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I’m Seann McWhorter, Agency Principal of Insure
Right Insurance Agency, located in Lehi, Utah. We’re here to talk about the ins and outs
of insurance. Today, we’re going to talk about, how to become an insurance agency. Just a
little background that you may want. Most companies that are looking for insurance agencies,
or agents, don’t necessarily require a college degree, but it is highly recommended that
you do have at least a bachelor’s degree. It really doesn’t matter what that degree
is in, but a bachelor’s degree is helpful. Some of the personality traits that may help
you in this profession, is you need to be willing to go out and meet and talk to people,
because in all reality, you are a professional, but you’re also a salesman, and you need to
have the ability to talk with people, and interact well with people. In becoming an
insurance agent, there are several different tracks that you can take. One of the easiest
and most common tracks people take, is to apply to be an agent, with what is called
in the industry, a direct writer company, or an exclusive company, or a captive agency,
such as State Farm Insurance, or Allstate Insurance, or Farmers, and there are many
other companies, that do that. The benefits to starting your career as an insurance agent,with
one of these types of companies, is they provide a great deal of training. They do offer subsidized
compensation packages, in your early years. The way an insurance agent gets paid, is a
commission, based on the premiums that are gathered on the insurance policies, that are
sold,and as your book of clientele increases, then obviously, your income level will increase,
so in the early years, it can be difficult to get established as an insurance agent,
because you don’t make a tremendous amount of money, off of each individual policy, up
front. Over time though, however, you will accumulate a large clientele, and your incomes
will increase. Working with a captive company, you do get usually really good training, the
enhanced compensation plans in the early years, but there are some drawbacks to working as
a captive agent, because you are tied to just that one company, and you’re limited to what
that company is able to do. One of the other avenues that you can take to become an insurance
agent, is to go to work for an independent insurance agent. An independent insurance
agent, is someone who does not necessarily represent just one carrier, but represents
multiple carriers, and multiple types of insurance. Some of the advantages of working with an
independent insurance agent, is that you are not tied into any one company. You can actually
match the company, or go out and look for a company, that matches the clients that you
have. Some of the downsides to it, is that there are not usually any subsidy available
to you, to help you get started, and so you really have to know what you’re doing. There’s
not as much training provided. It’s more of a hands on learning experience.


Good Job. I am an adjuster and probably know more about policy than 90% of the agents selling the insurance. There are countless times I go to an inspection only to find the agent did not sell the proper coverage or failed to explain the policy in full including ACV, RCV and APS. I've climbed roofs for too long and now it is time to sell this stuff. Keep the videos coming.

Ive been selling insurance over 20 years. I make $200K per year. I have no office staff. None. And I have a high school diploma. PERIOD.

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this guy has no swag whatsoever. only a lame would buy insurance from him.

i know insurance brokers with no high school diploma who make $30k per month. you don't need a degree like this moron said. don't dont listen to him especially when hes telling u it doesn't matter what kinda of degree u have as long as u have one. riiiiiight!

@lamarodom lol you are so right i just opened up my real estate company and now i'm using part of the office to have 2 insurance agents work. you do not need a college degree you just have to be able to sell! be a ppl person and know your product top to bottom!!

I have a few years experience in insurance claims.(10)
If you have the soul (or lack of) of a used car salesman, and have no problem lying to people who trust you, then insurance may be the career for you.
But robbing liquor stores is easier, and you can forget about it at the end of the day.
OK, insurance 'professionals' rarely get caught, and when they do, they get probation.
So maybe the Ponzi scheme we call insurance is better than armed robbery.
But not much.

Are all agent jobs contracted? Do they all require you to pay a hefty fee to start? A district supervisor for Farmer's told me it would take about $10k to start with them.

I don't believe I am (so) successful. I struggled for many years. Its a tough business to get started in because its all about renewals. I started as a captive agent with a company going door to door. I paid my dues big time. The big piece of advice I would give anyone is work for yourself! After you have learned the ropes, go independent, cut out all middlemen, contract direct with companies with the best products and rates. Commissions are better. You answer to no one but yourself. Good luck

Trying to sell something that the whole world despises means you've gotta be the world's best salesman…a Ned the Head, nerdy Ned. I can say that the highest bills in our household are insurance bills and the number of times that I have had to rely on insurance in the last 30 years, I can count on one hand. What am I paying for? Peace of mind? The highest bills in the house do not give me peace of mind!

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curious what determines after you take the property casualty , auto, life exam or starting out at an all farm , all state,… allow one to in a specific field like life , or auto , or medical type insurance or something other area , like how does one get into a particular type of insurance there is so many types of insurance so even if he has the general knowledge to start into any one of the types… how does he get into the particular one he/she want to go to

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