Indonesian Beef Ribs at Sop Konro Karebosi – So Tender BEST Jakarta Food!

This restaurant is famous for serving ribs oh this one is Konro Bakar Yeah. Konro Bakar yeah … OK photo? … thank you terima kasih this drumstick rib is so beautiful I just got to take a bite out of it immediately oh that’s insane! oh wow! Hey everyone its Mark Weins with in Jakarta, Indonesia for lunch I am really excited to be at a restaurant called Sop Konro Karebosi and this is a restaurant that is well known for serving ribs in a number of different ways they are beef ribs and especially they specialize in food from Makassar which is in the southern part of the island of Sulawesi this is a really cool restaurant nice open-air, very spacious and you can smell the aroma of the roasted ribs throughout this entire restaurant this restaurant is in an area called Kelapa Gading and this is kind of on the … what side is this on? It is on the … Western … North-Western side of Jakarta and there are a lot of restaurants around here and this restaurant is famous for serving ribs and so I got a couple of different versions. Plus some grilled fish the first dish that I got here is the Konro Bakar and these are the grilled ribs and they smell unbelievable! and after they were finished grilling roasting they put on a couple of scoops of peanut sauce I think that is peanut sauce all over these ribs look at that hand held rib! this drumstick rib is so beautiful I just got to take a bite out of it immediately oh that’s insane! oh wow! its so tender! as I just took the first bite the meat literally just started sliding right off the bone look at that! Oh that is .. that is just wonderful! Oh man! It’s so tender and fatty. And just insanely fragrant. You can really really taste the smokiness of the grill on those ribs. And then that is definitely a peanut sauce, a little bit sweet, But really nice and nutty. Great great flavor! Let me just finish the meat on this bone real fast. Now that I have this entire chunk of boneless rib on my plate, I’m gonna mix it in with the rice and I think I will add a little bit of that um, Sambal to it And i’m gonna season the rib meat with a squeeze of lime to balance off that sweet peanut sauce. And then i’m also gonna add on some of this Sambal. It looks like there are chopped up tomatoes in here, and it looks like there are whole, little wedges of lime As well Let me add a little bit of that Oh man! Oh that is sensational! The smokiness of that meat is unbelievably good And then, with that sweet peanut sauce and then, Counter-balanced by that squeeze of lime And then that, that Sambal Let me get a taste of that sambal again I got a bite of that wedge of lime in that bite That’s sharply sour and a little bit bitter I’m gonna follow that bite with a some of the soup And I think this is the beef soup with a bunch of shallots in it That has a bit nutty flavor to it I think it is a beef soup It’s salty And those crispy shallots are so fragrant in there There’s so many crispy shallots that it just kinda makes up the bulk of soup And really oniony fried fragrance to it In between rib dishes, i’m gonna have some of this fish and this is a type of Ikan bakar grilled fish They grilled it over a high fire so you can see those, Oh, that bone just, the center bone just comes straight off But yeah, you can see that, black charred, fragrant Amazingness On the edges of the fish Let me take a piece of this. Not sure what type of fish this is but look at that meat! There’s another Sambal chili sauce here which was on the table, which i’m gonna add to this fish This is a little bit of an oily Sambal but, Oh, this is the type of Sambal I love! One of the things you can do is just kind of break up the fish, so that you can remove those bones before you eat it Alright I think that’s good, on with that Sambal That’s a really good fish! It’s kind of a dry fish as opposed to being oily So it’s very lean, and then, Yeah. It’s juicy though at the same time It’s dry but juicy, fantastic! And then with that Sambal That sambal is like a little bit of a sour, oily chili sauce And also we could not come here without ordering a plate of the soup Konro Which is the name of this restaurant it’s named after And these are beef ribs in a soup But it’s served kind of on a soup plate and I think they’re the same ribs Just beautiful chunks Oh, these are two ribs connected, oh fantastic! And then in a brothy soup, and then just topped with a big handful of crispy fried shallots Let me, Let me try to just, Break this with the, The spoon and I will just, oh that just literally slides off the bone. That is incredible! Look at that, just the naked bone is left And that meat just comes off, so effortlessly They don’t have any, they don’t serve you any knives in this restaurant because you don’t need them Oh look at that meat! The only part that you gotta like, break off is that connecting tissue And i’m gonna quickly add on a little bit of lime to that And, okay. Oh just look at that! Look at that! That’s just effortless! Effortless! Look at those grains of meat in there Oh wow! That is so, unbelievably tender And so, flavorful with those shallots And a little bit of a nutty taste as well In that soup And then this is some lemon basil I believe And i’m gonna add that with that lemon basil for this bite I love the addition of that lemon basil! That lemon basil is extremely fragrant! It tastes, very similar to lemon grass Additionally with just ordering a plain plate of white rice, Right in the middle of the table, they have communally, on the top here, These ones are called ketupat, which are the compressed rice cakes And then on the bottom, is something called Burasa (rice dumpling) Which, i’m actually not sure what they are, this’ll be my first time I’ve had that Ketupat before But i’m not sure what the Burasa are So i’m gonna grab on of these I’m gonna grab one of these I think that they are wrapped in, yeah, this is banana leaf And Oh yeah that’s definitely rice It smells a little bit sweet Um… Maybe coconut milk? Let me break off a piece And I will dip it into this sauce I think there’s coconut milk in there And then, it’s also salty The texture is a little bit sticky and mushy And it tastes like it been, yeah, compressed Into this little packet And then maybe steamed in a banana leaf so it has kind of a banana, green fragrance to it It’s really good The rib meat! This meat is so so good And… Actually both of them are really good I like the grilled one because it has more of a smoky flavor But the, The boiled soup one is also really good because it’s so tender And you can really taste those crispy shallots And I like it with that Sambal as well Oh and that, I got a little bit more of that lemon basil Let me add, That lemon basil on there with that Sambal It’s so tender! Just finished with those ribs and that fish That was an excellent meal I am feeling a little bit sluggish and heavy right now though That is definitely a meal for meat lovers After such an incredible, beef ribs meal, Ying and I have decided to take a walk This area is home to a lot of cafés and restaurants So we’re gonna walk, just a little ways to an old coffee shop, and I hope it’s open Cause the only thing that I could use right now is a cup of coffee The walk from the ribs restaurant took only about 10 minutes And this place is an old style coffee shop, coffee house And it’s actually kind of an entire food court so the coffee shop is at the very front And then there are a number of food stalls where you can get a number of different things Cool place though, really nice, area of Jakarta It’s really quiet and really calm, really relaxing, and there are lots of trees in this area as well I ordered up a, just a black cup of coffee, and a pau So yeah, he is still preparing coffee in a traditional way And I think that this coffee shop, from what I read is a Manado style from Sulawesi Oh yeah! That is a sharp cup of coffee But it’s really good, it’s really… It’s a little bit nutty, and very, black, roasted tasting And then additionally to go with the cup of coffee I got a pau Which is a steamed bun and, I got the chicken version so there’s chicken on the inside, let me… Oh that’s really hot! That is freshly steamed, let me break this open Ooh, that is so, hot and fresh And, oh you can smell that, I can smell some onions in there, Smells like caramelized onions and chicken in there Oh that’s good! Yeah that’s like, tastes like caramelized onions It’s a little bit sweet, kind of has that, that char siu kind of flavor But it’s chicken and, mmm, That tastes good, especially with the bitter coffee Having a couple cups of black coffee at this classic coffee shop Is a great way to end the meal that we just had at the rib restaurant I really like this entire area of Jakarta, it’s Kind of relaxing in comparison to other areas And, I love the trees, and I love this coffee shop enviroment here so, Thank you all for watching this video, please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, And also remember to click subscribe for more food videos And I’ll see you on the next food video Terima kasih Terima kasih! Captioning by Jorge Rizo


