I Ranked All Car Brands from Worst to Best

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today I’m going to talk about the ten worse and best car
manufacturers that sell cars in the United States but I’m not going to
include the European companies because I don’t advise anybody to buy those for
various reasons I’m talking about all the others now I’m gonna start with the
worst ones and number one as the worst manufacturer of car sold in the United
States its Fiat Chrysler no surprise there Chrysler had low quality problems to
begin with it fooled the Germans when they were damla Chrysler the Germans
lost billions I’m at the owner they dump them and then Fiat bottomed out well
it’s like going from the frying pan into the fire
having Chrysler and Fiat merged now Fiat itself left the United States decades
ago and it came back but look how horrid their car sales are going now the actual
Fiat brand in the United States sold less than a thousand vehicles in June of 2019
fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me well the Americans don’t
want to be shamed so they’re not buying these Fiat but of course the Fiat
technology is in many of these Chrysler cars the engines the transmissions and a
lot of it is pure garbage I’ve had customers who bought brand-new once the
engines blew up at 40,000 miles the transformations never even shifted right
in the first place they’re just terrible vehicles and I
would advise to stay far away from them so if you only listen to one thing that
I say make sure that you don’t buy a Fiat Chrysler product if you value your
money now the second worst vehicles as far as I’m concerned our GM vehicles it
doesn’t matter if you come GM GMC Cadillac whatever they’re all owned by
General Motors I remember when I was a kid dad a song what’s good for General
Motors is good for the USA what’s a good thing that that’s not a truism anymore
because if the country was in the same shape as General Motors we’d be in dire
straits then I learned to drive on a Chevy Biscayne was like a boat you
didn’t drive it you sailed it down the road but it was a pretty bulletproof
vehicle it ran and ran and ran but it was in Niagara Falls New York so
everything rust there and eventually the body rusted out but we saw the tool
gauger in a junkyard he took the engine out and put it in his
junkyard truck that he went around picking up junk with and drove us for
years and years the engine kept going but sadly if you
jumped it today General Motors products just aren’t what they used to be their
quality control is there moving a lot of production to China it’ll move it all
over there I don’t know get better quality control but to stop there make
it over here many of my customers that had GM products told me they will never
buy another one if they bought one that was made in the last eight ten years
especially we were talking about small or cars GM never really made very well
built small cars overall the company just doesn’t show that they’re making
quality products anymore I’d stay away from them to the number three on the
list is Nissan they kind of merged were taken over by Renault a couple decades
ago not for me it’s a sad case because when I was young they were called
Datsuns and they were little cars that could run forever
then they came out with the sports cars the 240 Z’s and they were great sports
cars after they merged with Renault and yeah the early 2000 ones they could be
okay that was after the merger but you go 2006 or above there you’re making a
lot of junk I had customers with them 40,000 miles the mufflers fall off
I mean that’s a simple thing if they can’t even weld a muffler in a car
correctly think what they’re going with the rest of the cars I mean horrible
transmissions and they make a lot of CVT transmissions to just fall apart I see
more Nissan’s with CVT is going out and then people find out that hey it’s gonna
cost me six eight thousand dollars to put another transmission in and the cars
worth three or four and they just junk the car so stay away from Nissan if you
value your money the number four on my list Kia I would not buy a Kia
not if you’re cheaper you want to save some money they can be okay cars if you
don’t drive more than a hundred thousand miles or keep more than six or eight
years just keep your mind they don’t have the quality and you’re not saving
all that much money I did a video the other day and I showed that back in 2008
if you got a Kia SUV $6,000 cheaper than the rare for SUV and even though the
quality was a lot I worked on one the other day it had
50,000 miles in the air-conditioning had already broken the compressor went out
on it but if you compare a 2019 Kia SUV to the 302 rav4 you were saving less
than two thousand dollars buying a Kia and for that small amount of money hey
I’d buy the Toyota every time if you went a long lasting cart it doesn’t give
me any troubles you don’t buy a Kia, now the last manufacturer and I wouldn’t buy
a car from I rate as low is mitsubishi they’ve always been cheaper made cars
many of my customers with Mitsubishi’s at an
early age they burned a lot of oil I don’t know why they can’t learn from
history they’ve always had cheap piston rings they just burn oil as they age go
back three decades ago I had a customer who wanted blue smoke looked like they
were fumigating for mosquitos driving down the road often you can only get
parts at the dealer where the prices are extremely high and a lot of people don’t
know how to work on them so you go to the dealer you’re gonna pay outrageous
prices to get them fixed so even though they’re cheaper to buy they can be much
more expensive to fix and really there’s so much choice these days and decent
vehicles why would you go and try to save a little bit of money get anyone
that’s a lot cheaper made the piston rings wear out the engines burn oil now
yeah they do cost less that’s how they sell them you can get a Mitsubishi
Mirage they started like $13,000 that said I’ve had customers that were happy
with them for a while they don’t fall apart as soon as you buy them and since
they’re a cheaper car people always want to buy something that cost less but if
you’re really value your money over time it’d be better off buying a used Toyota
or use Honda then you would be buying a brand new Mitsubishi also probably last
two to three times as long as you keep them a long time, now here comes the five
best ones number five is Subaru which might
surprise you cuz I generally tell people I’m not a Subaru fan I’m not a Subaru
fan but lately they’ve been making some interesting engine designs if you live
in a snowy area the system in a Subaru is pretty much
one of the best systems out there there are the ones that really want whole-hog
I’m all wheel and four-wheel drive systems I got that down pat you live
where there’s a lot of snow but Subaru may not be a bad idea I know in the past
that head gasket problems their automatic transmissions or garbage I
still tell people today if you really have a choice the Subaru get a standard
transmission no number four is Mazda now I’m not a big miles to fan myself but
there are reasons you could buy a ma so let’s say you want a little cute sports
car you can’t beat the Mazda Miata for the money there are excellent cars
lately my customers with Mazdas they’ve been reasonably happy with the vehicles
they make some decent cars of various types and they’re pretty dependable
vehicles now number three on my list of the better made car is ford and I know people
might say oh it’s an American manufacturer well their quality has gone
up and they’re more or less starting to specialize here in the United States
they’re pretty much given up on a car market they’re only gonna be making
Mustangs and they’re gonna be stressing pickup trucks and SUVs which as far as
I’m concerned is a smart move on for their smaller cars they weren’t that
well made they had problems so I Ford’s sticking to what they do best
trucky type things hey I put them number three on the list, and number two on the
list is Honda, Honda actually makes the best engines in the world their engines
are even better than Toyotas Honda has less engine related failures on their
vehicles than even Toyota Honda’s one on the list for engines and Toyota’s number
two and just like Toyota they have a wide range of vehicles you can buy and
here again I’m just have really good resale values because they’re generally
really well built cars but as they’re always warned people you got to do a
little research on anything because some of the newer Honda’s that have the GDI
turbocharged engines have an oil dilution problem I wouldn’t buy one of
those until they ironed it out but that’s not often that honda
make big mistakes, and of course Toyota is the best car manufacturer period
people go whine all they want say oh they’re not as quality as they used to
be well nothing is but they’re still better than all the rest they hold up
yeah you’re gonna pay more for one but there’s the market for you Toyota’s have
insanely high resale values why because people know they’re good the market
isn’t gonna lie on that if cars are crappy like Jaguars check their resale
value, I get customers if they’re crazy enough they can buy a
beautiful look and use Jaguar that’s seven or eight years old for a couple of
grand, so now you know the bottom five and the top five car manufacturers
in the United States that you can buy, so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell


