I Bought An Abandoned Storage Unit from Storage Unit Auctions Online | Opening More Mystery Boxes

there right now I’m just sitting down
Oscar works his butt off but I’m helping them because as he gives me stuff it
goes from this table to this trash but whatever’s good is going on this side
but that’s what I’m doing sitting down because suppose on this side is this
going to turn into money that’s going to come into my pocket a P commodity except
no substitute the first one and we have clothes
those were close we got some dirty drawers Busch Gardens damn okay monkey I’m kind of showing that if I call what
wedges right those are wedgies we got the pear pear
wedgies these are gas shoes so those could possibly sell everything
everything is come on person it was some money Oh no is that a vintage shirt yeah I got
90s mimsy spoke posting gospel that’s Stone Cold Steve Austin and some dude found a pair of me company logo TV cable one of these
backpacks is going pay off school stop a bunch of papers get the
papers get the piece Rubik’s Cube oh it’s a mini way what you got now interesting very interesting that you
should dig is tabletop fans fan Oh more cards a little watch it’s
getting very interesting is that a g-shot of course no that’s a Michael
Kors yeah that’s the one that came with a box right maybe rocket power nice
that’s a quick 50 right there well that watch I can’t stop myself is that Mac there we go yeah a little fucker right mary-kate some
Mary Kay bag I’ll have gloves so I don’t want to like dig all up in there know
them hey I got a bunch of foam on Michaels what is that is it is it they don’t want
one of the works it’s a 20 spot you know the other cable or sneaky move is this
guy that’s a party you know oh no I said look this the rest has the gold does
that’s money ten bucks on there five bucks what’s next which one you’re gonna get
next well other sawhorse now if you were to sell those you didn’t get good money
for them yeah I can see that good money $20 bill for one item how many pictures yep we’ve made it a whole entire five feet
actually four feet into the unit baby how deep is this thing ten so about
three feet well we made a hole three feet in gas cans are always gold put your solid yeah when I’m really digging as low as a bag
he likes the Hello Kitty bang no the adidas bro it’s a good spin little bash
I’m a hundred percent sure it’s getting dark on us it’s saying 360 hard drive what nice
that’s all see though Castro hat right yep we burn that leader oh you got a camera
PlayStation tool game speed yourself dinner so can’t go wrong with that all
right battery it’s the glow sir doesn’t let me open it hey the screens good good and it’s a cat into cannons good company
little spray Joe Oh turtle wax s to wax your turtle there’s got Turtles wax
trails with this stuff I’ve seen there was like a hundred
thousand dollars in it I don’t know how oh I don’t need things flying in my
eyebrow oh oh oh another one this is for my daughter
nice another camera so far this crate the
whole set of the cold zaveri me it’s awesome
Angie car journey I think so they were all go cards with cards I don’t know
yeah but that’s really like the label all label the remotes I don’t want to break your hand you know
I appreciate that what is this this is on mother DirecTV
DirecTV giant box from like 1996 me know this game it’s huge nothing but we
checked at least so Maggie back to shake it shake it
shake express hey new attack beautiful jewelry temporary – wait a minute so
mercy for me what is this Mary Kay make up kind of thing yeah it’s garbage
caca whoa yep that’s for paintball goons and it looks like it for 3,000 psi all
choked up compound yeah I have a feeling this got work on cars troopers I’m a
couple boxes over there I have a feeling he’s going to the next box folks just in
case you can’t hear next box I have a feeling that those car parts in
here it looks really cool but she’ll but irritation protection there’s a lot of
blood shield all right whoa what awesome there’s this
thing who there’s a letter there’s a letter can you read the letter are you
allowed to do that are you lot to read that letter right there Castle Doctrine
I know what this castle drop-down is this means that if somebody comes onto
your property you’re able to remove that threat by using deadly force if
necessary an intruder threat can be terminated
with force removes the duty to retreat in a place you have the right to be so
ours is like schoolwork no no this is not schoolwork this is if you have your
concealed weapons license and even if you own a firearm in your home the
castle doctrine allows for you to protect yourself your loved ones and
your home using deadly force if necessary
politics all right what else we got here grants wd-40 bike giving you react
garbage although we got a chromecast is anything new
how do you open the chromecast Oh break it open you slide it I recently found one rose in the trash
yeah put the trash in here look this is a bike lane yeah I was and it has a
camera tool oh that’s cool super cool look at that yeah see SD card that’s the
second one here see that that’s what I think is pretty cool that whole set
right there yeah that looks different it looks weird
Oh mother a bullet I see a bullet you’re not allowed to see we’re gonna edit that
out that’s cool and then it’s like the whole set is there the whole set this is
a night 9-millimeter bang bang bang bang bang bang what’s in it
JCPenney nothing well Kara drinks it does cetirizine it’s citrusy we do not condone the use of drugs by
drug city hydroxy that is actually for to treat dementia it’s to treat also
