Illinois Auto Lease Tax Changes, New Auto Lease Tax Law : Stasek Chevrolet

Hi, this is Brent Baker with Bill Stasek Chevrolet. Illinois has a new program out for
leasing cars. We want to make sure you’re familiar and
comfortable with it so you better understand how to save money. Now this tax structure is going to benefit
you quite a bit and you may even think about leasing when you never thought about it before. Here I’ve got a 2015 Tahoe LTZ with an MSRP of $65,555. Now for
2014 taxes if we look at a purchase it’s $5,446.74 and and a lease is going to be the same amount.
Now a 39 month lease the tax that you pay per payment is
about $139.66 Now for 2015, purchase tax is going to stay the same but with the
lease it’s dropped considerably $2,911.35. So that means the tax that you’re paying per payment is $74.65. That totals $65 a month in savings
but the most important thing is keeping that $2500
back in your pocket of that total savings that’s not going to
the state but instead staying with you. If you have any additional questions on
how to lease a new vehicle or the structure of this tax, please
let us know at 847-537-7000. Whether it’s on an Equinox, Sonic, Cruze, Traverse, it doesn’t have to be a Tahoe, we’re here to help. Again that number is 847-537-7000.

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