Wow! You have been to Kelapa Gading, Noeth Jaksarta😍 my house is just a walking distance from there! We are at the back of those stores! Wow! And yes, "sop konro" is very delicious😊😊😊

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ENJOYYYYYYYYYY and Take Your Time to come Our village….😎

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You have to practice more and more eating food with your hands without using spoon or fork because your rythm of eating food with bare hand is not good

Mark do one thing , if it is about beef . We Indian don't like beer eating , as Indians worship cow . Try to consider it in videos . Or if u still feel it's your vlog and your personal , then give a warning sign
That this video has beef eating , so that we indians stop watching that videos .
Or just we will unsubscribe your channel …

Saya suka sekali konro karebosi. Tapi sejak saya lihat di Konro Karebosi Denpasar saat bapak2 koki masukin bumbu masak 1/2 kg. Saya jadi sering lewat aja. Tapi masih kepingin sebenarnya. Masih shock aja hahaha..

На него постоянно смотрю, и такое ощущение что он от вкусовых ощущений начинает терять сознание и быстро восстанавливается! Перебор с мимикой!

Заебал со своей рожей счастливой и выпучиванием глаз типа от вкусовых ощущений!

Kerala… Mr mark wiens. Hiii ….Love from kerala….. Interested your attitude towards food….I am also a foodie…..Like your videos…..

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