I Ranked All Trucks From Worst to Best: https://youtu.be/dzVZLzXEifk

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I have a 2010 Chrysler Sebring It still runs great it has 153000+ KM on it. No issues at all, aside from the fact that the air conditioner no longer works, but that's it. One of the better cars I ever had. Now maybe 2010 was before Chrysler merged with Fiat, who knows.

idk scotty. my personal opinion is toyota engines are better or were. i've seen hundreds of hondas burning oil, spark plug tubes are leaky pricks. i've never had either issue with any toyo i've had. only 5 by now. 300k on my 94 camry v6 going strong.

My mom Mitsubishi was a lucky one. Made in Japan and at 120k still going semi good lol. Prob 2 more years left.

Fanboy here, with : "Honda make the best engines in the world" you got me.
Like'd and tried to subscribe for a second time…

Why not European cars ?? For example, there is no safer car than Volvo. And it means a lot to people. And it is actually quite reliable too. Just to name one. European cars are also the most beautiful in the world. It also means a lot to people. If you stay away from the most expensive brands with lots of equipment, they are also at least as reliable as American cars (as an example). And finally, Japanese cars are generally not as reliable as they once were. And they are less comfortable, not to mention boring driving characteristics.

Excuse my English

ps. Imagine crashing in a 25 year old Toyota 🙁

I have a mazda p5 with 316k miles that I still drive daily to and from work still original motor and trans only changed the clutch once and timing kit both preventive measures not cuz they broke

Hyundai only good until 100k miles? Maybe 10-15 years ago lol but not current models. Tell the lady who drove a verified 1,000,000 miles in the original engine/transmission in her Hyundai or the people that take care of them and get 2-300k miles now.

My 2009 Kia Spectra. 188,317 miles. I've replaced timing belt, brakes, tires, hoses, battery – that's it – but get this; at 160,000 it was totaled (smacked in the front / no airbag deployment, but over 150,000, they total them) Adjuster said "car looks in great shape, you may want to fix it." I did & made $500!

It'll hit 200,000 miles next spring. I've seen others on the road and if I see someone in a parking lot with one, they all say the same thing. "Not the car I really wanted to buy, but it rides great and I can't kill it." This was the first year they were made by sibling Hyundai. Great car.

I have always driven Ford cars. They are very reliable. Some people are haters, nothing more. I am disappointed Ford will not be making many cars. I need something small, and with great mileage. My 2010 Focus has almost 186,000 miles on it and I would buy another Focus in a heartbeat. My 18 year old actually bought one last year because mine has been great.

I AGREE!!!!! Im surprised the US gov was stupid enough to give Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep billions of dollars to save their shitty company from going bankrupt. Their employees should be tortured to death for building such worthless unreliable flimsy JUUUUUUUNK!!!!!

