I found a 1934 Ford in an Abandoned Storage Unit!!!

all right I’m extremely nervous I’m
entering a bid in of $8,100 on a storage unit definitely the most I’ve ever spent
on storage unit by far but this abandoned storage unit has a car in it
and it’s not just any car it’s pretty much the the holy grail of hot rodding
the 32 Ford and the really scary part about the storage unit is that I can
only see a picture that’s about this big and that’s it you can’t this is not a
hand raise auction this is an internet-only auction so you’re pretty much just trying to
make your best judgment on a three inch by two inch picture and there is a few
other things in here that I can sell and make some of the money back but there
is such a huge potential for gain on this storage unit that I think it’s
worth spending the money I just bumped up my bid to $8,500 and this is actually
kind of nice it’s a soft bit or it’s a soft close auction which means if
someone puts a bid in in the last three minutes they will actually reset the
three minutes again if it’s within that last three minutes so it gives you a
chance to keep upping your bid just a little bit and you basically just see
who’s willing to spend the most money at this point I just bumped up my bid again
to 8700 but I gotta be really quiet as my wife’s in the room oh my god I won
that’s not a technical error that says eighty seven hundred dollars almost
eighty eight hundred dollars so eighty eight hundred dollars is a ton of money
to spend on a storage unit but this having such a huge potential upside and
if you watched my last storage unit video I said I made about ten thousand I
actually probably made more like twelve or thirteen thousand so spending this
profit that I cuz I made such a huge profit on this last storage unit that
really I don’t have a whole lot of risk I know there’s a car in there I know
what the car is worth even in you know the worst condition it could possibly be
so I’m thinking I’m gonna do well on this and if you ever want to test the
strength of your marriage go spend almost nine thousand dollars on
something that you’ve never seen before I told my wife and she hasn’t mentioned
divorce yet so I think we’re good as you can see how much dust there is if
there was an engine in there I would just S*&% man those are those are like
quarter scale planes – those are huge yeah it’s gonna be fun I think oh my god
this is way better than I thought it was gonna be let’s get in here and check and
see what’s see what we got here right away there’s a lot of radio-controlled
stuff there’s a fender looks like a Harley Fender Harley gas tank all kinds
of plane stuff hardcase what-have-you and then there’s
a whole section back here there’s a jet a helicopter some ladders there’s a
whole section back here that you couldn’t even see in the pictures
there’s another RC plane and it’s really hard to tell because but these are like
quarter scale planes that are enormous so I mean there’s there’s a tire a car
tire right there compared to the size of this thing and some ramps there’s
another drone there’s actually a nice chair right here it looks like a massage
chair maybe it’s a whole bunch more RC helicopters check out that thing yeah all right been dying to see what’s
in this cabinet shelby well biggest disappointment of the unit
so far that’s just cleaning car cleaning supplies but a huge tool chest hopefully
we can find key for it another RC plane and there’s actually an engine hoist
hiding back here as well so I went took all the airplanes home because they’re
so fragile that I didn’t want to put them in with anything else and I could
barely get all of them in here because they’re so big but let’s go get some
more stuff all right lets dust this thing off see what’s under here it’s a nice
leather chair looks to be a massage chair this two wheeler by itself should
be 40 or 50 bucks there’s also a material handling roller Deal all
right let’s get some mystery boxes some here some up there all right so getting those mystery boxes out of
here there’s now a tool box there’s some jack stands and a bench grinder now you
can see that engine hoist that’s not a cheap one it’s an AC Delco really nice
one alright we’re going for trip three now I
think I can get it in the fourth trip the fourth trip will actually just be
the car but I want to get those cabinets in the toolbox and get those out of
there and then get them back home and then we can go through the cabinets and
we can go through those mystery boxes whew that was a lot of work so if you
didn’t catch it earlier I’ve got three locks on here and it actually locks the
whole cabinet and none of the drawers will come open so I’m gonna drill these
locks out and I know for a fact that there’s a ton of stuff in here because
this was so heavy that it broke my ramps that are rated for a thousand pounds I
can barely move it so my hope is between this tool cabinet and all the tools that
are in here I can make a good chunk of my money back enough to buy a motor
hopefully for the car don’t tell my wife that though some cool signs all right now that this will open
drawers will also open lots of sockets screwdrivers nothing special yet Here’s a good one that’s snap-on Blue
Point there’s some more sockets and such whole big set of wrenches there’s
something Blue Point over here more deep well sockets so normally the good
stuff is in the bottom drawers here right away
there’s snap-on there’s a propeller for one of the planes blue point that’s blue point, NAPA, blue point there’s a set of wrenches more snap-on something for a TIG or a MIG welder it
looks like it’s a cheapy die grinder kind of auto body tool I’d guess 10
15 bucks on that cheap drill timing light but it’s snap-on polisher another
sander air driver ooh that’s a good one snap-on torque wrench that’s probably a
hundred four hundred and fifty dollars there’s a snap on something or another
it took me a minute to get this other side open but let’s check and see what
all’s in here we got some more sockets looks like lots more sockets and
wrenches nice new sets there’s some big monkey wrenches all
kinds of hammers and some more odds and ends but it does look like thers a snp on spray gun down here that’s
a good one all right let’s check out these storage containers see what’s in
here it’s like some flight simulator stuff it’s like a little router looks like another piece of the flight
simulator some odds and ends really not anything real great some video game
steering wheels heat gun looks like a hard case feels empty tools it looks like
this one looks like it’s full of movies and Xbox games Oh probably another
couple hundred bucks here well unfortunately the storage cabinets
weren’t very eventful so I’m not even going to bore you with the details on
that I am however taking my last trip to the storage unit and I’m gonna get the
car out today and we’re gonna let that baby see light because I don’t think
it’s been in the light for several years someone reached out to me through my
classified ad and it was actually the guy that built this car originally which
is pretty cool he gave me tons of information on it and really added a lot
of value to the trade or the sale of this car the other thing I found out was
this the shell is a Corbin out of Atlanta Georgia and I looked him up and
they sell for about sixty five hundred dollars just for the shell the chassis
came from honest Charlie speed shop in California and they’re about ten to
twelve thousand dollars just for the chassis so I’ve got the coupe all
snuggled in here safe and sound and I just listed it for sale about 20 minutes
ago and I’ve got someone on the hook already for another hot rod trade so
we’re gonna go check out that roadster trade but you’re gonna have to stick
around until next week because there’s so much cool stuff going on but I can’t
squeeze it all into one video so take a minute to subscribe take a minute to
click the bell to get the notifications for the future videos that come out and
in the meantime this is retired at 40 and you’re also gonna see a lot more
that’s 34 Ford and upcoming videos remember to live life simple we’ll catch
you next week

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