different forms of what do you call that see how my solenoid there’s the butt
shield garbage or no good stuff about this stuff that’s good stuff so all
that’s good stuff right by chain lubricate have a feeling dude imagine we
find a low low in there yeah I’m telling you there’s either car parts or bike
parts on you yeah bike parts whoa no dude and that signs no dude that is nice
but who signed by who well racing we’re gonna have to ask
Derek NASCAR man yo let me show the signature so the signature like straight
on that side Kyle bustin highly carried that oh yeah
yeah little Michael backwards enjoyed this cigars and batteries always say that how does a
good better football West Kendall flag football participates Oh boom – bro
that’s money right there even though it’s all damaged like that that’s money
those are high phones – right no phones LG that’s – that’s nice we gave the Jew is getting better and
better about a moment he was imagine like if they would have come to take
stuff out that they wanted to keep they wouldn’t have been able to get all in
the back there so there would have been things that they would have had to need
I don’t know edit that part out edit my commentary
all of it just turn the volume down see this thing right here look on the side
it says J JB I fight for what is inside whoa dude is that is that in there Oh since the empty it’s like a memory
like the one time they spent $600 on our bottle of whiskey I’ve had those times
oh man this is cool stuff no it’s brandy that’s pretty cool piece pottery that is
really burdock’s that’s another nice piece of pottery
inside it samo cookie jar
all right where’s the senator nice you gotta listen that snowflake now yeah
yesterday nice that box stage design I’ll put the rest of this stuff that’s a win
that’s a win in my book let him go let him go all right give me some more give me some
more stuff the Knievel come it’ll open up the box sizzle more
fragile hope for Reeboks I haven’t seen one of those on a long time that’s
really nice Oh gotta be careful physican isn’t it’s
very clean very very creative what’s the name it isn’t safe more load Oh bud oh
yeah drop Lladro yeah I call it lardo when you know it’s like not even spelled
that way angel I have a feeling those losers are
working soon yeah it looks like porcelain yeah it’s porcelain some angel
you’re my dawn tell another angel all of his first moments all right I want a
present moment sort of sort of demand what the collectors I’m sure those yes well it was a camping laughs because
the way it’s moving I can tell that it’s broken hey the base to them it’s a Hamilton
Beach and is that what I think it is cracked but it is an Amazon fire they
had it in the kitchen so you go watch you know yep extremely nice as you see it’s dark out that light over
there just turned on I’m just chilling recording for Oscar what what this is the part where you
clop and pan closer to your face in the editing software that you really use for
this should I go over there so I stay here I’m gonna stay right here if it
seems he seems exciting well Oscar gets excited over the weirdest little things nice bow that’s money right there
check this out that’s money $24.99 per plan it’s all day dude with that many things and it’s got
the memory card playstation tool with the memory card that’s the second one
you found it here right this is a second one so now I have two PlayStation to use
from this unit and one PSP from this unit and what I’m seeing here all right
check it out Xbox 360 alright two parts but that’s a beautiful sign yes so what
this means is that this is part of the Xbox yeah and there might be more things
inside this box yes there is how it works I can scare me not sure
oh yeah I know what this is for is to put your your fireworks in there
it’s a launcher oh we got a we got a launcher for one we don’t play with
fireworks the fireworks are illegal in South Florida this is for when we travel I see toys bottom of the stick
there’s something in here yo is that Kimbo Slice is Kimbo Slice yo you know
how MIT chemical slides right yeah okay threaten to kill me joking good old
nothing I just showed up to his crib and that is that’s don’t call right
no dude that’s all that’s a the Wayans brother the brother way is with the ears
major pain tell me that a little a major pain right there no these are all
wrestlers bro the Hardy Boys are making up names though we got all rested bro no
way the wrestlers this is your she what am I talking about ready for the chest
yes that’s what I want to see well shall we see the chest believe it no right now
tell attorney later thing that cane thank you you guys know who this is please comment
down below March 2010 China come on over we got a caller hi bro and we still have
the fire truck that’s over there no you’re not but that’s vintages 1997 baby
well I tell you see I know my stuff the only problem I see there’s no tires but
still somebody will totally buy that Tony keep the chest we found a bunch of
cool stuff and still have a lot of things to go through the rest of this
unit ladies it’s got electricity let me go up in there real quick yeah you’re my
little teaser of what’s to come you have this box that box a box there there’s a
couple boxes down here but we’re not gonna get into them yet this is locked
who knows what’s in here bro we’re gonna crack it so see what it does totally
fine but I want to thank you guys for watching I want to make sure that
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flipper until next time stay tuned peace

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