (laughing) – I think this is last one. – [Moon] It’s a toilet. – Porta potty. – Why is it all toilet themed? (laughing) Is that toilet paper, toilet seat. That should be worth
50,000 pounds or Euros. – 57,000 Euros. – [Moon] It’s not even that much when the PlayStation would’ve been in. – We have got Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He costs a lot. And Nic Cage. He’s cost a bit less. – [Moon] I really hope
there’s a second part to this. You better check. This can’t be it. That’s not a truckload. – It was a small truckload. – [Moon] So we’ll get tea with the Queen. – Should we have some fun? – [Moon] Come on, we have
some tea with the Queen. Come on.
– Tea with the Queen. Come on. (slurping) (laughing)

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