Insightly for Sales

Maybe all your business comes from word-of-mouth
referrals. Or maybe you’ve got a hundred reps calling
leads every day. Either way, you’ve got a sales process — one that you’ve spent a lot of time and energy developing to make sure your prospects are taken care
of, from first touch to the closed deal. Insightly is designed to adapt to that process. And once you’re moved in, you’ll be able
to sell faster, smarter, and with a new level of visibility and control. Let’s take a look at how it works. Every person your business has a relationship
with — prospect or customer — will have their own Insightly contact record. Same goes for organizations. But for sales, we want to focus on prospects
and deals that are in your funnel. So for all that, Insightly has these two record
types: Leads and Opportunities Together they operate as your Sales Command
Center. A lead is a new prospect — a person you might
do business with, but haven’t established a relationship with yet. New leads can be brought in automatically
through a form on your website or an integrated app, or they can be entered manually. Insightly can automate lead assignment and
follow-up tasks too. Once a lead is qualified, it’s converted
to an opportunity for tracking everything about the deal, like status, key info, stakeholders, emails,
events, and documents. Going a level deeper, custom pipelines let
you make sure that every opportunity gets worked in the right way. As the opportunity moves from stage to stage,
custom activity sets are fired off — Everyone knows what to do, and when to do
it. And to automate your sales process, workflows
can do the heavy lifting — They’ll assign tasks, change statuses, or
even send out emails all on their own, based on whatever criteria you decide. When a deal closes, you can convert the opportunity
straight to a project for managing all your post-sale processes. Every detail of the deal gets carried over
with it. And while all this is happening, Insightly
reports collect and process your sales data. So you can see what’s happening now, and
what’s projected to happen down the road, and then use what you’ve learned to make
more informed decisions. So that’s it. Your sales process in Insightly. Now, get started closing some deals — or
check out this related content to learn more. Either way, welcome to Insightly

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