I paid £62 at the AUCTION! Look how much I made!

What’s up everyone? Ersah “The Auction
Hunter”s here with another bag! Let’s see if we can make money! How are you doing
everyone? Is everything good? Yeah it’s good in here! If this is your first time
here what we do here is I go to auctions buy some stuff and just open them here
to see if we can make any profit on it! OK! if you are ready let’s start it!
Again I have a bag of a lot of things! I
feel good with this one! I hope I’m right about my feelings! How much did I pay?
I have paid 62 pounds and 46 pence for this bag. Let’s see if I can get my
money back! All right let’s start! What’s that one? Wand massager! Speed massager!
Trixes speed messenger! oh that’s it ah really? I mean really? I hate bad
starts! £6! The second one… What”s that? smart SIBO test! OK! we can’t find it!
Yeah this is the brand name which is on here! OK let’s just go to buy … oh WOW! £165 man! so they say £165 but I’m writing
£150 for this one. which gives my money back!
Let’s go on! Oh I remember this. I remember RESMED but this is
used I think. RESMED air fit F 20 okay so if it’s if it’s brand new we should
be lloking for about 85 pounds 80 85 pounds. It’s not brand new we can still call it
40 pounds easy! You know what? We are making some money
here ! Wow ! What’s that? Nitrial natural examination gloves
All right here £11.99 all right we can call it a tenner. Tenner for this. OK
another one is coming… Oh yeah Dafni!I know this. I think it
was about like £15 – £20 I don’t think it’s brand new but… Let me
see if it’s working. Wohoo! Did you hear the sound? OK! it’s all right! It’s working
it’s working that’s fine that’s fine. Yeah yeah these are bids. Box damage item
Nev unused fully tested. £17 now okay Yeah we can call it another tenner!
Something big here. I’m not checking it Right what was that… Man! Cosmetic
organizer.. It shouldn’t be it shouldn’t be
anything more than ten pounds. Another tenner! Fingers crossed Foldable travel iron! I remember this
one it’s about ten pounds I think. Yeah £8.95. I know
this. I know this. I know this. I checked that one. Expiry date is actually on
next week. it’s just test strips anyway we can sell them like you know without test
strips rather than that it’s okay. Let’s have a look. OK here we go here
we go! £12.99 okay if we you know if the expire
date is not due it should be about £30 but just
the monitoring system is £20 but we can we can call it £15
then! Tip of the day about auctions! When you go to auctions do not try to buy
everything! Just make a note make a list and just focus on them! If you can’t make
those purchases don’t buy anything else! you will lose money! I have another Glucomen
here I know that. Please please please please oh yeah oh yes 2019!
Expiry date 2019 2020 okay that’s good! That’s good!
Glucomen Areo 2k! Let’s have a look! oh come on man! It’s just 17.49 yeah. Another
£15 for this one. I know this I know this I had a
similar one last week as well. I don’t need to look at for this one. It is £15
I know the market! Another Glucomen Areo
2k 2020 2023 okay it was £29.99 yeah yeah £25 for
that one. We’re nearly there nearly there!
What’s this man? Tbh with you didn’t I didn’t see it man! Unisex
portable urinal! I’m gonna keep this one for my 80s or 90s! My goodness I’m… I
don’t believe it I’m I’m looking for this now! 678 plus sold what you talking
about man! You joking? Ten pounds all right
yeah ten pound! Oh man! Airfit F10! if you watch the previous one you could see
that . I thin itwas like about again hundred pounds or something. they…
Yeah okay 89 pounds that’s it man! 89 pounds! So we can call it how much did we
call for that one before? 70 pounds 80 pounds. We can we can easily call it um
70 pounds! Last one… ah yeah this is making money I know but
it’s used is it working let’s have a look okay how
do weunderstand that? uh-huh will do.
I shouldn’t do that yeah? oh oh I can feel the heat! And they are
selling at 55 pounds Are you sure man? mini-gold thin plate £53.99 they have sold
just one week ago hey okay let’s write 40 pounds for this
baby then! Yeah she’s my baby right now right now she’s my baby! It’s all
done folks for today! Now the most important part of the video! How much did
I make today? I’m just gonna make the calculation for you! huh!
Prices on eBay says that we made £424 I have paid £64 for
whole lot and the selling amount on eBay is £424 which gives me a
large huge gross profit amount off three hundred and sixty pounds! Right at this
point I have to tell you something. This is gross profit. That means you know
you have to calculate your eBay fees Amazon fees if you sell on Amazon PayPal
fees, taxes. That’s why we are calling it gross profit! That’s all folks for today!
I love auctions! That’s why I am the Auction Hunter! Thank you very much for
watching me! If you liked it please don’t forget to hit that like button and if
you wanna see more of this kind of auction videos please subscribe my
channel! eh I need you man! I’ll see you next time
bye bye


Dear Ersah Can i ask you a question ? Can i sell things second hand or hand-made crafts on Ebay in exchange of pound currency ? I live in Turkey and it will be quite helpful if i can do i am student and broke :

What did you mean by making list of products .I think u can not see what s inside and u buy it there .can you help about it?

Merak ettigim bikaç soru var cevaplarsan sevinirim. Satılan ürünlerin kargo parasını sen mi ödüyorsun? Ayrıca elektronik bi ürün sattığında garantisi vb. olmuyor, buna rağmen nasıl satılıyor?

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