Toyotas SUCK……………….Because it gets stolen every other Friday…..Its been in 3 pursuits..2 pit maneuvers….Car wont die….I wish i had a Fiat…So No one would steal it….

A have a 1999 Mitsubishi Mirage with little over three hunder thousand miles got it for 400 almost a year ago drive it 30 plus miles a day for work

Do you have Hyundai in the US? They're South Korean. I only ask as my little car is a Hyundai but I'm in the UK. Probably too small for the US market judging by the huge beasts you all like drive 😆

You always down American made cars but really they aren’t that bad. Guess you like sending your money over seas so people here get poorer. No wonder why this country is going down hill.

Scotty thank you for all your tips and tricks. I have added them to my preventive maintenance program for my vehicles.

GMC General Motors China 🇨🇳🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂👊👊👊👎👎👎💩💩

I have a Kia Ceed 1.6 diesel 2008
I'm from and live in Europe and so i don't know if cars are made different for other nations but here in Europe kia is on 3th place in terms of durability.
Of course Toyota is the best and Honda but kia and Hyundai are on 3th and 4th place…
All in one I've never had any issues with my kia and I'm commuting every day to work.

I would really like to know why you have not included Volkswagen? Oh and Lexus is Toyota so brilliant for number 1.. Honda to me is number 1 but I understand Toyota has a massive variety of vehicles compared to Honda, you also did say Honda make the best engine in the world, very true, especially their old cars.

I have to agree GM has really crapped out the last few years. I have a 2006 Colorado that has just been nothing but issues with misfiring. Everything down to the cylinder head itself has been replaced so far but I’m not about to drop 4-5 grand a cylinder head replacement when you can get an engine the same cost. definitely gonna buy a new Honda or Toyota soon myself because my friends 99 Honda has been going forever and he rarely needs to do any extreme repairs to it

Kinda depressed on the rank of GM. I have a few and been very happy. Must of been built on first shift mid production year or just blessed to pick the right models.

Dude, in here there are thousands of 80s Mitsubishi Lancers and L200s people dding and 2008+ Civics can't even sell for $1k.

All gm cars are not junk. I have a 2007 impala with 158000 miles. The only thing I have replaced is the battery and struts. This is the best car I have ever owned. I am 74 years old and I have owned a lot of cars. Scotty you should talk to some gm owners before you start downing every gm car made.

The List (and of course Thank you as always Scotty!!)
from Worst to Best –
#1 – Fiat Chrysler
#2 – GM
#3 – Nissan
#4 –
#5 – Mitsubishi
#6 – Subaru
#7 – Mazda
#8 – Ford
#9 – Honda
#10 – Toyota

2011 Nissan Rogue w/ 130k mi and counting, CVT. Had a small piece of heat shielding fall off at 120k so it's funny you should mention the muffler welding, but other than that no major problems.

It is funny you say Chrysler is bad and Honda is good. I have a Dodge Charger 2007 with 170,000 miles on it and it still drives like new. OIL, Tires, Brakes is all I have changed on the car. Still original headlights even. Compare that my son-in-law's Honda Accord 2011. Paint is peeling already. When it was new it did not have enough go to get out of the way. He has replaced the water pump, power steering pump and he now needs to change the head gasket. The car only has 96,000 miles on it. And Fords are great??? You mean the F150s that are burning up at peoples houses because of the cruise control caching fire. I have 2 friends that has happened to. Yes I don't like Fiat either and hated it when they bought Chrysler. I also have had 2 Caravans one with 220,000 miles on it at trade in and the other had 255,000 at trade in.

I have a Honda Accord EX 2002 V6. It's amazing, all I did was oil changes, battery changes, and headlight changes to it. The engine is so dependable. However one problem with Honda is the paint jobs. The paint is weak and will flake off over time. But man, the engine is good.

"Toyota is the best. period"
Me: lol

Edit: I laughed because he didn't explain why. It's just what it is. They're the best ppl

"What's good for general motors is good for the USA" I remember that commercial when i was a kid. Where's that commercial now??? Gone

I disagree about Nissan being a bad car make. All of mine have been great cars. I have an AWD G35 that has been bulletproof for 5 years that I bought used with 100k miles for 10,000 bucks. Oil changes only and brakes. Love it soo much.

Mazda is so underrated. The features you get for the price plus so much more fun to drive vs. honda/toyota makes them clearly the best

Sorry, but toyota's quality is worst then fords now! I travel a lot on the road and see so many dead toyotas sitting on the side of the road. Others I see are fords and gm cars. Honda is simply the best there is…

I think Scotty is the undercover Spokesperson for Toyota! 2/3 into the video, I knew he was going to say Honda and Toyota are the number 2 and 1 resp. I wanted to know what are his other recommendations.

Scotty I need the most realible fwd car that's cheap to maintain has great mpg and handling and wont get me stuck in snow. Would you suggest a Camry a carolla an accord or a civic?

The worst car are nissan, the cvt transmition sucks, and gasket on the engine blow up like crazy, do not buy nissan, do not waste your money.

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